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How to Hang Wallpaper Around Outlets

Read how to install your wallpaper around outlets and on your outlet covers.

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Hang Wallpaper Around Outlets

  • Turn off the electrical power.
  • Remove outlet cover with a screwdriver.
  • Hang wallpaper strip over outlet.
  • Using a utility knife, carefully cut an "X" into the wallpaper over the socket or switch and trim each of the 4 flaps to edges of outlet. Make sure your cut-out is smaller than the wall plate.
  • Smooth wallpaper into place around the socket to get a good seal.
  • Re-install the wall plate over the wallpaper.

Wallpaper Solid Plastic Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

  • Turn off the electrical power.
  • Remove outlet cover with a screwdriver.
  • Using extra wallpaper, cut a piece lightly larger (1/2 inch) than the outlet plate.
  • Make sure the cut piece lines up with the pattern on the wall.
  • Trim the edges and tuck them in tightly to the back of the plate.
  • Wait until the wallpaper is dry, then use a sharp razor knife to cut out the slot for the switch or plug.
  • Reattach the outlet plate to the wall with screws.

Wallpaper Clear Plastic Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

  • These consist of a top and a bottom piece. Cut the wallpaper only slightly larger (1/2 inch or 1.25 centimeters) than the outlet plate, and snap the two pieces into place around it.
  • Fold or glue the edges underneath the outlet plate
  • Cut out the center opening and attach to the wall with coordinating screws.
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