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Printed with exceptional quality materials and fine attention to detail, Kenneth James wallpapers exemplify elegant design. The brand's curated collections are filled with luxurious papers that will add a touch of glam, as well as timeless, refined styles to create a distinguished space. Offering metallic accents, beading, grasscloth, and exquisite patterns, Kenneth James wallpapers are a balance of high-fashion and traditional with global prowess.

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Pastiche Brass Damask

Truly seducing the eye with its elite finery, this modern brass and gold damask wallpaper unfurls its beauty with a precise allure.
$139.98 $104.98

Pastiche Green Damask

This contemporary damask wallpaper is provocative and fine in a gilded silver sage color way.
$139.98 $104.98

Pavot Sage Nouveau Texture

A soft wallpaper texture designed to coordinate with Pastiche, in a lush mossy green hue.
$129.98 $97.48

Royale Brown Wavy Damask

This exquisite damask wallpaper dresses your walls in a dark chocolate fantasy of swirling beauty. Fine texture effects with gel ink add a boutique style detail.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Champagne Wavy Damask

Seductive and fine, this damask wallpaper swirls a contemporary drama of Renaissance inspiration on walls in champagne and taupe.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Copper Wavy Damask

An exquisitely lovely wallpaper, this copper and cocoa hued damask fills your space with high style.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Cream Wavy Damask

Ornate and luscious, this damask wallpaper dresses your walls in a boutique style beauty. Champagne and cream.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Platinum Wavy Damask

A gorgeous damask wallpaper with a fresh glamour, this platinum design basks your walls in a Hollywood worthy glory.
$149.98 $112.48

Royale Silver Wavy Damask

This silver damask wallpaper will light up your life. High fashion, with boutique style details and an exquisite silver shimmer.
$149.98 $112.48

Pana Brown Distressed Stripe Texture

This gently glistening gunmetal taupe brown wallpaper adds a delicate and sophisticated intrigue to walls.
$129.98 $97.48

Pana Copper Distressed Stripe Texture

In the fine hue of antique brass, this gently striped and textured wallpaper adds an intriguing effect to walls, enhanced bu a delicate mica shimmer.
$129.98 $97.48

Pana Eggplant Distressed Stripe Texture

A classy and chic Italian eggplannt hue with a gentle striated texture adds sophistication and intrigue.
$129.98 $97.48

Pana Light Yellow Distressed Stripe Texture

This delicate golden wallpaper adds a subtle striation to walls, enhanced by an antique texture and a delicate mica sheen.
$129.98 $97.48

Pana Silver Distressed Stripe Texture

From afar this delicate stripe wallpaper adds a nuanced intrigue to walls, and up close it has a beautiful silver shimmer.
$129.98 $97.48

Pana White Distressed Stripe Texture

This captivating white wallpaper is refreshing and clean, with subtle details of a striped texture and a gentle shimmer.
$129.98 $97.48

Seda Beige Silk Texture

Graced with a delicate shimmer, this lovely wallpaper brings a nuamced beige texture to walls, evoking hand spun silk.
$129.98 $97.48

Seda Brass Silk Texture

A gentle radiance and a hand spun silk texture graces this delicate wallpaper with a sophisticated intrigue.
$129.98 $97.48

Seda Cream Silk Texture

Make your walls look like they are made of hand spun silk. This subtle wallpaper is a fresh shimmering white texture.
$129.98 $97.48

Vellum Brown Air Kinife Texture

This warm brown hue shimmers with a classy radiance, a wallpaper to transcend walls to chic new heights of intrigue!
$139.98 $104.98

Vellum Light Green Air Kinife Texture

Renewing and harmonious, this pale green wallpaper brings a shimmering splendor to walls.
$139.98 $104.98

Velluto Aqua Ombre Texture

This gentle aqua shimmer wallpaper, fading to mist and back, gives your walls a chic ombre nuance.
$129.98 $97.48

Velluto Beige Ombre Texture

Transcending trends with timeless elegance, this soft beige wallpaper has just the right amount of intrigue wioth a shimmering ombre fade.
$129.98 $97.48

Velluto Light Grey Ombre Texture

This dream-soft wallpaper is a Monet style ombre that fades gently from one serene, misty hue to another, with a nuance of shimmering blue and green.
$129.98 $97.48

Velluto Neutral Ombre Texture

A serene and neutral wallpaper with a chic shimmer and a subtel ombre shade, this designer choice ads subtle intrigue to walls.
$129.98 $97.48

Velluto Taupe Ombre Texture

Taupe goes with everything, making it a true classic. This luxurious ombre effect wallpaper has the softest sheen and a chic shading for intrigue.
$129.98 $97.48

Airi Beige Grasscloth

A fine weave of natural authentic materials, this beige grasscloth wallpaper gives walls a chic natural look.
$199.98 $149.98

Ania Khaki Grasscloth

Beige with a hint of green, this grasscloth wallpaper is best described as khaki and has a fine, tight weave to add an eco-chic texture to walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Ayano Beige Grasscloth

Give your walls a natural texture with this light grasscloth pattern, gentle and ec-chic in pale beige.
$199.98 $149.98

Chika Beige Grasscloth

A true grasscloth wallpaper in a natural straw hue, this even weave gives depth and eco-chic texture to walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Chiyo Beige Grasscloth

Environmentally friendly and chic, this grasscloth wallpaper graces your walls with a natural texture and a light golden beige.
$199.98 $149.98

Chou Beige Grasscloth

This grasscloth wallpaper design brings a stylish and eco-chic detail to walls with a rustic striped texture in natural wood hues.
$199.98 $149.98

Daichi Brown Grasscloth

A rich mahogany brown grasscloth wallpaper, this eco-chic design brings a warm, intriguing texture to walls with environmentally friendly appeal.
$239.98 $179.98

Daiki Lavender Grasscloth

A soft thistle hue, this grasscloth wallpaper graces walls with an eco-chic texture and authentic natural materials.
$199.98 $149.98

Daio Grey Grasscloth

An intriguing grasscloth wallpaper with black string and white grass, the resulting pattern is salt and pepper grey. Add an eco-chic texture to walls with authentic natural materials!
$239.98 $179.98

Emi Grey Grasscloth

Warm and subdued, this gentle grey grasscloth wallpaper is an eco-chic texture for walls with natural intrigue.
$199.98 $149.98

Goro Cream Grasscloth

A bright sandy white beach hue, this grasscloth wallpaper is an exotic natural texture for walls made from authentic eco-chic materials.
$239.98 $179.98

Hana Light Green Grasscloth

A refreshing green hue with a subtle woven pattern, this natural grasscloth wallpaper is eco-chic splendor for walls.
$239.98 $179.98

Haruka Light Grey Grasscloth

A pebble hue of pale earthen grey, this wallpaper is an eco-chic authentic grasscloth weave for a natural texture on walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruki Light Blue Grasscloth

A splendid pale blue hue brings eco-chic resplendence to walls. This grasscloth wallpaper is authentic and natural for a gentle texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruko Light Brown Grasscloth

A golden maple brown, this grasscloth wallpaper brings a warmth to walls with natural materials and a gentle texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Haruna Taupe Grasscloth

A soft, rustic knit grasscloth wallpaper, this warm taupe hue brings eco-chic materials to walls with a natural textured intrigue.
$199.98 $149.98

Hayate Tawny Grasscloth

A warm cedar red hue with a natural woven texture, this grasscloth wallpaper design is eco-chic intrigue for walls.
$199.98 $149.98

Hayato Light Green Grasscloth

a fun rustic weave, this grasscloth wallpaper brings a rejuvenating natural green to walls with an eco-chic texture.
$199.98 $149.98

Hina Peach Grasscloth

With the lovely look of bamboo, this grasscloth wallpaper has a chic rustic appeal in a pleasant flat weave.
$179.98 $134.98

Hiroto Beige Grasscloth

A strong, flat weave, this grasscloth wallpaper has an eco-chic natural appeal and a classy string pattern to add to the texture.
$179.98 $134.98

Honoka Peach Grasscloth

With a rustic apricot hue and authentic knotted weave, this grasscloth wallpaper truly adds a natural appeal and eco-chic texture.
$179.98 $134.98

Hotaka Sage Grasscloth

A soothing aquatic blue-green grasscloth wallpaper, this pattern adds true intrigue to walls with an environmentally friendly grass weave and a compelling texture
$179.98 $134.98

Hotaru Peach Grasscloth

Pure and natural this woven grasscloth wallpaper is authentic and eco-chic with an intriguing texture in a peachy beige hue.
$159.98 $119.98

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