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Jacobean Wallpaper

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Jacobean wallpaper is cultured and distinctive, featuring trailing flower forms with chic details. These fanciful Jacobean motifs are inspired by 17th century fabrics. Modern Jacobeans and traditional Renaissance wallpaper designs abound in this vast collection. 

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Tropez Charcoal Jacobean Wallpaper

Give your walls an entirely new look with this large scale floral wallpaper. The design has shades of blue and green atop a charcoal background. White raised inks add dimension.

Tropez Coral Jacobean Wallpaper

This large scale Jacobean floral is the perfect combination of modern and classic. The grey background is on trend while the coral and mustard flowers bring color and movement. White raised inks add detail and dimension.

Tropez Navy Jacobean Wallpaper

A classic Jacobean wallpaper with a modern coastal style. This large scale floral is full of color and dimension. The navy blue background creates a deep base for the blue and green flowers. Raised white ink outlines finish off the design.

Tropez Teal Jacobean Wallpaper

Hang a piece of art on your walls with this beautiful Jacobean wallpaper. The large scale print has a modern style with bright pink, orange, teal, and green hues.

Panache Black Floral Wallpaper

Add an intricate design to your walls with this floral Jacobean wallpaper. The chic black and white design has a henna inspired print with intricate detailing and a slightly raised ink.

Panache Grey Floral Wallpaper

Spruce up your walls with this floral Jacobean wallpaper. The neutral white and grey design is full of intricate detailing with a henna inspired design. Ferns, swirls, and small florals combine with subtle geometric shapes.

Panache Taupe Floral Wallpaper

This modern Jacobean wallpaper takes a classic design and gives it a new twist. The grey background has a lighter grey print for monochromatic detailing. The intricate design has a henna inspired floral pattern that pops with a slightly raised texture.

Georgette Burgundy Jacobean

Whimsical flowers covered in swirls and dots are the base of this Jacobean wallpaper. Hints of sage green and light pink balance out the deep purple shades while a taupe linen backdrop grounds the design.

Georgette Denim Jacobean

Dusty blue and sage green floral trails twist along a taupe linen print background in this Jacobean wallcovering. Subtle swirl patterns add a whimsy to this classic pattern.

Georgette Haze Jacobean

This classic Jacobean wallpaper is the perfect backdrop in muted golds, greys, and whites. A linen style background makes this pattern look like a luxe textile.

Georgette Sage Jacobean

This floral Jacobean wallpaper has an eclectic elegance with hues of sage green and terracotta red. A woven pattern gives this beautiful design the look of a textile.

Georgette Turquoise Jacobean

Lively greens and cool turquoise shades are bright and vivacious in this Jacobean floral wallpaper. The light grey background balances the design and adds dimension with a linen texture. A classic wallpaper that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Willow Coral Nouveau Floral

An artistic nouveau style damask where Jacobean style florals bloom from a beautiful scrolling trellis. Warmed by an underlying texture, this exquisite wallcovering is a true masterpiece on walls.

Willow Grey Nouveau Floral

With a bohemian flourish, this exquisite wallpaper creates a stylish damask on walls bursting with Jacobean style florals and elegant scrolls. Captured atop a grey geometric texture, this majestic wall décor has fabulous depth.

Willow Indigo Nouveau Floral

A true work of art, this bohemian chic wallpaper is enriched in beautiful jewel tones. This flourishing damask takes your décor to new heights, offering an enchanting and happy escape inside your home.

Willow Pink Nouveau Floral

Decorated in a gorgeous nouveau style damask, this exquisite wallpaper will be forever loved. An inspiring garden scene of Jacobean style florals and dancing scrolls all placed atop a chic geometric texture, bring a free-spirited and whimsical air to any space.

Willow Sky Nouveau Floral

Bring a fashion forward look to your home with this stylish floral print. Dancing atop a chic geometric texture, this bohemian chic wallpaper is enhanced in lively shades of blue, green and pink.

Torcello Beige Floral Wallpaper

Made to resemble fine Italian fabric, this embossed floral trail pattern has a classic baroque feel. This refined beige wallcovering has gold glitter details and an elegant metallic sheen. Torcello is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.

Torcello Platinum Floral Wallpaper

Embossed floral trails curl against a platinum background in this baroque inspired wallpaper. Made to resemble fine Italian fabric, this elegant wallcovering has shimmering metallic details that will make your walls sparkle. Torcello is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.

Torcello Silver Floral Wallpaper

With textured details, this sophisticated grey wallpaper resembles fine Italian fabric. Embossed curling flower trails glimmer with an elegant, metallic sheen. Torcello is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.

Courd Champagne Jacobean

A shimmering stripe background sets this Jacobean wallpaper apart from the rest. The floral pattern is done in a distressed matte finish for a contemporary look.

Ellie Beige Floral

This large scale floral wallpaper is stunning. The artistic design looks like it was pulled straight from a sketchbook. Pretty hues of pink, peach, and honey make a warm color palette.

Ellie Gold Jacobean

This large scale Jacobean wallpaper features a gold metallic background and hand drawn flowers. The quirky design is a delightful departure from the usual.

Ellie Purple Jacobean

This large scale Jacobean wallpaper pops with pretty hues of magenta, green, and turquoise. A sketched style gives this an artistic flair. The silver background of this design shimmers in the light.

Emmaline Gold Jacobean

This Jacobean floral wallpaper has a bohemian flair with a metallic gold background and Moroccan inspired motifs. The matte pattern contrast beautifully with the shimmering background.

Gilly Grey Jacobean

This Jacobean wallpaper has a shimmering silver background with a cream print overlay. Hints of copper are spread throughout the design.

Hollie Blue Jacobean

This Jacobean wallpaper features a woven texture background, a large scale floral pattern, and a textured overlay. The ice blue and light brown color palette create a subdued modern look.

Hollie Silver Jacobean

This grey wallpaper has a large scale Jacobean print with a subtle shimmer. A palette of neutrals makes this wallpaper a good fit for any pop of color.

Off-White Jacobean Wheat Trail Border

Tonal Jacobean floral trail with wheat braid trim this border is charming on any wall.

Dionysia Blue Jacobean

A sweet floral texture for walls, inspired by the Jacobean in sky blue and cream white.

Dionysia Green Jacobean

Timeless and pretty, this pale green floral motif has a cheerful country-chic appeal.

Dionysia Lavender Jacobean

A small scale lavender and white print, so delicate that it creates a soft floral texture for walls.

Dionysia Light Blue Jacobean

A sweet blue floral wallpaper with timeless charm. The small-scale print takes cues from a Jacobean pattern, pleasant and pretty.

Bed Breakfast Beige Jacobean Stencil

Warm golden beige brings a sunny neutral to walls with the charm of a beautiful bed & breakfastwith this fine home wallpaper.

Bed Breakfast Cream Jacobean Stencil

Subtle and elegant, this cream on beige jacobean trail wallpaper evokes a charming bed and breakfast warmth on walls.

Bed Breakfast Taupe Jacobean Stencil

This fine wallpaper has an elegant country-chic bed and breakfast appeal, timeless and gracious enough to evoke a vintage or a modern décor.

Lydia Dark Brown Jacobean

A warm and welcoming chocolate brown, this jacobean wallpaper is traditional yet lively. Bring a sincere and designer element to walls, trailed with well detailed jacobean branches in gold and green.

Lydia Sage Jacobean

Elegant and detailed, this spirited wallpaper design brings beautiful jacobean swirls to walls in a gentle sage green and cream colorway.

Heaton Paintable Textured Vinyl

This exquisite scroll pattern brings both rustic charm and flourishing beauty to walls. Swirling leaves abound atop a mottled stone backdrop for a customizable design that can be painted time and time again. Our wide selection of fine, luxury and premium paintable wallcoverings are ideal for wall and ceiling imperfections as well offer an affordable solution for all home decor upgrades and needs.

Jackson Taupe Jacobean Stencil

Swirling and lovely, this taupe and white wallpaper designs an elegant jacobean stencil on your walls.

Tudor Beige Country Jacobean

Imagine your delight, when pulling forth a cork from a fine vintage wine, to find it stamped with a beautiful swirling jacobean floral pattern? This warm and lovely wallpaper will give you a similar gratification.

Tudor Burgundy Country Jacobean

A charming country jacobean floral wallpaper pattern, steeped in wine and nutmeg.

Erica Lavender Floral Border

This floral trail border has the fine details of a Jacobean flower, gently redefined with soft and sweet details in delicate purples and pinks.

Erica Multicolor Floral Border

A soft palette of muted pinks, blues, and golds and a sweetly re-imagined Jacobean floral trail make this border a very pretty accent.

Michelle Cream Floral Trail Border

This pink and green wallpaper border has fine artistic details and a captivating floral trail.

Michelle Silver Floral Trail Border

Marked by exceptionally fine details, this beautiful border brings a soft sheen along with artistically imagined flowers and leaves in pinks and blue.

Michelle Yellow Floral Trail Border

The exquisite detail of this floral border brings great color and charm to your walls.

Jasmine Beige Floral Trail

This lovely Jacobean floral wallpaper creates depth with an embroidered texture effect in soothing beige and taupe.

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