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Geometrie from A-Street Prints is a modern collection of colorful geometric wallpapers. The bold designs feature fresh colors and unexpected shapes. High shine metallic wallpapers, beautiful beaded wallpaper, and colorful shapes all come together in these chic geometric wallpapers. 

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Abra Blue Ogee

This blue wallpaper takes the denim trend to your walls. Shades of indigo and ice blue blend together with an ikat print gives this design a beachy style.
$119.98 $89.98

Abra Green Ogee

This ogee wallpaper is a new twist on a classic design. A stylish ikat effect is beautifully crafted in bold shades of olive, grey, and white. The medium scale print creates a stunning feature wall.

Abra Grey Ogee

This chic ogee wallpaper gets a modern look with an ikat print. A cool color palette of greys and blue makes this versatile design perfect for any number of spaces from a living room to a stylish nursery.

Abra Pink Ogee

Coral and raspberry hues add a summery style to this ogee wallpaper. An ikat print creates a blended effect that softens the design and gives it a textile appearance.

Abra Taupe Ogee

The perfect neutral pattern to add a fun texture and print to your walls. Shades of grey, white, and taupe have a pretty ikat effect that adds a contemporary style to his ogee wallpaper.

Cosmos Blue Dot

This floral wallpaper is truly modern. Hundreds of small white dots come together to form a henna-inspired floral. The indigo background allows the white dots to pop, creating an artistic effect.
$139.98 $104.98

Cosmos Charcoal Dot

A chic grey background perfectly accents the star of this modern floral wallpaper. Hundreds of small silver metallic foil dots create the beautiful patterns in this wall covering.

Cosmos Gold Dot

Hundreds of tiny gold foil dots create the beautiful floral geometric pattern in this modern wallpaper. Like the stars aligning, this intricate design is a work of art. Influenced by henna mandala art, this chic design has a contemporary style.
$199.98 $149.98

Cosmos Light Grey Dot

Elevate your walls with this chic dot print wallpaper. The modern flower print was inspired by henna mandalas. A grey background contrasts beautifully with silver pearlescent dots.

Gridlock Brown Geometric

A light brown background is a cool contrast to the gold foil dots in this modern wallpaper. The lines form a contemporary rectangle grid pattern that has a riveted appearance.

Gridlock Charcoal Geometric

This geometric wallpaper is simply stunning. Printed on a high shine silver foil, the dots in the design catch the light with a brilliant shimmer. A matte grey ink creates a neutral background that balances the design.

Gridlock Copper Geometric

A cool grey background combines with copper foil dots for hint of glamour. This bold design is simple yet compelling. It immediately modernizes a space.

Gridlock Cream Geometric

This chic bright ivory wallpaper has raised silver dots for a modern look. Add a bit of texture to your walls without a dramatic color change. The serene background allows the dots to take center stage.
$179.98 $134.98

Gridlock Light Grey Geometric

A light grey background allows the silver foil dots to pop in this geometric wallpaper. The modern grid print differentiates itself from the polka dots of the past. A mixture of high shine foil and matte inks were used to create a sophisticated finish.

Gridlock Navy Geometric

This navy blue wallpaper has a mixture of styles with nautical and industrial influences. Raised ink dots pop off the page in a muted gold color that has a subtle shimmering finish. A rectangle grid pattern has a riveted appearance.
$179.98 $134.98

Helix Blue Stripe

This abstract rope print has a modern design with hundreds of tiny hand drawn lines forming the link pattern. Blue and turquoise stripes add a nautical style to this design.
$119.98 $89.98

Helix Green Stripe

Grey and green rope stripes are composed of hundreds of tiny lines, giving this stripe wallpaper a hand drawn appearance. The white background keeps the design light and airy.

Helix Pink Stripe

Add a pop of color to your walls with this rope print wallpaper. The pink and orange design is composed of hundreds of tiny lines that have a hand drawn look.

Intersection Black Geometric

Add a stylish edge to your walls with this black and white wallpaper. The unique grid texture has an artistic charcoal effect with tiny spots for an organic style. Rectangles measure five inches by seven inches.
$119.98 $89.98

Intersection Gold Geometric

Create a modern, stylish space with this grid wallpaper. A thin line creates an artistic edge that shimmers in a gold metallic ink. The bright white background makes this modern design a versatile print for any room. Rectangles measure five inches by seven inches.
$119.98 $89.98

Intersection Silver Geometric

Elevate your walls with this bold geometric wallpaper. A silver leaf effect has a shimmering metallic finish that contrasts with the artistic matte black grid lines. Rectangles measure five inches by seven inches.

Intersection Turquoise Geometric

This grid wallpaper is a mixture of a city and seashore. The intersecting lines mimic industrial scaffolding while the sea green print is reminiscent of beach glass. The combination results in a contemporary, fresh design that would work well with many decor styles. Rectangles measure five inches by seven inches.
$119.98 $89.98

Intersection White Geometric

An edgy look for the modern decorator. The beauty and simplicity of intersecting grid lines gets a new look with a chic textured effect. Metallic accents add hint of shimmer. Rectangles measure five inches by seven inches.
$119.98 $89.98

Linkage Brown Trellis

This light brown wallpaper has unique three line links that add a modern touch to the design. Tonal brown stripes and cream stripes add to the neutral tone of the pattern.

Linkage Gold Trellis

Add a captivating geometric print to your walls with this link wallpaper. Expertly crafted lines bend in and out, widening and thinning to create the optical illusion of a three dimensional design. Matte shades of grey and gold add a modern style.

Linkage Grey Trellis

Add a bright neutral to your walls with this chic trellis wallpaper. Darker grey and cream lines bend and turn throughout the design, shining with a metallic texture.

Linkage Navy Trellis

This trellis wallpaper has a nautical style with navy and white stripes that create a net-like design. A warm grey taupe background softens the bold print.
$119.98 $89.98

Maze Grey Tile

This Chinese lattice wallpaper has a cool metallic grey background and a matte surface print effect creating the tile print. The geometric design feels both modern and classic.

Maze Light Grey Tile

This neutral wallpaper has contemporary shades of grey and white with a surface print texture that adds a dimensional look. The Chinese lattice inspired design creates geometric floral motifs that would work in any room.

Maze Orange Tile

Influenced by Chinese lattice, this intricate design has floral hints that pop in bright shades of paprika and gold. Special printing techniques using a surface print texture add a luxurious finish.

Maze Turquoise Tile

This Chinese lattice inspired wallpaper has a beautiful turquoise blue print. A surface print texture adds a luxurious effect. The pattern has a mixture of floral and geometric prints that are modern and stylish.
$119.98 $89.98

Maze Yellow Tile

This beautiful buttercup colored wallpaper is bright and sunny. A Chinese lattice inspired print combines floral and geometric shapes for a fresh approach to design.

Network Beige Links

Add a modern neutral to your walls with this beige link wallpaper. The oblong pattern pops against a chic grasscloth print background that features tactile, raised inks. This design is perfect for a monochrome living room or bedroom.

Network Grey Links

This dove grey wallpaper has a modern oblong link print and a grasscloth texture background. The white print creates a chic contrast and maintains the neutral color scheme.

Network Light Grey Links

Update your space with this light grey wallpaper. The circle print pops against a chic grasscloth effect background with tactile raised inks and creates a versatile neutral design.

Network Taupe Links

This natural print wallpaper has a grasscloth style background and a matte print link design. The oblong shapes are a modern take on the classic pattern. An metallic background creates a shimmering effect.

Optic Blue Geometric

This stunning silver wallpaper has an ice blue and white matte print. Bold shapes and high shine metallics are a new take on retro styling. A foil background brings this design to another level.

Optic Brown Geometric

This deep chocolate brown wallpaper has a beautiful shimmering background with metallic inks for extra shine. A tonal pattern in light and dark cocoa colors creates a chic monochrome effect. At the widest point, these medallions measure seven inches, making a beautiful pattern on the wall.

Optic Gold Geometric

This gold wallpaper is simply stunning. A bright foil background shines while matte inks create the geometric dot print. Seven inch wide ovals alternate with one another, forming a dimensional pattern.

Optic Silver Geometric

This high shine silver wallpaper nods to both the present and the past. The retro circle pattern gets a contemporary look with a stunning foil background. The seven inch wide medallions create a stunning feature wall.

Petals Blue Ogee

This modern wallpaper is a unique print that has elements of an ogee style and an abstract floral. A beautiful combination of navy and sky blue create a colorful design. A suede texture makes the pattern come to life with a tactile finish.
$179.98 $134.98

Petals Grey Ogee

This abstract petal print is a modern twist on classic floral wallpaper. The grey and cream colorway is a perfect neutral to match your home décor. The design is simple yet striking, flowing along the wall, one flower into the next.

Petals Ivory Ogee

This white wallpaper has a beautiful beaded pattern with hundreds of tiny glass beads that glisten like dew on a spring morning. The bright background has a shimmering finish that further enhances the shine.
$219.98 $164.98

Petals Orange Ogee

A bold choice for the daring decorator. This ogee wallpaper has a neutral beige background and bright orange pattern that is a stunning color pairing. A suede texture gives the design a tactile finish.

Petals Taupe Ogee

Add glamour to your home with this stunning beaded wallpaper. A neutral taupe background is finished with shimmering inks that further enhance the shine of the hundreds of tiny glass beads.

Puzzle Blue Geometric

This bright geometric wallpaper is a splash of color. Bright tangerine, lime, navy, and sea green pop off the page in a kaleidoscope of shapes. A woodgrain texture adds a modern touch to these 3.5 inch squares.
$139.98 $104.98

Puzzle Green Geometric

This green wallpaper is a mixture of serenity and energy. The calming color palette features shades of sea glass green that contrast with the angular shapes. The 3.5 inch squares are the perfect size.

Puzzle Light Grey Geometric

A geometric wallpaper perfect for the contemporary decorator. This chic neutral wallpaper features a medley of 3.5 inch grey squares, forming a chic geometric pattern. This versatile design could be used anywhere from a nursery to a home office to a monochrome living room.

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