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What could be more gorgeous than a room full of flowers? Our floral wallpaper selection is perhaps the most diverse and extraordinary collection ever, full of petals of every color and style imaginable. We have the most luscious floral wallpapers, from romantic florals, French florals, vintage florals, Victorian florals, contemporary florals, cameo fleurs, bouquets, trails, art nouveau flower prints and much, much more! Celebrating the enchantment of all types of blossoms, our floral wallpapers will romance you with ultra-chic beauty.   

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Flourish Blue Cameo Fleur

So romantic and elegant! This pretty blue wallpaper has a vintage style beauty with birds, bouquets, and bows in a charming cameo fleur motif.
$89.98 $76.48

Flourish Green Cameo Fleur

This romantic wallpaper has a charming vintage elegance, with picturesque birds, flowers, and frames.
$89.98 $76.48

Batik Taupe Batik Fabric

In the traditional look of a Javanese floral batik fabric, this taupe and cream wallpaper takes soft cues from nature. A lovely design with a cultured sophistication and a gentle waxy sheen.
$78.00 $66.30

Lindsey Brass Watercolour

This luxe brass, butterscotch, and berry hue wallpaper creates an elegant garden of silk blossoms for your walls.
$77.98 $66.28

Clarissa Lavender Small Floral Toss

A Victorian rose garden, with vintage satin. This fine wallpaper is delicate and enduringly lovely in lavender.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Mauve Small Floral Toss

An English style wallpaper with a satin vintage beauty. Victorian bouquets and a silk swirl in pretty mauve.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Pink Small Floral Toss

Calling to mind the pleasure of a rose garden, set for tea time in the summer. A pretty vintage inspired wallpaper pattern in pink and white satin.
$73.98 $62.88

Clarissa Purple Small Floral Toss

A precious purple and white satin rose garden for walls. This fine wallpaper has vintage and Victorian charms.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Gold Linen Leaf Stripe

So much finery in one pretty wallpaper design! Luxurious gold satin, a precious vintage floral pattern, and a chic stripe detail!
$73.98 $62.88

Myrna Gold Linen Floral Toss

Gild your walls in timeless luxury and sweet vintage beauty. This fine wallpaper is a golden satin rose pattern, precious and pretty.
$73.98 $62.88

Myrna Light Blue Linen Floral Toss

With an enchanted vintage rose design, this fine wallpaper creates a satin luxury for your room in hushed sky hues. Cloud white, twilight purples, and first light of dawn blue.
$73.98 $62.88

Myrna Pastel Linen Floral Toss

Bursting with fresh botanical beauty, this vintage rose wallpaper treats your walls to a satin finery in white, peach and pink.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Lavender Linen Leaf Stripe

A beautiful silk stripe for walls, this fine design invites a seductive vintage rose in lilac and white.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Light Blue Linen Leaf Stripe

A precious vintage floral design in powder blue, this fine wallpaper also has a seductive silk shimmer.
$73.98 $62.88

Loretta Pastel Linen Leaf Stripe

A pretty floral stripe is a traditional and fine wallpaper choice. This lovely design brings gentle flowers and leaves in a silky pastel colorway.
$73.98 $62.88

Viviane Brass Watercolour Floral

The delicate scale and graceful floral pattern of this fine wallpaper lends a warm satin elegance to walls in brass and berry hues.
$73.98 $62.88

Viviane Pink Watercolour Floral

Soft and elegant in powder pink and satin white, this fine wallpaper creates a gentle floral motif on walls.
$73.98 $62.88

Viviane Taupe Watercolour Floral

Neutral, but alluring, this fine wallpaper has a warm taupe elegance with satin highlights.
$73.98 $62.88

Liliana Beige Floral Scroll

Sass your walls up with a silky floral fabric. This beige on cream beauty catches the light from different angles, adding a fine radiance.
$85.98 $73.08

Liliana Brass Floral

A warm golden brown silk brocade, this fine wallcovering treates your walls to a rich pattern of elegant scrolls and flowers.
$85.98 $19.99

Liliana Gold Floral

Graceful and lovely, this floral wallpaper creates a gorgeous illusion of depth. Surrender to the blissful beauty of this silken wallcovering, stitched in golden details.
$85.98 $19.99

Liliana Pink Floral

An enlightened sweetheart of a wallcovering, this romantic silk brocade treats walls to an elegant scrolling floral pattern with pearly pink prettiness.
$85.98 $73.08

Liliana Sage Floral

Green in décor can be very soothing, and this silken sage hue acts almost like a neutral. A fine radiance and a graceful floral scroll pattern bring this elegant wallcovering to life.
$85.98 $73.08

Abby Lee Yellow Flowers

The sun pours in like butterscotch, and daisies dot the walls! This darling floral polka dot wallpaper is invigorating and happy in a fresh yellow hue.
$67.98 $57.78

Ainsley Grey Boho Floral

A bohemian style wallpaper where vintage style florals trail atop a charcoal backdrop. Fashion a free-spirited home built around peace and happiness with this fresh and invigorating wall décor.
$139.98 $118.98

Ainsley Indigo Boho Floral

Design a space that speaks to your free-spirited nature with this invigorating wallpaper. Gold metallic inks outline these larger than life florals which bloom into an exquisite garden scene. Invite a fresh, bohemian vibe to décor with this enchanted design.
$139.98 $118.98

Ainsley Pink Boho Floral

With a dreamy allure, this romantic wallpaper evokes a free-spirited look filled with pretty pink florals that blossom spectacularly throughout your room.
$139.98 $118.98

Ainsley Red Boho Floral

A wallpaper print full of effortless inspiration. This boho floral is a playful room accent packed with vibrant colors and vivid detail.
$139.98 $118.98

Allison Blue Floral

Bright and energetic, this floral wallpaper takes an artistic approach with sketch detailing and a watercolor fill. Shades of light green and faded navy are a whimsical take on traditional floral color palettes.
$139.98 $118.98

Allison Lavender Floral

Plum and lavender watercolor flowers dot this floral wallpaper. Upon closer inspection, gold sketch overlays create a more subtle pattern, adding dimension to this beautiful design.
$139.98 $118.98

Allison Pink Floral

Dusty rose and hot pink blend together in this beautiful watercolor floral wallcovering. Grey sketch outlines lay atop the pattern, celebrating the artistic process.
$139.98 $118.98

Allison Taupe Floral

Taupe, grey, and white bring this 1960's style floral wallpaper into the twenty-first century. This neutral color palette is clean and modern.
$139.98 $118.98

Allure Blue Floral Wallpaper

A soft and dreamy floral wallpaper. Done in a mosaic style, the watercolor wash of blues and greys is highlighted with raised white ink. Allure is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Allure Blush Floral Wallpaper

Awash with dashes of pink and dusty rose, this modern floral wallpaper enchants the eye. Raised ink details enhance the mosaic style of the pattern, while soothing greys balance the blush tones. Allure is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Allure Lavender Floral Wallpaper

Designed in a mosaic style, this modern floral wallpaper has an abstract feel. Soft purples and greys add to the dreamlike aura of the pattern. Allure is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Allure Seafoam Floral Wallpaper

Serene and dreamlike, this floral wallpaper is a work of art. Raised ink forms a mosaic look over a watercolor blend of greys, seafoam, pear green, white, and teal. Allure is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Blue Floral

This 1960's style wallpaper takes a fresh spin on the floral trend. Soft blues, lime greens, and happy yellows create a vibrant and carefree pattern.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Green Floral

Four shades of green color this unique retro floral wallpaper. The 1960's style print goes from forest to lime and is tied together with white outlines.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Mustard Floral

This fun 1960's style floral wallpaper is bold yet not overpowering. Muted shades of mustard and grey combine for a unique neutral color palette.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Pink Floral

This beautiful retro floral print wallpaper combines the prettiest shades of pink and dusty rose with lime green and sunny yellow. Bring a pop of colorful happiness into your space with this beautiful design.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Purple Floral

A medley of jewel tones combine in this stunning floral wallpaper. Emerald, sapphire, and amethyst create the flowers in this unique 1960's style floral design.
$139.98 $118.98

Bliss Blue Blossom Wallpaper

Influenced by Japanese art, this hand-painted pattern harkens to another era while remaining distinctly modern. The blue, yellow, and white blossoms decorate a cool grey linen print. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Bliss Coral Blossom Wallpaper

A hand-painted interpretation of Japanese blossoms, this wallpaper feels both fresh and timeless. Vibrant coral accents pop against the grey linen print background. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Bliss Purple Blossom Wallpaper

Vivid purple accents pop on white and mauve blossoms. The Japanese-inspired pattern is designed to look hand-painted over a thistle grey linen print. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Bliss Taupe Blossom Wallpaper

Elegant and reserved, the grey and taupe blossom pattern has a hand-painted look. A grey linen print background adds depth to the wallpaper. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Blithe Charcoal Floral Wallpaper

Drawing inspiration from the symbolism of chrysanthemums in Japanese culture, this floral wallpaper is strikingly beautiful. Longevity and rejuvenation are reflected in the shine of metallic silver ink over charcoal. Blithe is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Blithe Gold Floral Wallpaper

Metallic gold ink brings new life to a classic floral motif, echoing the longevity and rejuvenation symbolized by chrysanthemums in Japanese culture. A beautiful modern wallpaper. Blithe is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Blithe Taupe Floral Wallpaper

In Japanese culture, chrysanthemums are a symbol of rejuvenation and longevity. Like the flower it draws inspiration from, this taupe and white wallpaper will certainly stand the test of time. Blithe is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

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