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Bring underwater enchantment to walls with our fish wallpaper and wallpaper borders. For both lodge and coastal décor, these fishing and seascape scenes inspire a natural and relaxing escape. Swim among a host of exotic fish or retreat to the lakeside with these fresh and inviting designs.

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Anacapa Turquoise Damask Wallpaper

Traditional meets whimsical in this nautical damask wallpaper. Coral sea horses, starfish and sea shells pop against a bright turquoise background, giving this charming wallpaper a cheerful vibe. Anacapa is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Ventura Navy Sea Creature Wallpaper

With navy and white hues, this nautical wallpaper showcases the sea's favorite creatures. Perfect for a coastal home, this pattern features gulls, octopi and fish in a hand-drawn style. Ventura is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Anacapa Taupe Damask Wallpaper

A nautical take on a classic design, this damask wallpaper features darling sea horses, star fish and sea shells. With taupe and light-yellow hues, this cheerful wallpaper has light distressed details. Anacapa is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Ventura Aqua Sea Creature Wallpaper

Sea gulls, swordfish and octopi are scattered about a crisp white background in this nautical wallpaper. Its bright aqua hue adds to its beachy style, creating a vivid oceanic wallpaper. Ventura is a prepasted, coated heavyweight paper wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Alcott Blue Tropical Dolphin Wallpaper

Add a tropical scene to your walls with this beachy wallpaper. The blue monochrome design features palm trees, clouds, islands, and adorable jumping dolphins.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Key West Blue Sea Fish Wallpaper

Blue, grey, and taupe watercolor fish swim across the wall with this fun pattern. Each painted with their own unique and eclectic style, this wallpaper is perfect for a beach house. Key West is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Key West Orange Sea Fish Wallpaper

Quite the catch - this design features orange, blue, and green fish swimming about. Complete with a watercolor touch, this wallpaper has a chic and whimsy look. Key West is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Key West Teal Sea Fish Wallpaper

There will be no fishing for compliments with this wallpaper! Teal, aqua, and grey fish swim across the wall in this charming design. Key West is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Down Under Blue Neptune's Garden Portrait Border

For the ocean lover, this beautifully vivid border pops on your walls. Featuring an underwater garden and varied underwater species, you will be transported to an underwater wonderland!
$41.99 $31.49

Key West Aqua Fish Wallpaper

Hop into the water with this adorable fish wallpaper! Watercolor fish swim across the wall, each one adorned with a different pattern. Shades of green, teal, and orange create a bright and happy color palette.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Key West Blue Fish Border

This border is a little fishy! Stylish fish swim across this border each adorned with their own pattern. Measures 6 inches wide.
$42.99 $32.24

Key West Blue Fish Wallpaper

This wallpaper is great catch! Pretty blue fish swim across the wall, each adorned with a fun pattern. Swirling stripes top off the design.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Key West Green Fish Border

This fish wallpaper border is perfect for a beach house. Teal and green fish swim across the wall each with their own special print. A grey swirl tops off the design.
$42.99 $32.24

Key West Green Fish Wallpaper

This fish wallpaper is perfect for a beach house. Teal and green fish swim across the wall each with their own special print. A grey swirl tops off the design.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Key West Orange Fish Border

Make a splash on your walls with this fish border. Adorable fish swim across the wall all adorned with different patterns. Measures 6 inches wide.
$42.99 $32.24

Majesty Blue Noah's Ark Portrait Border

The biblical tale comes to life in this fantastical and beautiful rendering of Noah's Ark! Rainbows and a bevy of animals, will keep your child's attention in trying to identify as many animals as possible! Entertaining and beautiful, this border would be great in a kid's room or a religious classroom!
$42.99 $32.24

Noah and Friends Aqua Animal Border

A playful rendition of the tale of Noah and his ark, this colorful wallpaper border will bring joy to nursery room and playroom walls to be discovered and loved time and time again.
$44.00 $33.00

North Hills Beige Script

With an aged appearance, this clever wallcovering of witty quotes and sketches of nature and forest life, has a timeless and enduring quality.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

North Hills Cream Script

With sayings like "Get out and hike, who knows where the trail may lead you" and "It's all the LITTLE moments that make LIFE a very big adventure", this clever wallpaper is full of outdoor inspiration. Simple sketches and an antique backdrop give it a beautiful nostalgic quality.
$1.49 $1.12/Sq Ft.

Oceania Aqua Sea Creature Wallpaper

Bring the beach to your home with this nautical wallpaper. Sea gulls, swordfish, and octopi are scattered among the design. A crisp white background and aqua print are the perfect pair.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Oceania Black Sea Creature Wallpaper

Dive into the deep end with this sea creature wallpaper. Swordfish, octopi, and gulls are all printed in an artistic style. The black and white color palette is a classic look.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Oceania Grey Sea Creature Wallpaper

Give your home a nautical style with this sea creature wallpaper. Octopi, swordfish, and gulls are done in an artistic hand drawn style. The grey and white color palette is a modern neutral.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Oceania Navy Sea Creature Wallpaper

Dive deep with this sea creature wallpaper. Gulls, octopi, and fish are all drawn in a classic style. The navy and white design is perfect for a nautical home.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Oceania Taupe Sea Creature Wallpaper

A nautical wallpaper that is full of character. This design features octopi, swordfish, and gulls. A linen print background allows the navy print to pop.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Raegan Navy Pirates Ahoy Border

Sail the high seas while hunting for buried treasure with the adventurous Pirates Ahoy border! Designed atop a colorful treasure map that's alive with sharks, pirates, ships and more, this fun décor accent fills a child's room with wonder and discovery.
$39.00 $29.25

Samantha Ocean Rainbow Sea Critters Border

Designed by Melanie Mikecz, talented illustrator, the Rainbow Sea Critters wallpaper border brings a colorful ocean scene to your child's walls that's both artistic and beautiful. Make a memorable place for your little one to grow and learn with this fun and imaginative decor addition.
$39.00 $29.25

Skippy Cream Fishing Signs Portrait Border

With a bright white background, the found plaques and signs featuring bait, tackle, lakes, and fishing really stand out. Great for a lake house or any lover of Fishing!
$39.99 $29.99

Skippy Sand Fishing Signs Portrait Border

For the ultimate fisherman, this fun border of collected signs and plaques highlights life on the lake! Great for a lake house!
$39.99 $29.99

Taffy Blue Animal Alphabet Border

Teach you little one their ABC's with this darling animal wallpaper border. With a precious baby animal for each letter of the alphabet, pair this adorable design with the animal alphabet wallcovering or atop a soft and gentle texture.
$39.00 $29.25

Tugalo Blue Bear Paw Lodge Border

Etched in blue, this rustic wall border welcomes you to a lodge retreat. Filled with fishing memorabilia, paw prints, animal silhouettes and wood textures, this outdoorsy design is sure to inspire.
$39.99 $29.99

Tugalo Green Bear Paw Lodge Border

Welcoming you to a lodge style getaway, this rustic wall border is full of charming details including artful animal silhouettes, faux wood textures and classic plaid prints.
$39.99 $29.99

White Sands Blue Starfish Wallpaper

Add a fun design to your walls with this starfish wallpaper. Adorable blue starfish are scattered across the wall in a polka dot pattern. The off-white background keeps the design light and bright.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Fiyero Off-White Fish Wallpaper

Grey and white fish pleasantly swim across a white background in this ocean inspired print. Its hand drawn design adds an eclectic touch to its nautical style. Fiyero is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$49.99 $37.49

Bergen Grey Marine Life Wallpaper

Filled with enchanting jellyfish, coral, starfish and angel fish, this eclectic wallpaper has a magical feel. Its grey hue and shimmering pewter details light up this underwater scene with a flash of color. Bergen is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.77 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Bergen Mustard Marine Life Wallpaper

With a bold mustard hue and shimmering gold details, this seascape wallpaper is truly eye-catching. Its print of swirling jellyfish, demure angel fish and glimmering coral reefs has a luxurious style. Bergen is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.77 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kana Beige Lantern Festival

Exquisite lanterns filled with an enchanting mix of cherry blossoms, koi fish and fabulous birds. This artistic wallpaper design is as alluring as a watercolor portrait, bringing a timeless picture of tradition and beauty to walls.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Kana Sapphire Lantern Festival

This blue and white wallpaper is an enchanting décor option. Stylish lanterns filled with beautiful florals, koi fish and songbirds, look to have been painted in watercolors for a design that's exquisite and cultured.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Katya Grey Fish Wallpaper

Twirling grey, beige and cream koi fish form a dazzling geometric design. Its Asian inspired style is accented by weathered details. Katya is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Sage Seaside Beach Signs Border

$42.99 $32.24

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