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How to Hang Wallpaper Borders

Here is everything you need to know about how to hang a wallpaper border perfectly!

Step 1

Determine Border Application Method

  • Establish if your border is pre-pasted or unpasted and follow the pre-pasted instructions or unpasted instructions to adhere your border to the wall.
  • Applying Vinyl Border Over Vinyl Wallpaper: Use a "vinyl-over-vinyl" border adhesive.
  • Applying Border Over Painted Walls: Lightly sand the border wall area before applying the border.

Step 2

Measure & Cut Wallpaper Border

  • Measure the length of your first wall and cut a strip of wallpaper border 3 inches longer to allow for overlap on each end.
  • For easy handling, gently fold the border accordion style without creasing the folds.

Step 3

Hang First Wallpaper Border Strip

Hang from Top of Wall

  • Follow the ceiling line around the room, allowing at least 1/2 inch overlap at corners.

Hang Around Middle of Room

  • Also known as a chair rail border, use a level and pencil to make a faint line around the room at the desired height before you start.

Hang Around Window/Door

  • Overlap the horizontal and vertical strips at the corners.
  • Cut through both strips at a 45° angle at the corner.
  • Remove excess pieces.
  • After applying the border to the wall, smooth with a wallpaper smoothing tool to force out any air bubbles.
  • Wipe off excess glue with a clean, damp sponge.

Step 4

Hang Additional Strips

  • Measure and cut the next border strip at a point where you can easily match the pattern to the previous strip, allowing for an inch or so of overlap.
  • Cut through the overlap with a utility knife, using a 6-in putty knife as a guide.
  • Remove excess paper for a clean seam and wipe off any glue with a moist sponge.
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