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For Your Bath 3 pulls together over 100 of our most loved and best-selling wallpaper patterns that are perfect for bathrooms. The book is grouped into five colorways: neutral, blue/green, pink/purple, metal/black/brown, and bright, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. From contemporary to classic to eclectic, this collection has something for everyone.

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Adrian Blueberry Paisley Wallpaper Wallpaper

Give your walls a whimsical look with this bold paisley print wallpaper. The design has an ikat effect in shades of blue and dark teal. Each paisley has intricate detailing.
$99.98 $84.98

Adrian Honey Paisley Wallpaper Wallpaper

Paisley perfection! A wheat yellow and light taupe combine to create a stunning pattern. The beige background has a pearlescent texture that catches the light.
$99.98 $84.98

Alcott Blue Tropical Dolphin Wallpaper

Add a tropical scene to your walls with this beachy wallpaper. The blue monochrome design features palm trees, clouds, islands, and adorable jumping dolphins.
$99.98 $84.98

Annabel Aqua Medallion Wallpaper

A modern bohemian masterpiece. This medallion wallpaper has a contemporary color palette of grey, white, and deep turquoise. Accented by vine details and floral medallion centers, the design has a natural feel.
$99.98 $84.98

Annabel Blue Medallion Wallpaper

A vintage medallion print wallpaper is perfect for adding a whimsical flair to your home décor. This light blue and fern green design is a beautiful botique style wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Annabel Grey Medallion Wallpaper

This vintage medallion print wallpaper is perfect for adding a whimsical flair to your home décor. The grey and taupe design is a perfect couple of neutrals.
$99.98 $84.98

Annabel Yellow Medallion Wallpaper

A vintage medallion print wallpaper is perfect for adding a whimsical flair to your home décor. This grey and ochre design is a perfect mix of vintage and contemporary.
$99.98 $84.98

Ashwile Blue Wood Wallpaper

This blue wood wallpaper has a reclaimed look. The design has pops of color in coral, turquoise, and pink shades. The design is printed with raised inks for a tactile dimension.
$99.98 $84.98

Ashwile Blush Wood Wallpaper

This faux wood wallpaper has a unique color palette of soft creams and pinks. The blush tones coupled with the distressed design lend this print to shabby chic decorating. Subtly raised, the pattern has a touchable texture that adds to the effect.
$99.98 $84.98

Ashwile Taupe Wood Wallpaper

This faux wood wallpaper is perfect for creating a neutral feature wall. The taupe design has raised inks which create a tactile dimension. Planks measure 3 and 3.5 inches.
$99.98 $84.98

Atlis Beige Bamboo Wallpaper

Stunningly sophisticated, this wallpaper shines with pearlescent inks. The bamboo pattern is accented by soft blues and greens, blending into the tonal beige background. A woodgrain texture and raised ink details give this pattern dimensional interest.
$99.98 $84.98

Audra Blue Floral Wallpaper

A fun and playful pattern with mod influences! This wallpaper has an intricate geometric and floral print. Turquoise, yellow, white and lime green create a vibrant look.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Green Floral Wallpaper

This retro floral wallpaper is a versatile design perfect for a vintage home. This green colorway features a grey background with lime and mint accents. The small print is a nod to designs from the 1960's.
$99.98 $84.98

Audra Mustard Floral Wallpaper

This retro floral wallpaper is a versatile design perfect for a vintage home. A neutral grey background and muted mustard yellow flowers create a 1960's color palette that transitions perfectly into the present day.
$139.98 $118.98

Beadboard Wood Panel Paintable Wallpaper

This beadboard wallpaper can be painted any color of the rainbow. The design gives the look of a paneled wood wall. Can also be left unpainted for a white finish.
$99.98 $84.98

Bell Beige Wildflower Stripe Wallpaper

Add a flowery warmth to your walls with this floral stripe wallpaper. The design has an embossed effect, adding a moire sheen. Shades of cream, beige, ochre, green, and pink are present throughout.
$99.98 $84.98

Bell Blue Wildflower Stripe Wallpaper

This traditional floral stripe wallpaper will add a classic look to any home. The stripes alternated between 4.5 inches and 2.5 inches. The design features subtle embossing and shades of blue, green, and yellow.
$99.98 $84.98

Bell Peach Wildflower Stripe Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a must for the classic home. Victorian inspired, satin stripes frame dancing wildflower motifs. Soft pastels and shimmering inks give this print a quiet elegance.
$99.98 $84.98

Bertrand Purple Satin Fern Texture Wallpaper

Beautifully rendered, this faux texture wallpaper will make it seem like art has been painted on your walls. A trailing fern design in soft jade and brown pops against the mauve and purple background. With a soft satin finish, this pattern has a luxurious feel.
$99.98 $84.98

Café Pearl Butterfly Wallpaper

This bautterfly wallpaper has a neutral taupe background that tames the design. Silver glitter butterflies scatter throughout the wallpaper, sparkling in the light. Three dimensional inks give more dimension.
$99.98 $84.98

Chika Cream Danelion Wallpaper

This dandelion wallpaper has a fun and whimsical print. A powder blue background allows the white and silver glitter floral print to have a subtle effect.
$99.98 $84.98

Chirp Blue Birds & Trees Wallpaper

Add a beautiful flowing vine look to your walls with this floral wallpaper. Watercolor blue and metallic silver branches are home to small songbirds.
$99.98 $84.98

Chirp Grey Birds & Trees Wallpaper

A bright and modern color palette accompanies a whimsical pattern. Chartreuse birds perch amongst matte grey and soft blue branches. The wallpaper's background shines in metallic silver.
$99.98 $84.98

Chirp Orange Birds & Trees Wallpaper

Contemporary and sweet, this avian wallpaper features cheerful orange birds. They pop amongst taupe and pearlescent tan branches. A light beige background is soothing and clean, making this pattern a good pick for nurseries.
$99.98 $84.98

Chirp Pink Birds & Trees Wallpaper

Add a whimsical style to your walls with this pink wallpaper. A watercolor effect gives the design an artistic touch. Metallic silver branches add a hint of shine.
$119.98 $101.98

Chirp Yellow Bird Wallpaper

This watercolor birds and trees wallpaper has a modern combination of grey and yellow. The sweet yellow birds perch peacefully on branches. Silver metallic ink adds a hint of shimmer.
$99.98 $84.98

Chloe Green Floral Wallpaper

This beautiful floral wallpaper has a watercolor effect for a light and airy finish. The grey, teal, and green colors are modern and bright. Large flowers measure four inches.
$99.98 $84.98

Chloe Peach Floral Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a charming modern floral print. Raspberry and rust red blooms with vibrant green leaves are outlined in white and accented by vine silhouettes. A lighthearted and cheerful home accent.
$99.98 $84.98

Chloe Purple Floral Wallpaper

Soft jewel tones blend harmoniously with a neutral taupe background in this floral wallpaper. Muted magenta and midnight purple blooms combine beautifully with white leaf silhouettes. Modern and whimsical, this wallpaper will look lovely in your home.
$99.98 $84.98

Chrysanth Beige Flower Pattern Wallpaper

This neutral floral wallpaper has a beige and gold color scheme. The negative print design has a matte overlay that allows the gold background to shine through.
$99.98 $84.98

Chrysanth Gold Flower Pattern Wallpaper

An abstract pattern is made versatile in a neutral beige. A woven texture is raised around cascades of petals. The flowers are printed in a subtle metallic platinum that brings the pattern to life in certain light.
$99.98 $84.98

Chrysanth Mint Flower Pattern Wallpaper

Give your walls a floral touch with this textured wallpaper. The design has a shimmering silver background and a matte textured top layer. Hundreds of petals make up the design.
$99.98 $84.98

Chrysanth White Flower Pattern Wallpaper

This white wallpaper has a beautiful and subtle floral print. The design has a metallic shimmering background and a matte textured ink top layer that adds a dimensional finish to the design.
$99.98 $84.98

Circuit Black Modern Ironwork Wallpaper

An octangonal trellis pattern is a clean look for walls. The simple but elegant black and ivory color scheme will brighten a room. This stylish wallpaper will complement many decor styles.
$99.98 $84.98

Circuit Green Modern Ironwork Wallpaper

Give your walls a modern look with this geometric wallpaper. The white and lime green colorway is crisp and fresh. The 5.5 inch center octagons create a bold centerpiece in this large scale pattern.
$99.98 $84.98

Claire Blue Floral Trail Wallpaper

Powder blue flowers on cerulean stems sprawl across a white background. The blooms are printed in pearlescent ink. This floral wallpaper is eye-catching and elegant.
$99.98 $84.98

Claire Pink Floral Trail Wallpaper

Raspberry red and powder pink are harmoniously beautiful in this floral wallpaper. Done in pearlescent ink, each bloom catches the light in a subtle shimmer. Matte ivory serves as a neutral background.
$99.98 $84.98

Claire Silver Floral Trail Wallpaper

Metallic silver blossoms catch the light in this floral wallpaper. Soft green and taupe branches trail over a woven print background. Harmonious colors and design make this wallpaper a beautiful home accent.
$139.98 $118.98

Claire Yellow Jasmine Trail Wallpaper

Delicate jasmine blossoms create dainty floral trails in this wallpaper pattern. A welcoming, warm yellow background sets the stage for the botanical whites with coral centers and green vines. Bursting with hand-painted detail and charm.
$99.98 $84.98

Clip Multicolor Newspaper Print Wallpaper

Unique and modern, this wallpaper is one-of-a-kind. A fresh take on grasscloth, this pattern looks like woven newspaper. Beige paper is accented with black texts and pops of colorful strips.
$99.98 $84.98

Clip Silver Newspaper Print Wallpaper

A fresh and modern take on grasscloth. This urban wallpaper is has a woven newspaper print, with glimpses of headlines and text. A silver foil finish replaces the traditional white paper of news publications.
$99.98 $84.98

Corwin Light Green Bird Branches Wallpaper

A modern tree wallpaper perfect for a nursery or bedroom. This wallpaper has metallic silver trees that house sweet green songbirds. The white background keeps the design light and airy.
$99.98 $84.98

Dagmar Gold Medium Squares Wallpaper

A traditional tile pattern is given a luxurious update. Carefully off-kilter blocks in beige and faded terracotta sit atop a metallic gold background. Finished with a mottled raised inks to give realistic texture.
$99.98 $84.98

Dagmar Light Grey Medium Squares Wallpaper

Blocks are arranged in an off-kilter grid. A metallic silver background with a small-scale print adds a modern aspect to this geometric wallpaper. Grey raised ink on the squares adds realistic stone texture.
$179.98 $152.98

Dagmar Silver Medium Squares Wallpaper

Arranged in an imperfect grid, this wallpaper gives an out of the box twist on classic square shapes. Deep charcoal blocks are set over a dark metallic background. A mottled texture in raised inks covers each square.
$99.98 $84.98

Delphine Pink Floral Trail Wallpaper

Pink and green are a classic color combination, and this wallpaper is no exception. The two colors harmonize in a stunning floral trail pattern. A linen textured beige backdrop adds sophistication to the bright flowers.
$99.98 $84.98

Delphine White Floral Trail Wallpaper

A pretty neutral floral trail wallpaper with a hand painted finish. Delicate white flowers have a pearlescent ink that creates a shimmering lightness. A light grey background keeps the design neutral.
$99.98 $84.98

Desiree Blueberry Quatrefoil Wallpaper

A contemporary wallpaper that can work with any number of home décor styles. From bohemian to preppy, this quatrefoil design can match with it's dusty blue background and white lines. The four inch and six inch shapes are just large enough to create a large print.
$99.98 $84.98

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