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Style is an art and a man's style is all in the details. Gentlemen's Quarters by Chesapeake establishes a signature look with décor that evokes adventure and charm. From a nautical outing to a dapper bowtie, a night on the town or a well-tailored blazer, style inspiration is everywhere. These designs pay homage to a variety of cultured motifs and sophisticated pursuits. European wine crates, chic exposed brick looks, vintage maps and blueprints are displayed alongside sailboats, books, and stripes. Dress your space for success with this gallant collection of masculine decorating themes. 

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Albert Beige Chess Border

Bring your love of the game to walls with this fabulous chess border. Featuring a beautiful vintage backdrop, this marvelous design is the perfect strategic décor choice.
$39.99 $33.99

Albert Grey Chess Border

Strategize your next move and declare checkmate with this fabulous wall border that brings the game of chess to walls in an antiquated and timeless design.
$39.99 $33.99

Alfred Aqua Paisley Border Wallpaper

A chic and sophisticated wall border that features a handsome paisley print in a stylish aqua and green palette. Pair with the Paisley Stripe wallpaper for a seamless match.
$39.99 $33.99

Alfred Blue Paisley Border Wallpaper

Create an eloquent interior with this cultured wall border. A dashing paisley print styled in warm shades of blue, brown and green.
$39.99 $33.99

Alfred Rust Paisley Border Wallpaper

Designed in a beautiful rust hue, this cultured wall border brings a sophisticated glow to walls that can stand alone or be paired with the Paisley Stripe wallpaper for a seamless finish.
$39.99 $33.99

Andrew Blue Ships

This nautical themed wallpaper features a fine assortment of sailing vessels set out on the wide open sea. Adorned with gold italic script and artful sketches that seem to shadow each ship, this authentic design makes a captivating picture.
$89.98 $76.48

Andrew Sky Ships

Invite a nautical look to décor with this fascinating wallpaper. Ships sailing on the high seas followed by etched silhouettes and elegant italic script.
$89.98 $76.48

Andrew White Ships

Set your compass for an afternoon of sailing. This stoic wallpaper of ships sailing the high seas, is a wonderful reminder of the captivating beauty of the ocean and all it has to offer.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Blue Plaid

This masculine wallpaper design coats walls in a fabulous plaid print. Warm browns, dark greens and sophisticated blues form a cozy and inviting picture.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Brown Plaid

With a sultry and sophisticated hue, this warm brown wallpaper adds depth to walls in a chic tartan print that's effortless and inviting.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Charcoal Plaid

A handsome plaid print in a stylish medley of black, charcoal, beige and white. This chic and casual wall décor makes decorating easy, styling your home in a classic and timeless look.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Green Plaid

Featuring a classic tartan print in a perfect green and blue pairing, this plaid wallpaper brings a well-schooled look to walls that's casually handsome.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Grey Plaid

Make a dapper entryway with this masculine style wallcovering. A luxe plaid print in a chic palette of grey, beige, teal and white.
$89.98 $76.48

Austin Red Plaid

Giving walls a soft textured allure but that's smooth to the touch, this plaid wallcovering wraps your room in a red and brown fabric that's comfortable, casual and chic.
$89.98 $76.48

Barnes Blue Paisley Damask Wallpaper

Blue and white are an impeccable combo on this chic and stylish wallcovering. An elaborate paisley print brings a handsome and cultured outlook to the rest of your room.
$89.98 $76.48

Barnes Navy Paisley Damask Wallpaper

An alluring paisley print, this majestic wallpaper creates a global look for walls all done in a warm and inviting palette.
$89.98 $76.48

Barnes Rust Paisley Damask Wallpaper

Unfolding on walls in perfect form, this exquisite paisley print is designed in a beautiful spice palette. Rust and purple, green and brown, make for a handsome and stylish wallpaper that's ideal for the modern man.
$89.98 $76.48

Barnes Teal Paisley Damask Wallpaper

This exquisite paisley design in a beautiful emerald hue, brings a flawless look to walls. Enchant décor with this stylish and cultured wallpaper design.
$89.98 $76.48

Beckett Beige Scroll Texture

A beautiful beige texture that resembles the look of marble. Hints of red and green can be seen throughout for a chic and spectacular finish in any room.
$89.98 $76.48

Beckett Taupe Scroll Texture

A luxe taupe wallpaper with a radiant sheen. This natural texture gives walls the look of real stone, lending a beautiful authenticity to your room.
$89.98 $76.48

Blake Blue Skyline Border

With a growing view of the city, this modern wall border of towering skyscrapers is an exquisite wall accent, lending a chic look to the rest of décor.
$39.99 $33.99

Blake Taupe Skyline Border

Grand skyscrapers are a brilliant sight on this modern wall border featuring a warm palette and chic geometric detail.
$39.99 $33.99

Conrad Beige Map

Maps make a captivating statement in décor. With the ability to compel and inspire, this beautiful wallpaper brings a whole new world to your room.
$89.98 $76.48

Conrad Black Map

Black and white offer a classic look. This exquisite map invites the exotic appeal of the unknown to walls in a chic and stylish wallpaper design.
$89.98 $76.48

Conrad Blue Map

A luxurious blue wallpaper donned in pure gold. This fascinating wall décor is an inspiring vision with an intriguing map print that's truly exquisite.
$89.98 $76.48

Cooper Denim Cabin Stripe

This comfy and casual stripe invites an easy-going atmosphere to the rest of décor. Tailor your space to your laid-back lifestyle with this uncomplicated wallpaper design.
$89.98 $76.48

Cooper Sky Cabin Stripe

With the look of a light textured fabric, this sky blue wallpaper creates a relaxing atmosphere. A multi-stripe design accented in cream and beige.
$89.98 $76.48

Cooper Wheat Cabin Stripe

Backed by a warming texture, this neutral stripe in brown, cream and a touch of blue, adds a comfortable outlook to the rest of décor.
$89.98 $76.48

Cooper White Cabin Stripe

Red, white and blue are an inspirational combo, making this tailored stripe an easy and timeless décor choice.
$89.98 $76.48

Cumberland Brown Wood Texture

A gorgeous, natural wood wallpaper where subtle raised inks give your room a rustic new look.
$89.98 $76.48

Cumberland Natural Wood Texture

A beautiful natural wood texture for walls that fills your space with an authentic and rustic allure.
$89.98 $76.48

Douglas Black Vintage Planes

Design the perfect office space with this blueprint style wallpaper. A collection of vintage airplanes accompanied by measurements and notes, creates an authentic backdrop that's truly inspirational.
$89.98 $76.48

Douglas Blue Vintage Planes

Vintage planes create a fascinating backdrop on this fabulous blue wallcovering where history comes alive in a timeless blueprint collage.
$99.98 $84.98

Douglas Red Vintage Planes

A beautiful red canvas adorned in bronze sketches of vintage planes, makes for an impressionable room accent. Created in a blueprint style design, this wonderful representation of the past will win you over!
$99.98 $84.98

Douglas Teal Vintage Planes

Sketched in a silver pen, this teal wallpaper adorned in vintage planes, creates a timeless backdrop for years to come. Complete with measurements and notes, this intriguing design leaves a lasting impression.

Dylan Beige Candy Stripe

Subtle yet sophisticated, this neutral stripe is treated to a slight distressing. Chic pearlescent inks give it a soft glow for a soothing and tailored look on walls.
$99.98 $84.98

Dylan Burnt Sienna Candy Stripe

An exquisite stripe design, this rust orange wallpaper shimmers with a bronze undertone for a warm and cultured look on walls.
$99.98 $84.98

Dylan Cream Candy Stripe

This soothing wallpaper brings a host of neutral shades to walls in a delicate stripe pattern that has both depth and structure.
$99.98 $84.98

Dylan Taupe Candy Stripe

Taupe and blue make a handsome match on this intricate wallcovering. Treated to a slight distressing, this multi-stripe design delivers a custom-made look to your room.
$99.98 $84.98

Emerson Aqua Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

The classic beauty of a stripe is paired with a global style paisley print on this eloquent wallpaper. Aqua, grey and green look effortless alongside each other for a design that's polished and sophisticated.
$89.98 $76.48

Emerson Blue Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

Cultured and chic, this masculine wallpaper is the epitome of stylish sophistication. Bring a timeless look to décor with this ornate paisley stripe.
$89.98 $76.48

Emerson Rust Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

An exquisite pairing, this stripe and paisley design brings a global aura to walls. Beautiful earth tones create a splendid atmosphere, bringing warmth to even the tiniest corners of your room.
$89.98 $76.48

Ford Brown Danby Marble

An illustrious stone texture with a brilliant aura. This brown wallpaper is rustic yet chic, captivating your room with its soft and elegant sheen.
$89.98 $76.48

Ford Light Grey Danby Marble

Bring a chic finish to walls with this beautiful marble wallcovering. A neutral palette of grey, beige and white have a natural elegance, transforming your room into a timeless and regal space.
$89.98 $76.48

Foster Grey Linen Stucco

With a glistening sheen, this grey wallpaper resembles the look of stucco for a rare and exquisite upgrade to any space.
$89.98 $76.48

Frederick Beige Quatrefoil Medallion

Beautiful and ornate, this gorgeous print brings an antique quality to walls. An elaborate medallion motif in a warm beige colorway.
$99.98 $84.98

Frederick Blue Quatrefoil Medallion

Treated to a chic patina effect, this ornate wallpaper brings an age old look to walls. Transform the look of your space with this regal and timeless print in a harmonious collection of hues.
$99.98 $84.98

Frederick Brown Quatrefoil Medallion

Bring a mysterious allure to walls with this exquisite wallcovering. An ornate medallion print is truly regal atop a patina texture for an heirloom look that's rich and radiant with chic bronze accents.
$99.98 $84.98

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