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What could be more gorgeous than a room full of flowers? Our floral wallpaper selection is perhaps the most diverse and extraordinary collection ever, full of petals of every color and style imaginable. We have the most luscious floral wallpapers, from romantic florals, French florals, vintage florals, Victorian florals, contemporary florals, cameo fleurs, bouquets, trails, art nouveau flower prints and much, much more! Celebrating the enchantment of all types of blossoms, our floral wallpapers will romance you with ultra-chic beauty.

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Rosalind Pink Satin Floral Toss

A delicate vintage wallpaper design in pink and white satin.
USD $1.31 USD $.35/Sq Ft.

Rosalind Purple Satin Floral Toss

A dainty vintage floral wallpaper design with a fine Victorian satin sheen in lilac and white.
USD $1.31 USD $.35/Sq Ft.

Stella Salmon Maxwell Floral

A vintage floral wallpaper design, reminiscent of a breezy summer day. Organic cotton with a silk finish, salmon and sage.
USD $1.42 USD $.35/Sq Ft.

Stella Taupe Maxwell Floral

Warm taupe with verdant green undertones and salmon pink blossoms, this fine wallpaper has a silk infused vintage elegance.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Tilly Beige Tonal Trail

Bringing a satin softness to walls, this fine wallpaper designs a vintage splendor of flowers and texture in delicate tones.
USD $1.31 USD $.98/Sq Ft.

Valeria Mauve Floral Scroll

Fill your walls with silky bouquets! This lush brass wallcovering is illuminated by a satin elegance, featuring a fine trellis of scrolls, thriving with mauve and violet blossoms.
USD $1.38 USD $1.04/Sq Ft.

Whitney Lavender Watercolour Floral

Soft lavender, cream, and mint satin shimmer seductively from the walls. This rose wallpaper has an ethereal beauty.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Whitney Peach Watercolour Floral

Bringing with it a feeling of nostaligia and elegance, this thriving rose garden wallpaper is the realization of beauty in peach and white satin.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Pastel Southern Trail Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Hand-drawn florals are a foolproof way of adding whimsy to your walls. These woodland blooms are colored in soft pastels with predominant pinks, set against a warm white background. Pastel Southern Trail Peel and Stick Wallpaper comes on one roll that measures 20.5 inches wide by 18 feet long.
USD $49.99 USD $34.99

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