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This designer wallpaper collection is a gorgeous resource of all the finest Kenneth James textures, boasting  boutique-style details for intrigue and depth. With boutique style mineral shimmers, stripes, ombre fades, chic distresses, fabric effects and small scale tonal prints, these designs will transform walls. All of the lovely textures are composed of an environmentally friendly unpasted vinyl free substrate that is easy to install and easy to remove. The palette is an organic spectrum of neutrals, earth and rock inspirations, with a few precious metal and gemstone hues.

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Ahliya Green Pewter Texture

A dazzling emerald green wallpaper with a velvety and chic shimmer texture.
$129.98 $103.98

Ahliya Light Grey Pewter Texture

A resplendent silver wallpaper with a designer shimmer effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Ahliya Silver Pewter Texture

Create a velvety depth on walls with this designer wallpaper texture in a chic silver hue.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Blanch Aqua Ombre Texture

A boutique style ombre effect for walls in a chic aqua palette.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Blanch Beige Ombre Texture

A very chic ombre stripe wallpaper in a pleasing palette of exalted beige and cream.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Blanch Cream Ombre Texture

A very subtle cream wallpaper with a high fashion ombre effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Blanch Eggplant Ombre Texture

A rich eggplant wallpaper with a high fashion ombre effect.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Blanch Lavender Ombre Texture

An ethereal violet ombre effect wallpaper with a chic striped texture.

Blanch Light Green Ombre Texture

This fresh green wallpaper creates an ombre stripe effect on walls, timeless and high fashion.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Blanch Light Grey Ombre Texture

A high fashion ombre stripe wallpaper in a sophisticated soft grey palette.

Blanch Neutral Ombre Texture

A lovely ombre effect wallpaper in a soft cream and beige palette.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Blanch Taupe Ombre Texture

A gentle ombre stripe effect wallpaper in an eternally chic soft taupe palette.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Brabant Light Brown Small Damask Texture

This classy mini damask print wallpaper adds a chic texture to walls in a shimmering hue reminiscent of light brown sugar.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Cambric Beige Woven Texture

Like cashmere for your walls, this textured wallpaper softens and warms a space. A neutral beige hue with a trace of shimmer.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Cambric Brown Woven Texture

With a look evocative of a fine cashmere, this chic brown wallpaper adds a luxe textured effect to walls.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Cambric Cream Woven Texture

A soft and chic upgrade for walls with a woven cashmere texture in an organic oatmeal hue.

Deluxe Cream Posh Texture

With the finish of a splendid river pearl, this ivory wallpaper creates a plush depth on walls.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Deluxe Light Grey Posh Texture

A luxe stone grey wallpaper with fine texture effects and a gentle mica shimmer effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Elitum Lavender Air Knife Stripe

Alternating luminous and matte textures create a luxe striped wall with this designer wallpaper in a pale lilac hue.
$3.02 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Elitum Silver Air Knife Stripe

This dashing silver stripe wallpaper brings an elegant panache to any space.
$3.02 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Galen Silver Pewter Texture

A dazzling platinum silver wallpaper texture, adding a posh depth to walls.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Karmen Brown Crepe Stripe

A chic brown wallpaper, striped with two natural hues and a crepe paper crinkle effect.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Karmen Grey Crepe Stripe

A very chic striped silver wallpaper, authentically creating the look of crushed silk crepe.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Karmen Light Green Crepe Stripe

An inviting neutral green wallpaper with a chic crepe stripe effect.

Karmen Light Grey Crepe Stripe

A pale silver grey wallpaper with a sophisticated textured stripe design.

Karmen Taupe Crepe Stripe

A trompe l'oeil stripe wallpaper in a chic taupe hue with the texture of finely crinkled crepe silk.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Loren Brass Pewter Texture

Turn your walls to gold with this dazzling wallpaper texture. A boutique style beauty from designer Kenneth James.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Loren Dark Brown Pewter Texture

A rich chocolate brown wallpaper texture with a hint of light catching radiance.
$129.98 $19.99

Loren Tawny Pewter Texture

A gorgeous copper wallpaper texture with a classy designer finish.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Newton Beige Distressed Stria Texture

This soft beige stria wallpaper with a gentle shimmer effect composes a space.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Newton Brass Distressed Stria Texture

A rich brassy brown wallpaper with a gentle striated texture.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Newton Light Yellow Distressed Stria Texture

A pale golden yellow wallpaper with a boutique style striated texture.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Newton Off-White Distressed Stria Texture

A delicate texture for walls with a designer white radiance.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Newton Purple Distressed Stria Texture

A regal wallpaper texture in a posh eggplant mauve hue.

Newton Silver Distressed Stria Texture

A beautiful pewter grey wallpaper with a silver sheen and a delicately distressed stripe texture.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Nexus Beige Lined Fabric Texture

A pearl beige wallpaper with a chic woven fabric effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Nexus Burgundy Lined Fabric Texture

A beautiful burgundy texture wallpaper, like fine wine and linen.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Nexus Cream Lined Fabric Texture

A subtle wallpaper texture in a clean neutral palette.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Nexus Olive Lined Fabric Texture

A radiant olive brass wallpaper with a chic textured fabric effect.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Patina Light Green Time Honored Texture

A boutique style patina texture with a chic sage green shimmer.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pierre Beige Distressed Texture

A neutral wallpaper texture with a shimmering boutique style suede effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pierre Cream Distressed Texture

A chic cream texture wallpaper, reminiscent of a vintage patina or a luxe suede effect.
$2.31 $0.27/Sq Ft.

Pierre Gold Distressed Texture

A gorgeous champagne gold wallpaper with a texture reminiscent of suede.
$129.98 $103.98

Pierre Light Brown Distressed Texture

A boutique style suede texture wallpaper with a brass brown radiance.
$129.98 $103.98

Pierre Light Green Distressed Texture

An ethereal pale green suede texture wallpaper, cast in a lovely dusting of subtle shimmer.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pierre Off-White Distressed Texture

A boutique style wallpaper texture evoking a pale taupe suede.
$129.98 $103.98

Pierre Pewter Distressed Texture

A beautiful pewter texture wallpaper with a nuanced patina effect and a silvery radiance.

Pierre Sage Distressed Texture

A plush sage green texture for walls, subtly distressed to evoke a nuanced suede.
$129.98 $19.99

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