Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is a beautiful way to give your walls a fresh look. These dimensional wall art pieces come in a variety of styles with something for every home. Floral metal wall art has a country style while bakery and kitchen wood signs have a farmhouse style.

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Cabers Gold Starbursts Metal Wall Art

Create a bright and dimensional look with this starburst wall art kit! The golden metallic design dots your walls with modern sunbursts. Cabers Gold Starbursts measures 9-in long by 9-in wide.
USD $29.99 USD $20.99

Cabers Silver Starbursts Metal Wall Art

This starburst wall art kit is perfect for creating a dimensional look. Its chic silver design is accented by subtle black details. Cabers Silver Starbursts measures 9-in long by 9-in wide.
USD $29.99 USD $20.99

Katelyn Star Floral Scroll Metal Wall Art

This metal wall accent is a perfect for adding a touch of permanent floral splendor to your home. The looping black vines are dotted with delicate golden leaves and green, star-shaped flowers with gold centers. Katelyn Star Floral Scroll measures 30-in long by 11-in wide.
USD $23.99 USD $16.79

Leith Layered Floral Metal Wall Art

With two contrasting layers of metal detailing, this floral medallion is a brilliant addition to your wall. The central white flower is surrounded by two layers of larger, black wire-lined petals. Leith Layered Floral measures 26-in long by 26-in wide.
USD $49.99 USD $34.99

Lillian Potted Plant Metal Wall Art

This metal plant sculpture is a beautiful addition to walls. The basket design is spilling out with vines and leaves. Lillian Potted Plant measures 22-in long by 22-in wide.
USD $34.99 USD $24.49

Lorali Floral Heart Metal Wall Art

Add a romantic floral to your home with this metal wall art. Vines come together to form a heart shape accented by blue flowers and green leaves. Lorali Floral Heart measures 23.5-in long by 23.5-in wide.
USD $29.99 USD $20.99

Mambas White Floral Chain Metal Wall Art

Like a braided daisy chain, this floral metal wall accent adds playful elegance to your home. The oversized flowers have several layers of white petals edged with a touch of gold. Mambas White Floral Chain measures 14-in long by 30-in wide.
USD $34.99 USD $24.49

Ruth Black Abstract Circle Chain Metal Wall Art

Incorporate abstract art into your home with this circle design. The overlapping shapes vary in size and are made of metal. Ruth Black Abstract Circle Chain measures 9.7-in long by 30.5-in wide.
USD $19.99 USD $13.99

Saba Gold Leafy Boughs Wall Art

This metal design exudes elegance on your walls. The curving, golden leaf-covered branches have a lightly distressed finish. Saba Gold Leafy Boughs measures 37.25-in long by 17.25-in wide.
USD $29.99 USD $20.99

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