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A designer wallpaper book, full of fresh décor ideas for your home! With ombre patterns, damask infusions, cultured paisley wallpapers, and textures to inspire, Luna brings high fashion to walls.  

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Pana Silver Distressed Stripe Texture

From afar this delicate stripe wallpaper adds a nuanced intrigue to walls, and up close it has a beautiful silver shimmer.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Amiya Brass New Damask

A sophisticated treasure for walls, this contemporary damask wallpaper layers golden shimmer with white suede accents.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Amiya Brown New Damask

Modern metallic meets marakesh in this swirling contemporary damask wallpaper design, with vogue sepia toned polish.

Amiya Gold New Damask

A radiant golden shimmer behind a contemporary white damask design, this dreamy wallpaper design is a sophisticated tresure for walls.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Amiya Purple New Damask

This lavish polished plum and smoke hued wallcovering flourishes a contemporary damask design on walls with regal suede accents.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Aquitaine Aqua Nouveau Damask

This modern damask design is an alluring fusion of East meets West drama, with sassy silver shimmer under a fresh aqua pattern.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Aquitaine Taupe Nouveau Damask

With a subtle sheen and a global-chic vibe, this modern damask wallcovering is a dreamy fusion of fashion for your walls in platinum and taupe.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Carmina Brown Crepe Stripe

A sepia toned masterpiece with a subtle striping and dreamy sheen, this textured wallpaper is an ultra chic detail for walls.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Carmina Grey Crepe Stripe

This contemporary wallpaper has a heather grey texture, brushed with a shimmering tonal grey stripe. Subtle and coordinatng with a pleasant sheen.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Carmina Light Green Crepe Stripe

Neutral but luxurious, in a warm antique brass hue, this tonal stripe wallpaper has a polished sheen.

Carmina Light Grey Crepe Stripe

A luxurious textured stripe wallpaper in platinum silver graces walls with a subtle sheen.

Carmina Taupe Crepe Stripe

This calm and graceful taupe striped wallpaper is brushed with a luxurious touch of radiance.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Madoka Champagne Japanese Floral

Subtle but posh, this elegant wallpaper brushes Japanese style flowers over a pearlescent champagne texture.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Madoka Taupe Japanese Floral

This beautiful and soothing taupe wallpaper graces walls with a Japanese brush stroke floral print, enhanced by an elegant shimmer.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Monireh Brown Fish Paisley Wallpaper

This wall covering is magnificent with a radiant and modern mica infused brown glistening behind a chic paisley motif.
$2.84 $2.27/Sq Ft.

Monireh Champagne Fish Paisley Wallpaper

Create a champagne infused legacy on your walls with this Persian inspired paisley design, a contemporary shimmer of magnificence.
$2.84 $2.27/Sq Ft.

Monireh Gold Fish Paisley Wallpaper

A gorgeous golden wall covering, this chic paisley motif brings instant glamour to a room and a shimmering radiance.
$2.84 $2.27/Sq Ft.

Monireh Lavender Fish Paisley Wallpaper

Named for the persian word for 'shining' this swirling lavender paisley wall covering is magnificently chic!
$2.84 $2.27/Sq Ft.

Monireh Sage Fish Paisley Wallpaper

This exotic shimmering sage design brings a magnicence to walls with a chic paisley motif.
$2.84 $2.27/Sq Ft.

Pana Brown Distressed Stripe Texture

This gently glistening gunmetal taupe brown wallpaper adds a delicate and sophisticated intrigue to walls.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pana Copper Distressed Stripe Texture

In the fine hue of antique brass, this gently striped and textured wallpaper adds an intriguing effect to walls, enhanced bu a delicate mica shimmer.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pana Eggplant Distressed Stripe Texture

A classy and chic Italian eggplannt hue with a gentle striated texture adds sophistication and intrigue.

Pana Light Yellow Distressed Stripe Texture

This delicate golden wallpaper adds a subtle striation to walls, enhanced by an antique texture and a delicate mica sheen.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Pana White Distressed Stripe Texture

This captivating white wallpaper is refreshing and clean, with subtle details of a striped texture and a gentle shimmer.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Resonate Brown Bubble

Fading between rich mahogany brown and shimmering silver, this mod wallpaper is a sophisticated take on an ombre pattern, bringing a warm refinement to your space.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Resonate Cream Bubble

This mod pattern is inspired by a faded ombre frequency of creme and pearl, evocative of Monet's shading technique.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Resonate Light Blue Bubble

This sophisticated take on the ombre inspired fade pattern is modern and spare, evoking the serenity of the sky.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Resonate Light Green Bubble

This contemporary design is a sophisticated take on the ombre fade, evoking a shimmering green frequency pattern.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Resonate Mauve Bubble

The gentle progression of mauve and mist in this mod evocation of the ombre design creates a sophisticated look on your walls.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Resonate Taupe Bubble

This ombre inspired fade pattern resonates the sparse beauty of a desert sand vista, with a mod shimmer of tonal taupe intrigue.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Seda Beige Silk Texture

Graced with a delicate shimmer, this lovely wallpaper brings a nuamced beige texture to walls, evoking hand spun silk.

Seda Brass Silk Texture

A gentle radiance and a hand spun silk texture graces this delicate wallpaper with a sophisticated intrigue.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Seda Cream Silk Texture

Make your walls look like they are made of hand spun silk. This subtle wallpaper is a fresh shimmering white texture.

Siri Brown Damask Crepe

Looking for luxury? This mica infused, taupe brown damask design is a gorgeous wallcovering choice.

Siri Green Damask Crepe

Green is relaxing to the eye. This decadent shimmering green damask wallpaper is a soothing and luxurious design.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Siri Light Green Damask Crepe

Tranquil, but brushed with the gild of luxury, this damask wallcovering shimmers with a delicate green and taupe elegance.

Siri Platinum Damask Crepe

Platinum elegance, touched with a wintery shimmer, dresses your walls in a fine damask design.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Siri Purple Damask Crepe

With the finest global chic details, this shimmering lavender damask wallpaper dresses your walls in soothing luxury.

Siri Silver Damask Crepe

Few color combinations are as enduringly chic as silver and black. This deluxe damask wallcovering design is sophisticated and stylish.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Siri Taupe Damask Crepe

A subtle pebble hued texture behind an irridescent damask design brings a luxurious yet subtle elegance to walls.
$2.66 $2.13/Sq Ft.

Vellum Brown Air Kinife Texture

This warm brown hue shimmers with a classy radiance, a wallpaper to transcend walls to chic new heights of intrigue!
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Vellum Gold Air Knife Texture

Dress your walls in cosmicly chic fashion, this wall covering is a subtly glamorous texture for walls in a polished gold hue.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Vellum Light Green Air Kinife Texture

Renewing and harmonious, this pale green wallpaper brings a shimmering splendor to walls.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Vellum Platinum Air Knife Texture

Platinum blond shimmer, channeling the timeless glamour of Marilyn Monroe, this chic texstured wallcovering brings an irresisitable charm to walls.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Vellum Silver Air Knife Texture

Like paper designed in the cosmos, this wall covering has a suble texture touched by silver starlight.
$2.48 $1.99/Sq Ft.

Velluto Aqua Ombre Texture

This gentle aqua shimmer wallpaper, fading to mist and back, gives your walls a chic ombre nuance.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Velluto Beige Ombre Texture

Transcending trends with timeless elegance, this soft beige wallpaper has just the right amount of intrigue wioth a shimmering ombre fade.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Velluto Cream Ombre Texture

A lovely compliment to a feature wall, or a fine detail alone, this delicate stripe texture wallpaper graces walls with a cream hued ombre effect.
$2.31 $1.84/Sq Ft.

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