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A designer grasscloth wallpaper collection showcasing the finest natural materials and beautiful craftsmanship. Add style and depth to walls with these eco-chic weaves, full of intrigue and exotic texture. Jiangsu is brought to you from Kenneth James.

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Airi Beige Grasscloth

A fine weave of natural authentic materials, this beige grasscloth wallpaper gives walls a chic natural look.
$199.98 $149.98

Ania Khaki Grasscloth

Beige with a hint of green, this grasscloth wallpaper is best described as khaki and has a fine, tight weave to add an eco-chic texture to walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Ayano Beige Grasscloth

Give your walls a natural texture with this light grasscloth pattern, gentle and ec-chic in pale beige.
$199.98 $149.98

Chika Beige Grasscloth

A true grasscloth wallpaper in a natural straw hue, this even weave gives depth and eco-chic texture to walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Chiyo Beige Grasscloth

Environmentally friendly and chic, this grasscloth wallpaper graces your walls with a natural texture and a light golden beige.
$199.98 $149.98

Chou Beige Grasscloth

This grasscloth wallpaper design brings a stylish and eco-chic detail to walls with a rustic striped texture in natural wood hues.
$199.98 $149.98

Daichi Brown Grasscloth

A rich mahogany brown grasscloth wallpaper, this eco-chic design brings a warm, intriguing texture to walls with environmentally friendly appeal.
$239.98 $179.98

Daiki Lavender Grasscloth

A soft thistle hue, this grasscloth wallpaper graces walls with an eco-chic texture and authentic natural materials.
$199.98 $149.98

Daio Grey Grasscloth

An intriguing grasscloth wallpaper with black string and white grass, the resulting pattern is salt and pepper grey. Add an eco-chic texture to walls with authentic natural materials!
$239.98 $179.98

Emi Grey Grasscloth

Warm and subdued, this gentle grey grasscloth wallpaper is an eco-chic texture for walls with natural intrigue.
$199.98 $149.98

Goro Cream Grasscloth

A bright sandy white beach hue, this grasscloth wallpaper is an exotic natural texture for walls made from authentic eco-chic materials.
$239.98 $179.98

Hana Light Green Grasscloth

A refreshing green hue with a subtle woven pattern, this natural grasscloth wallpaper is eco-chic splendor for walls.
$239.98 $179.98

Haruka Light Grey Grasscloth

A pebble hue of pale earthen grey, this wallpaper is an eco-chic authentic grasscloth weave for a natural texture on walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruki Light Blue Grasscloth

A splendid pale blue hue brings eco-chic resplendence to walls. This grasscloth wallpaper is authentic and natural for a gentle texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruko Light Brown Grasscloth

A golden maple brown, this grasscloth wallpaper brings a warmth to walls with natural materials and a gentle texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruna Taupe Grasscloth

A soft, rustic knit grasscloth wallpaper, this warm taupe hue brings eco-chic materials to walls with a natural textured intrigue.
$199.98 $149.98

Hayate Tawny Grasscloth

A warm cedar red hue with a natural woven texture, this grasscloth wallpaper design is eco-chic intrigue for walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Hayato Light Green Grasscloth

a fun rustic weave, this grasscloth wallpaper brings a rejuvenating natural green to walls with an eco-chic texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Hina Peach Grasscloth

With the lovely look of bamboo, this grasscloth wallpaper has a chic rustic appeal in a pleasant flat weave.
$179.98 $134.98

Hiroto Beige Grasscloth

A strong, flat weave, this grasscloth wallpaper has an eco-chic natural appeal and a classy string pattern to add to the texture.
$179.98 $134.98

Honoka Peach Grasscloth

With a rustic apricot hue and authentic knotted weave, this grasscloth wallpaper truly adds a natural appeal and eco-chic texture.
$179.98 $134.98

Hotaka Sage Grasscloth

A soothing aquatic blue-green grasscloth wallpaper, this pattern adds true intrigue to walls with an environmentally friendly grass weave and a compelling texture

Hotaru Peach Grasscloth

Pure and natural this woven grasscloth wallpaper is authentic and eco-chic with an intriguing texture in a peachy beige hue.
$159.98 $119.98

Isamu Cream Grasscloth

A grasscloth wallpaper in a super natural rustic wheat hue, this pattern adds an eco-chic texture to walls with a pleasant woven look.
$159.98 $119.98

Itsuki Light Grey Grasscloth

An unrefined oatmeal hue, this grasscloth wallpaper is an environmentally friendly and chic decorating choice that adds a woven texture to walls.
$159.98 $119.98

Izumi Olive Grasscloth

A golden green grasscloth wallpaper with a flaxen sheen, this eco-chic pattern brings a fresh color and a natural woven texture to walls.
$159.98 $119.98

Jurou Blue Grasscloth

A true blue of the sea, this dreamy grasscloth wallpaper brings a wonderful natural texture to walls with eco-chic appeal.
$159.98 $119.98

Kaede Light Brown Grasscloth

For that authentic grasscloth look, this wallpaper delivers with environmentally friendly materials, an intriguing texture and rustic natural hues of sand.
$199.98 $149.98

Kaito Olive Grasscloth

A rustic grasscloth textured wallpaper with an olive green background and varied hues of straw, this eco-chic design brings great texture to walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Kasumi Slate Grasscloth

Dark blue anchors these natural grasses in place for a rich, authentic grasscloth wallpaper in eco-chic materials.
$199.98 $149.98

Katsu Light Brown Grasscloth

The plae blue under natural grass gives this authentic grasscloth a sand and surf appeal that is environmentally friendly and unique.
$199.98 $149.98

Kaziko Khaki Grasscloth

Weaving grass the hues of sand, this rustic grasscloth wallpaper brings environmentally friendly materials and a chic texture to walls.
$119.98 $89.98

Kazue Neutral Grasscloth

A gentle natural straw hue for walls, this grasscloth wallpaper brings an environmentally friendly woven texture to walls.
$159.98 $119.98

Kazuki Lavender Grasscloth

This mesmerizing grasscloth wallpaper weaves a rustic knotted grass, touched with pretty thistle accents for an eco-chic texture with purple accents.
$119.98 $89.98

Keiko Aqua Grasscloth

Aqua blue anchors behind sand hued woven straw in this rustic and authentic grasscloth wallpaper pattern.
$119.98 $89.98

Ken Khaki Grasscloth

This captivating grasscloth wallpaper brings a rustic woven texture to walls with splashes of aqua and thistle ink for an eco-chic intrigue.
$119.98 $89.98

Kiku Beige Grasscloth

A sassy yellow peeks out from behind rustic sand colored straw in this authentic and eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper.
$149.98 $112.48

Kimiko Cream Grasscloth

A bright natural grasscloth, this flaxen straw hued wallpaper has a radiant organic look and feel.
$159.98 $119.98

Kiyoshi Light Green Grasscloth

This grasscloth wallpaper is a msity blue-green hue with a captivating textured weave. Eco-chic natural materials add intrigue to your walls!
$159.98 $119.98

Kohaku Sage Grasscloth

A fabulous grey-green straw is woven with the occasional sand colored stalks for an intriguing eco-chic natural texture on walls.
$179.98 $134.98

Kokoro Red Grasscloth

This wallpaper has a tight cedar red weave to bring a subtle natural texture to walls in an authentic eco-chic grasscloth material.
$239.98 $179.98

Kotone Cream Grasscloth

An oatmeal hued grasscloth wallpaper, woven with the occasional dark fiber brings a warm and exotic eco-chic texture to walls.
$239.98 $179.98

Kyou Taupe Grasscloth

This grasscloth wallpaper is an alluring weave of straw hued stalks, leaving tiny windows to a midnight green background.Very intriguing and eco-chic.
$149.98 $112.48

Macarena Beige Grasscloth

This grasscloth wallpaper weaves together organic straw hued stalks, a natural and eco chic detail for your walls.
$149.98 $112.48

Mai Khaki Grasscloth

Army green paper peeks out from behind a rustic straw weave in this environmentally friendly grasscloth wallpaper.
$119.98 $89.98

Makoto Peach Grasscloth

A sunny peach paper holds khaki colored straw in this captivating and fresh eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper design.
$119.98 $89.98

Masami Grey Grasscloth

Charcoal provides intrigue behind a khaki colored straw weave in this natural and eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper.
$119.98 $89.98

Masuyo Light Brown Grasscloth

A rustic hue reminiscent of cork, with khaki accents, this eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper has a captivating knotted woven texture.
$119.98 $89.98

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