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Decorate your kid's room! For creative Kids décor ideas, our children's wallpaper collections are full of inspiration. Whether you are decorating for a baby nursery, making a princess fairy tale girls room, or designing a cool boys room, we have decor ideas to grow with your child.  Browse this collection of colorful, fun, and sweet  kids wallpapers for the best ways to make your little ones rooms baby-chic and kid-fabulous!

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Rodney White Tagged Brick Wallpaper

With the look of tagged graffiti, this brick inspired wallpaper has an edgy and urban style. Its off-white hue creates a clean look. Rodney is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$34.99 $27.99

Enchanted Forest Grey Owl & Tree Wallpaper

Whether you're decorating a nursery or a living room, this sweet owl wallpaper will add a sophisticated touch of whimsy. Wise barn owls and serene snowy owls perch on their branches, while the grey trees grow up the wall.
$24.99 $19.99

Helsing Multicolor Woodland Wallpaper

Capturing the Scandinavian style with a large dose of whimsy, this modern wallpaper would be equally at home in a living room as it would in a nursery. The fantastical pattern features creatures and plants in a soothing palette of blush beige, soft greys, seafoam, and a hint of yellow. Helsing is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Malmo Green Fauna Wallpaper

Modern earth tones lend an approachable feel to this whimsical wallpaper. Land and sea wildlife exist in harmony, blending together into an enchanting pattern. Malmo is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Malmo Multicolor Fauna Wallpaper

Bursting with color and whimsy, this wallpaper will brighten any room. Leaping foxes, fish, and birds frolic among fantastical plants and flowers. Malmo is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Visby Black Scandinavian Wallpaper

Whimsical details like piglets in argyle sweaters make this wallpaper a delightful and enchanting room accent. White details balance the pattern's black background and rich jewel tones. Visby is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Visby White Scandinavian Wallpaper

Chock-full of whimsical details, this colorful wallpaper features animals and fantastical plants done in an Scandinavian style. Lightly raised ink enhances the hand printed look of the pattern. Visby is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Black Antique Chalkboard Wallpaper

No messy paint is needed to get a chalkboard wall in your home! This black wallpaper is bold and modern on its own, or comes to life by customizing its chalkboard surface. Draw and design to your heart's content.
$179.98 $143.98

Charcoal Antique Chalkboard Wallpaper

This charcoal wallpaper is more than meets the eye. The surface is able to written and drawn on with chalk- perfect for the artistically inclined or a home with kids. A subtle printed texture keeps it from feeling flat.
$179.98 $143.98

Solstice Dove Cloud Wallpaper

Cloud wallpaper like you've never seen before. Dots of color create a modern print with hues of white, grey, and blue. The print uses layers of color and texture to create a dimensional, unique design.
$139.98 $111.98

Solstice Opal Cloud Wallpaper

Add a serene style to your walls with this cloud wallpaper. Unlike prints of the past, this design has a modern look with a grey and white palette that has layers of dimension. Printed in a medley of small dots, the design harkens back to early comic book coloring techniques.
$139.98 $111.98

Solstice Pearl Cloud Wallpaper

This warm toned cloud print uses an unusual mix of white, taupe, and grey for a modern look. The dot print design adds an artistic touch. This cloud print is truly unique.
$139.98 $111.98

Meadow Charcoal Animals

This animal wallpaper is perfect for a touch of folklore in décor. Sweet songbirds, happy bunnies, mischievous squirrels, and gentle deer are all home in an enchanted forest.
$139.98 $111.98

Meadow Green Animals

This adorable animal wallpaper adds a whimsical touch to any room. The lime green background and white print has a modern appeal while the folk art inspired drawing adds a classic elegance.
$139.98 $111.98

Meadow Navy Animals

Chirping birds, playful bunnies, mischievous squirrels, and sweet deer walk among this animal wallpaper. The Scandinavian folk style has a modern appeal with crisp bright white print and deep navy background.
$139.98 $111.98

Meadow Taupe Animals

Add a modern, whimsical look to any room with this animal wallpaper. The versatile design could be used anywhere from a nursery to a living room feature wall. The taupe background and white print is a neutral color palette that would match any color scheme.
$139.98 $111.98

Meadow Teal Animals

This animal wallpaper will add a whimsical look to any room. The teal and white design features blooming trees, jumping deer, mischievous squirrels, sweet rabbits, and serene birds.
$139.98 $111.98

Ryoan Green Stripes

This wide stripe wallpaper has a modern appeal with textured accents and tonal detailing. The alternating four inch and half inch stripes create a balanced design.
$139.98 $111.98

Seeger Denim Meadow Wallpaper

Joyful birds, sweet bunnies, mysterious squirrels and shy deer mingle in this Scandinavian wallpaper. Its deep blue and crisp white color palette will brighten up your walls. Seeger is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Seeger Charcoal Meadow Wallpaper

With a brown background and bright white animals, this playful wallpaper has a folky feel. Leaping deer, chirping birds, and mischievous squirrels make up this charming woodland design. Seeger is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$99.98 $79.98

Audra Green Floral Wallpaper

This retro floral wallpaper is a versatile design perfect for a vintage home. This green colorway features a grey background with lime and mint accents. The small print is a nod to designs from the 1960's.
$99.98 $79.98

Café Pearl Butterfly Wallpaper

This bautterfly wallpaper has a neutral taupe background that tames the design. Silver glitter butterflies scatter throughout the wallpaper, sparkling in the light. Three dimensional inks give more dimension.
$99.98 $79.98

Ditsy Pink Trellis Stripe Wallpaper

Both pretty and elegant, this wallpaper would be the perfect choice for a glamorous nursery. Stripes of a small-scale trellis pattern on ivory alternate with soft pink. The pattern is printed in a platinum ink with a subtle metallic finish.
$99.98 $79.98

Ditsy Purple Trellis Stripe Wallpaper

Pretty in purple! This chic wallpaper would be a beautiful addition to a nursery or kids room. Lilac stripes alternate with a pearlescent trellis pattern in champagne.
$99.98 $79.98

Lacey Celery Vines Wallpaper

This tree wallpaper has a serene green and beige color palette. The translucent design has a warm toned light and airy finish. An embossed top layer adds a slight shine.
$99.98 $79.98

Pearl Blush Butterfly Wallpaper

Pretty butterflies flutter over a dusty rose pink background. Printed in raised, glittery silver ink, the butterfly pattern sparkles. This wallpaper would be perfect for a nursery or girl's bedroom.
$99.98 $79.98

Balloons Blue Border

Fly above the clouds in a sea of beautiful hot air balloons. This fun wallpaper border will inspire dreams of cotton candy sunsets and friendly butterflies.
$24.99 $19.99

Balloons Lilac Border

Lilac skies and cotton candy hot air balloons adorn this pretty border. Tangerine polka dots and purple florals are just part of the adorable designs in this wallpaper border.
$24.99 $19.99

Balloons Pink Border

A medley of pretty hot air balloons dots the sky in bright pinks, greens, purples, and oranges. See the world from high above the ground and float among the butterflies!
$24.99 $19.99

Beep Beep Grey Cars

Learn the lay of the lands with this fun car wallpaper. Your car obsessed child will love this design!
$119.98 $95.98

Beep Beep Blue Cars

Learn the rules of the road with this fun wallpaper. Cars, trucks, stop signs, and traffic cones make this wallpaper the perfect design for car lovers.
$119.98 $95.98

Beep Beep Taupe Cars

This adorable design features everything from tow trucks to buses to little cars. A unique color palette of burnt orange, green, and taupe will look great.
$119.98 $95.98

Beep Beep Zoom Grey Border

Beep beep! All of your child's favorite vehicles appear on this kids wallpaper border. From tow trucks and dump trucks to cars and buses, this design has it covered!
$24.99 $19.99

Beep Beep Zoom Sky Blue Border

Beep beep! Coming through! This fun transportation themed wallpaper is perfect for a playroom, nursery, or child's bedroom.
$24.99 $19.99

Beep Beep Zoom Taupe Border

Learn your way around the city in one of these cool cars. This is the perfect wallpaper border for a car-obsessed child.
$24.99 $19.99

Bird House Village Honey Border

A fun wavy border creates a sense of movement. Adorable songbirds sit on their branches and tweet a happy tune. Friendly butterflies stop by to the enjoy the show.
$24.99 $19.99

Bird House Village Pink Border

Adorable little birds hang out on their branches, singing sweet songs and playing with the butterflies. In fun paisley patterns, this bird wallpaper border is an instant classic.
$24.99 $19.99

Bird House Village Salmon Border

Paisley print birds? Pink and orange butterflies? Anything is possible in this fun wallpaper border! Patterned songbirds sit atop blooming branches and playful butterflies flit around.
$24.99 $19.99

Birdhouses Honey Birds

Celebrate friendship and colors with this adorable bird wallpaper. Birds of all patterns come together in sweet houses covered in flowers and hearts.
$119.98 $95.98

Birdhouses Turquoise Birds

This neighborhood of songbirds is a place of friendship and community. The doors are always open and everyone is invited. Paisley and polka dot print birds come together in this fun wallpaper.
$119.98 $95.98

Birdhouses White Birds

Birds of all colors and patterns are welcome in this neighborhood. Polka dots, florals, and paisleys adorn these fun birds as they sit on their branches and in their adorable houses.
$119.98 $95.98

Blast Off Honey Outer Space

Shoot off into the great unknown with this fun space wallpaper! Perfect for any child who admires the stars or dreams of meeting aliens from another galaxy.
$119.98 $95.98

Blast Off Space Blue Border

Get ready to blast off with an out-of-this-world wallpaper border! Perfect for your adventurous child's bedroom. With this border they'll dream beyond the stars.
$24.99 $19.99

Blast Off Space Turquoise Border

An adorable adventure is sure to ensue with this outer space wallpaper border. Orange rockets and green planets are only the beginning of what can be discovered when your child's imagination begins to wander!
$24.99 $19.99

Blast Off Turquoise Outer Space

The galactic world awaits! Colorful spaceships and shooting stars dot the sky as you zoom through the planets. Let your imagination fly to the moon and back.
$119.98 $95.98

Butterflies Honey Butterflies

Straight out of a fairy tale, these butterflies are bright, colorful, and friendly. Done in a golden color palette, this wallpaper is warm and inviting.
$119.98 $95.98

Butterflies Pink Butterflies

From pale pink to flamingo, this butterfly wallpaper has it covered. A brushstroke design promotes creativity and imagination.
$119.98 $95.98

Butterflies Salmon Butterflies

Pretty pink butterflies fly atop a perfect pale yellow sky. Brushstroke designs and unusual colors promote creativity and imagination.
$119.98 $95.98

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