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Drawing influence from styles around the world, these wallpapers have a timeless intrigue. The patterns pay homage to tribal motifs, exotic fabrics, traditional art forms, and the unique features that make other time periods and cultures beautiful.

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Mutei Sage Grasscloth

Both the background and the weave of this unique and beautiful grasscloth wallpaper are a wonderful light sage green. Hues of tan run throughout and the natural shine of the grass catches the light.
$5.28 $3.96/Sq Ft.

Myogen Golden Green Grasscloth

A beautiful mix of blue and green combine to create this unique colorway. Hints of blue and taupe ring throughout the grasscloth and flecks of brown show the natural color of the weave.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Myoki Neutral Grasscloth

A natural grasscloth wallpaper transforms with shades of grey and honey. A subtle blue green background makes this the perfect cool toned neutral paper for any room.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Myoki Wheat Grasscloth

A bright, warm toned medium width grasscloth with a subtle shine. Darker accents are woven throughout in the natural makeup of the grass.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Nonen Champagne Paper Weave

A beautiful champagne and silver shimmer adds a pop of sparkle underneath a three strand open weave. Add a glamorous element to your space with this classic grasscloth.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Oberon Brass Moroccan Medallion

With a romantic, global-chic lace design, this Moroccan wallpaper creates a mysterious and beautiful ambiance. A burnished brass patina is a chic backdrop beyond the cultured medallion design.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Oberon Champagne Moroccan Medallion

Mysterious and ornate, this Moroccan wallpaper design brings a romantic lace texture to walls. Radiant champagne nuances give way to raised inks with a cultured medallion arrangement.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Oberon Opal Moroccan Medallion

This mysterious Moroccan wallpaper brings an ornate and romantic lace texture to walls. Opalescent taupe distress provides a nuanced backdrop a cultured medallion design.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Onko Sage Grasscloth

This neutral grasscloth wallpaper would go well with any pop of color. The light wash will brighten any room. A subtle green background highlights the intricacies of the weave.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Popun Light Green Grasscloth

A beautiful pale green creates a serene calm in this grasscloth wallpaper. It is the perfect color for the city or the sea. Hints of brown and honey give depth to the thin weave.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Purna Grey Grasscloth

This masculine neutral grasscloth wallpaper combines grey, taupe, and tan in a mixture of light and dark that juxtaposes the natural elements in the paper.
$6.11 $4.58/Sq Ft.

Reju Charcoal Grasscloth

A woodsy, masculine color pallete creates drama in this thickly woven design. Multiple shades of grass give a rustic feel that is balanced out with an industrial charcoal background.
$1.94 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Ryotan Wheat Paper Weave

A gorgeous basket weave using a combination of grass and jute strands, gives this paper weavea warm feeling that would be perfect in any room.
$5.28 $3.96/Sq Ft.

Saigen Chocolate Wall Cork

Warm chocolate brown stripes give a hardwood feel to this plush cork wallpaper. Hints of dark brown and chestnut highlight the intricate detail in the cork's natural features.
$6.58 $4.93/Sq Ft.

Seiju Wheat Grasscloth

Warmth surrounds this design with a naturally variegated honey weave and chocolate background. Subtle pistachio green and cream add dimension to this natural grasscloth.
$1.94 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Shinko Champagne Grasscloth

A cool calm surrounds this natural grasscloth design. A tightly woven structure adds dimension and texture to this solid colored paper.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Shirazi Champagne Bohemian Floral

This beautifully cultured print has a fresh and bohemian vibe! Bold artistically designed flowers seem to bloom on walls, while chic metallic inks dazzle and shine.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Shirazi Cream Bohemian Floral

A glamorous look for walls, this boho chic wallpaper is etched in a shimmering gold ink, exotic and dreamy!
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Soko Bronze Mica

A subdued gold bronze sparkle glimmers and catches even the smallest bit of light. A dramatic statement mica wallpaper that would bring a warm glamour to any room.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Sultana Beige Lattice Texture

Streaks of radiant gold can be seen peaking through this enchanted wallcovering. A soft beige texture artistically painted in a beautiful global geometric.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Sultana Copper Lattice Texture

A textured wall paper with a rich copper finish and donned in chic metallic inks! This cultured design has a lovely Moroccan flair, inviting to décor a fresh exotic fervor.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Taipo Champagne Grasscloth

A tightly woven grasscloth wallpaper with a subtle satin finish. Strands of naturally darker pieces of grass run throughout creating a heathered appearance.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Taisen Brown Grasscloth

An Earthy brown background and taupe overlay grounds this luxurious grasscloth wallpaper. Hints of dark chocolate brown and the subtle sheen of the weave add dimension and texture.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Tendilla Beige Lattice

With a time-worn appearance that's both rare and exquisite, this cultured geometric etched in bronze metallic inks, refines walls in a dazzling old world grandeur.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Tendilla Taupe Lattice

This ornate geometric is a stately décor piece. Old world influences updated with chic metallic accents, makes this global wallpaper a regal choice for walls.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Tennen Wheat Wall Cork

A simple design which embraces the random patterns found in nature. Warm honeys characterize this natural cork color with undertones of brown and grey that make the veins of the cork wallpaper pop.
$3.46 $2.60/Sq Ft.

Tenso Bronze Mica Chip

A cool, light cocoa with pops of iridescence shimmer throughout this unique mica chip wallpaper. A subtle sage green and bronze add dimension and shine.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Tokei Gold Foil Grass

Make a statement with the look of 24 karat gold. A light colored natural weave is offset by the beauty of a gold foil background. The perfect grasscloth to add a touch of glamour.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Venus Brass Foil Mini Damask

Polished tiles pixels with a luxe metallic finish add razzle dazzle to this modern damask wallpaper. The global chic design has a composition and texture evocative of a fine mosaic for walls.
$3.55 $2.66/Sq Ft.

Venus Charcoal Foil Mini Damask

Shimmering silver foil on a charcoal black backdrop is a posh and gorgeous look for décor. This Moroccan inspired wallpaper design has a modern, pixelated mosaic damask design and a dramatic palette.
$3.55 $2.66/Sq Ft.

Venus Lavender Metallic Mini Damask

A sophisticated lavender ink with posh silver shimmer adds drama to this modern damask mosaic wallpaper.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Venus Pewter Metallic Mini Damask

With a radiant pewter silver ink and a modern, global arrangement, this mosaic style damask wallpaper is sophisticated and chic.
$3.02 $2.26/Sq Ft.

Venus Silver Foil Mini Damask

Greco-Roman inspired mosaics meets transitional damask in this lively and cultured design. The wallpaper creates a contemporary tiled effect, with posh silver foil accents.
$3.55 $2.66/Sq Ft.

Wado Bronze Mica Chip

A warm bronze ensconces this intricate mica chip wallpaper. Sparkle and shimmer catch the light in a harmony of nature and glamour.
$3.33 $2.50/Sq Ft.

Yakuso Black Wall Cork

A masculine charcoal color defines this unique cork wallpaper. Veins of a blue hued black give a marbled effect that only further elevates this amazing paper.
$3.46 $2.60/Sq Ft.

Yasmine Brass Moroccan Mini Medallion

A warm golden brass palette and a cultured floral medallion texture lend an exquisitely beautiful finish to walls. A global chic wallpaper with an understated sophistication.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Yasmine Champagne Moroccan Mini Medallion

This romantic wallpaper spins a tale of intricate beauty, layering a cultured floral medallion texture over an alluring pearl distress. Champagne, treated to matte and opal finishes.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Yasmine Opal Moroccan Mini Medallion

With a shimmering mother of pearl finish and an exquisite floral medallion print, this fine wallpaper spins an intricate tale of culture and beauty.
$3.37 $2.53/Sq Ft.

Zaida Champagne Paisley Damask Wallpaper

With a beautiful ethnic spirit, this paisley wallcovering in a glistening champagne hue, designs an alluring damask on walls that shimmers with gold inks and a glamorous pearlescent sheen.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Zaida Silver Paisley Damask Wallpaper

Drop dead gorgeous, this worldly print is a rare and exotic gem. Designed in a luxe, metallic foil, this chic silver wallpaper is a stylish décor statement.
$3.90 $2.93/Sq Ft.

Zaida Taupe Paisley Damask Wallpaper

A fabulous gold undertone gives this global wall paper an ethereal sheen. A stylish paisley damask that invites a beautiful Moroccan influence to walls.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Zenyu Khaki Grasscloth

A thin weave with a uniform texture. Hints of honey and the subtle sheen of the strands add dimension to this neutral grasscloth.
$6.11 $4.58/Sq Ft.

Zoho Neutral Foil Grass

What at first appears to be a subtle stripe transforms to a shimmering gold when it catches the light. The juxtaposition of the natural weave and the glamorous background makes this unexpected grasscloth a masterpiece.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Zoraya Aqua Damask

A fresh addition to any room, this elegant damask in a fashionable shade of blue, mixes both traditional and modern design elements for a chic and invigorating décor piece.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Zoraya Copper Damask

Likely to be found adorning the palace halls of Alhambra, this rich damask has a fresh and global vibe. Finished in warm and radiant hues of copper and gold, this breathtaking wallpaper design is a true masterpiece.
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Zoraya Navy Damask

This impressive wall paper design in a handsome navy hue, brings a large scale damask to walls that's a luxurious addition to décor. Treated to a glamorous foil finish in lustrous silver, this cultured print is magnificent and worldly.
$3.90 $2.93/Sq Ft.

Zoraya Silver Damask

Making a powerful statement in any room, this global chic wall paper fashions a glorious, large scale damask on walls with stylish foil accents atop a worn grey canvas.
$3.90 $2.93/Sq Ft.

Zoraya Taupe Damask

Make a regal statement on walls with this chic grey wall covering. A cultured, large scale damask that's eloquent and refined!
$2.84 $2.13/Sq Ft.

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