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Ideal Décor murals take any wall to extraordinary heights with photorealistic scenes, artistic creations, and iconic pop art images. A feature wall has never been so easy to create with Ideal Décor Murals

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3D Effect Wall Mural

Give your walls a new look with this wallpaper mural! The white design has grey shading that gives the appearance of raised panels. The monochromatic style is perfect for a modern home.
$169.99 $101.99

3D Pentagons White Wall Mural

With pentagons that appear to extend beyond walls, this intricate mural creates a beautiful optical illusion. Its crisp white hue adds to its contemporary look. 3D Pentagons White Wall Mural comes on 2 panels.
$124.99 $74.99

3D Stone Wall - Wall Mural

Add texture to your walls with this modern stone wall mural. With a 3D design, these neutral colored stones look like they're actually jutting out of the wall. 3D Stone Wall Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

A Heart Among Stones

A heart-shaped stone and vibrant orange flower give character to this single panel wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

A Perfect Day

Turn any room into a picture perfect island oasis with this scenic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

A Seat not Taken Wall Mural

Walk down a dreamy wooded path with this wall mural. Warm sunlight peeks through the trees, casting a hazy glow. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$249.99 $62.50

Angel Brick Wall Mural

A white brick wall that holds the face of an angel. This stunning mural design shows an appreciation for modern art, creating a space that's as inspiring as it is inviting.
$169.99 $101.99

Animal Alphabet

With an animal for every letter of the alphabet, this kids wall mural is educational and cute. The colorful and adorable graphics will make a great décor accent for your kids room décor, and a fun way to practice learning their letters.
$124.99 $74.99

Animal Safari

Decorate a child's room in a cool safari animal theme with this bright and cheery wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99


Reinvent the architecture of your room with this impressive wall mural. With a photorealistic image of carved marble columns stretching into a tunnel of light, this mural creates a new perspective on the wall.
$124.99 $74.99


With identical archways stretching into a heavenly white light, this gorgeous wall mural reimagines the dimensions of your room. Impressive architectural details like carved columns, marble floors and hanging lanterns give this trompe l'oeil mural a prestigious feel.
$169.99 $144.49

Around The World

Showcasing global city landmarks, this artistic wall mural is perfect for globetrotters and daydreamers alike.
$169.99 $101.99

Autumn Forest

A lush green forest mural, making an enchanting visual for your decor. Rays of golden sunlight filter through the leaves, with green trees stretching as far as the eye can see.
$169.99 $101.99

Autumn Forest Lake Wall Mural

With bursts of yellow, orange and green, this Autumn Forest Lake mural is perfect for adding color and an organic flare to your space. The trees' stunning reflections in the glassy lake create a dazzling forest scene. Autumn Forest Lake Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Autumn Whitetail Wall Mural

This majestic wall mural captures the spirit of the wild, featuring three beautiful deer in a forest clearing. With two does and a stunning buck set against gathering grey skies, this is a handsome scene of natural splendor. The mural features the exquisite artwork of the acclaimed Hautman Brothers.
$169.99 $101.99


A soft light peeks through forest trees in this mesmerizing wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Balloons over Bagan Wall Mural

Set sail on an afternoon over the vast city of Bagan, where ancient temples and fascinating pagodas can be seen for miles. This exquisite wall mural allows you a bird's eye view of one of the most architecturally beautiful cities.
$249.99 $149.99

Bamboo Forest

Rays of sunlight bring a beautiful bamboo forest to life, radiating fresh beauty in every hue of green imaginable. This fresh wall mural is a botanical gem for decor.
$169.99 $101.99

Bamboo In Spring

Lively green bamboo plants are the focus of this single panel wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Bamboo Repeatable

Bring the simplicity of nature inside with this pretty bamboo wall mural.
$124.99 $31.25

Beach Chair Wall Mural

Not your typical seaside mural, hundreds of folding chairs speckle a sandy beach in this scene. With crisp whites, light creams, and pops of blue, this contemporary shore mural will brighten up your space. Beach Chair Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Bengal Tiger

With piercing golden eyes and a look of fierce determination, the Bengal tiger erupts from ocean waves in this stunning wall mural.
$49.99 $29.99

Beyond Hanas Gate

With dream-like imagery and vivid colors, this beach scene wall mural is a true work of art.
$169.99 $101.99


Create your own private study with this unique bookshelf wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

Black & White Squares Wall Mural

A black and white checkerboard of illusion! Style walls in this intriguing mural that adds a modern touch to walls while remaining playful and chic.
$249.99 $149.99

Black And White

Black and white in decor is classic and chic. This zebra mural celebrates those iconic stripes with a close-up image of a zebra face. A surprising design element, with a stylish impact.
$69.99 $41.99

Blue Hour over New York Wall Mural

A picturesque view of Manhattan at dusk. This New York wall mural depicts the city in all its glory, capturing the Brooklyn Bridge in perfect light.
$169.99 $42.50

Blue Lagoon Wall Mural

This tropical wall mural looks like a vintage acrylic painting. The palm trees, ferns, and exotic birds lounge in a blue lagoon. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$249.99 $149.99

Brick Wall Black Wall Mural

Get the feel of an industrial chic loft with this exposed brick wall mural. This authentic wall mural looks vividly real, while its grey hue adds to its modern style. Brick Wall Black Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Brick Wall Red Wall Mural

Get the look of an upscale loft with this exposed red brick wall mural. This realistic wall mural is ideal for creating an industrial-chic look. Brick Wall Red Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Bridge In The Sunlight

The Bridge in the Sunlight mural brings paradise to life on your walls. This giant mural re-imagines your room into a breathtaking vista, as beautiful as one might imagine the garden of Eden to be. Lush tropical trees, serene water, and a lovely bridge are illuminated by divine light.
$169.99 $85.00

Brooklyn Bridge At Sunset Wall Mural

Watch as the sun releases its last glow behind the beautiful city of NY with this exceptional skyline view. Capturing the vast expanse of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, this exquisite wall mural comes to you in 8 separate panels that assemble to make a 12-ft x 8-ft 4-in image.
$169.99 $101.99

Brooklyn Bridge Large

Measuring a substantial 12-ft wide by 8-ft 4-in high, this wall mural depicts the Brooklyn Bridge in all its New York splendor. Illuminated in the night courtsey of thousands of city lights, this mural is sure to make a bold, artistic statement in any room.
$169.99 $101.99

Burj Khalifah Wall Mural

With the Burj Khalifah front and center, this colorful picture of Dubai showcases the magical city in perfect light. With the tallest skyscraper in the world at its epicenter, this spectacular mural will remain stoic on walls for years to come.
$249.99 $62.50

Bus On Westminster Bridge

A bright red bus passes on Westminster bridge in this artistic wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Cabs Queue

Bright yellow taxi cabs are the main focus in this otherwise black and white single panel wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Cabs Queue Large

The yellow taxi cabs are the main focus in this otherwise black and white city scene wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99


Perfect for the coffee enthusiast, this wall mural will bring a cafe feeling to any room.
$124.99 $74.99

Caribbean Sea

Escape to the beauty of the tropics with the Caribbean Sea wall mural. A white sand beach matched against a turquoise sea and filled with lush green palm trees, remains a peaceful décor piece anywhere it is placed.
$249.99 $149.99

Cathedral Cove In New Zealand Wall Mural

Bring a Zen feel to rooms with this serene Cathedral Cove in New Zealand wall mural. Fluffy clouds float against a light orange and blue night sky, while glassy ocean waves lap the shore. Cathedral Cove In New Zealand Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Cave In The Forest Wall Mural

Add an organic flare to your wall with this mysterious Cave in the Forest wall mural. Rocks are covered in lush green moss, while a misty forest scene lays just outside the cave's opening. Cave In The Forest Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Central Park Wall Mural

Celebrate your love for the Big Apple with this Central Park wall mural! This photographic design features the city in the spring, full of lush greenery. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$169.99 $85.00

Cherry Blossoms

A branch of cherry blossoms against a black background is the focus of this luscious and contemporary wall mural. The cherry tree blooms for a fleeting moment each year before the petals fall to the ground and are replaced by leaves. This captivating, photorealistic mural freezes the breathtaking blossoms for you to admire in a fresh arrangement of modern splendor.
$69.99 $41.99

Cherry Trees

A fresh wall mural with a delightful scenic of cherry trees in bloom makes a beautiful statement in any space. The photorealistic quality of this mural has a trompe l'oeil effect, as if your walls had opened up to reveal a heavenly snapshot of Spring bliss.
$124.99 $74.99

Cinque Terre Coast

Cinque Terre at sunset makes for a glorious Italian wall mural, full of coastal charm and vivid colors. The picturesque Mediterranean village has been carefully built into the rugged cliffs of the Italian Riviera, free from Corporate and commercial influences. This mural captures an inviting view of the unique locale for your decor.
$169.99 $101.99

Classic Car

For the vintage car admirer, this door mural is a classic! This chic design adds a splash of red to a black and white design depicting a 50s Cadillac tail fin.
$49.99 $29.99

Cobblestone And Grass Wall Mural

Popping with bursts of green, this Cobblestone and Grass wall mural is absolutely dazzling. With feathery grasses and bright grey stones, this mural will add both color and texture to your wall. Cobblestone And Grass Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Colored Wood Wall Mural

If you've always dreamed of having rustic wood walls, this is the mural for you! Brilliant in both color and design, this weathered picture of days gone by brings a perfectly rugged look to any space.
$249.99 $149.99

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