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How to Install Wallpaper Over Paneling

Wallpaper can be easily installed over wood paneling. Read our instructions to ensure successful installation of your wallpaper.

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Install Wallpaper Over Paneling

  • If the grooves in paneling are 1/4 inch deep or more, fill them in with caulk.
  • Wipe away the overflow of caulk by running a putty knife along the groove.
  • Once caulk is dry, prime the paneling with a stain-blocking latex primer. Let primer dry completely.
  • Coat walls with an acrylic-emulsion sizing or one recommended by the liner manufacturer.
  • Hang a heavy-duty wallpaper liner horizontally.
  • Hang wallpaper vertically over the liner according to the manufacture's instructions or our "How To" Section.
  • If using paintable wallpaper, wait until the paper is completely dry before painting. We recommend painting over paintable wallpaper with 2 coats of latex paint.
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