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  Bright and pretty, fresh and classy, this collection is bursting with inspiration for two important spaces in your home. With Kitchen & Bath Resource III, you can showcase a beautiful range of styles from sleek and contemporary to whimsical and vintage-chic by adding a splash of color or stylish graphics to your walls.

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Alcott Blue Tropical Dolphin

Bring a tropical pattern to bathroom walls with this blue dolphin wall paper full of beautiful palm trees and a wondrous ocean scene.
$89.98 $67.48

Angus Blue Vintage Letter Font

Adorn your home in a vintage inspired letter font wallpaper. Grey, blue and taupe hues collide together brilliantly for a unique and fabulous design.
$89.98 $67.48

Beecroft Blue Butterfly Peony Trail

This fanciful wall paper of a beautiful peony trail, brings fluttering blue butterflies to walls in a beautiful winding botanical design.

Bell Beige Wildflower Stripe

This wildflower striped wallpaper adorns a room in Victorian charm full of elegance and grace.

Bell Blue Wildflower Stripe

A Victorian inspired striped wall covering adorned in blooming wildflowers, invites a whimsical floral pattern to walls.

Bramwell Blue Harlequin Trellis

A harlequin patterned wallpaper featuring luscious crisscrossing vines, adorns walls in a magnificent Victorian inspired diamond design.
$89.98 $67.48

Cade Pink Shiny Blotch

This shimmering satin textured wallcovering featuring a fancy pink blotch design, adds a glistening appeal to bathroom and kitchen walls.

Chapman Beige Cherry Blossom Trail

This neutral cherry blossom trail wallpaper with an oriental charm, brings a decadent shimmer to walls in pops or brown, cream and mauve.

Chapman Blue Cherry Blossom Trail

A flourishing cherry blossom trail wall covering with an enchanting blue backdrop, adds an exquisite satin texture to walls that radiates beauty.
$69.98 $52.48

Clancy Blue Shiny Multi Stripe

A handsome blue multi stripe wall paper with a subtle glistening sheen, brings a classic and bold design to a kitchen or bathroom space.
$89.98 $67.48

Collishaw Blue Shiny Bubble Texture

This iridescent blue wallcovering of a miniature bubble texture, brings a shiny enchantment to a bathroom or kitchen space.
$65.98 $49.48

Collishaw Champagne Shiny Bubble Texture

A shimmering canvas of a champagne bubble texture adds an elegant polish to walls. This intricately patterned wall paper brings a glistening sheen of wonder to any bathroom or kitchen space.

Collishaw Green Shiny Bubble Texture

This shimmering green textured wall covering, features a shiny bubble print that's a perfect accent to any bathroom design.

Collishaw Grey Shiny Bubble Texture

A charming grey wallpaper of a shiny bubble texture, brings depth and appeal to bathroom walls.

Coover Blue Fruit & Floral Toss

A country chic wallpaper of a fruit and floral toss, creates a perfect warm backdrop for kitchen walls, complete with gorgeous floral bouquets and decadent fruit bowls.

Davenport Blue Modern Floral

This modern floral wallpaper featuring a stencil inspired design, dresses walls in glorious pops of blue and teal.
$89.98 $67.48

Davenport Red Modern Floral

A stencil inspired design of bright bursting florals, canvas walls in a cheerful ray of light. This chicly mod wall paper featuring pops of red, orange and yellow, create a wonderfully vibrant and happy space inside your home.
$89.98 $67.48

Deacon Blue Large Blotch Texture

A colorful blotch textured wallcovering in green, blue and purple, brings a fascinating and charming design to walls.

Denning Blue Satin Tulip Texture

A grand satin textured wall covering of abundant blue tulips, invites a picturesque botanical scene to a room that's elegant and refined.

Denning Yellow Satin Tulip Texture

A sweet and dazzling wall covering of a fabulous tulip design in shades of green, red and yellow, invite a satin like texture to walls full of glimmering brilliant appeal.

Dixon Beige Forest Leaves

A stunning forest motif wallcovering in fresh mints, creams and khakis, adds both texture and artistry to bathroom walls.

Dixon Green Forest Leaves

A nature inspired scene in an array of fresh green hues, brings an enchanting forest motif to walls. This richly textured wallcovering is the perfect modern décor choice.

Drury Blue Blooming Floral Trail

A lush blooming floral wall paper with rich green trailing vines, brings a cheerful polish to walls.
$65.98 $49.48

Ermes Blue Delicate Floral Pinstripe

Sophisticated yet charming, this delicate floral pinstripe wallcovering adds beauty and finesse to any kitchen or bathroom interior.
$65.98 $49.48

Ettinger Blue Blotch Texture

This fabulous green and blue wallpaper dresses walls in a mirage of color, perfect for bringing a light and airy enchantment to a room.
$59.98 $44.98

Falk Blue Rose Trail

Like a magical secret garden, this romantic rose trail wallcovering inspires a wondrous backdrop of botanical resplendence in a decadent blue and green hue.
$89.98 $67.48

Fereday Beige Linen Texture

Invite a charming linen texture to walls with this soft beige wall covering that's rustically refined.

Fereday Blue Linen Texture

This linen textured wall covering in a soft pale blue color, creates an inviting warmth inside a home.

Fereday Cream Linen Texture

This linen textured wall covering dresses your room in a natural cream brilliance.
$59.98 $44.98

Fereday Green Linen Texture

Crisp and clean, this linen textured wall covering inspires a chic green pattern on walls with lovely ivory accents.

Fereday Ivory Linen Texture

Chic and polished, this neutral linen textured wallpaper exudes timeless style.

Finch Blue Hand Painted Tulips

Like a hand-painted work of art, this majestic wallpaper adorned in blooming blue tulips brings an artistic depth to your room.
$69.98 $52.48

Gates Beige Textured Tile

A beige textured wallcovering featuring a decadent tile design, brings a glamorous and sophisticated shimmer to walls.

Gates Cream Textured Tile

A crisp and clean wall paper of alternating textured tiles, provides a pure and inviting backdrop to a kitchen or bathroom space.

Gibson Blue Brushstrokes Texture

A beige and cream textured wall paper adorned in dancing brushstrokes of color, invite a calming allure to bathroom walls.

Hammett Green Textured Leaf Trail

A light green textured wall covering of winding beige leaves, accentuates walls in a glorious nature inspired scene of elegance.

Hanne Blue Floral Pattern

Welcome a soft feminine appeal to walls with this graceful floral patterned wall paper. Magnificent pink and lavender flowers climb magnificently up a shimmering cream backdrop full of sparkling beauty.

Hanne Yellow Floral Pattern

A radiant floral trail wall covering in bright yellow, green and orange hues, ignites kitchen walls in a dancing pattern of blooming botanicals.

Heim Grey Distressed Wood Panel

Bring a rustic charm to walls that's both classic and timeless with this distressed wood panel wall paper in a grey and brown hue.

Kesey Beige Seashell Mosaic

Create a vacation inspired escape in your bathroom with this seashell mosaic wall covering of a soft beige color.

Lamott Beige Satin Floral Trail

This elegant satin textured wallcovering brings an adorned movement to walls in shimmering neutrals. A dazzling floral trail design climbs exquisitely across its canvas for a splendid ladylike appeal.

Lamott Green Satin Leaf Trail

Add a glistening satin textured sheen to walls with this elegant trailing leaf wallpaper. Forest inspired hues of sage, brown and beige, add a rustic and polished finish to any kitchen space.

Lawson Beige Botanical Silhouette

This botanical silhouette wallpaper of swaying dancing florals, invites a dream inspired escape into your home.

Leif Blue Dense Floral Toss

This joyful floral toss wall paper featuring bright yellow and blue flowers, adds a cheerful appeal to your bathroom or kitchen space.
$65.98 $49.48

Marina Beige Modern Geometric

This groovy geometric wall paper brings a modern allure to kitchen walls that's stylishly vogue.

Marina Blue Modern Geometric

This festive geometric patterned wallpaper brings a chic and modern appeal to your home with stunning pops of blue and green.

Marina Grey Modern Geometric

A vivid modern geometric wall paper of dazzling grey and blue hues, brings a stylishly smart allure to walls

Merrick Beige Satin Leaf Motif

Glistening ivory leaves abound on this satin textured wallcovering, inviting a lush botanical appeal to walls.

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