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Wallpapers with a metallic sheen radiate with a captivating luxury. Our metallic wallpapers encompass traditional silver, gold, copper, and brass and also include shimmering purples, red, and greens to illuminate a space. 

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Rice Gold Meridian Damask

Warm and sophisticated, a tone on tone color scheme creates an elegance when combined with a traditional, thick damask.
$79.98 $63.98

Stria Gold Floral Toss

This wallpaper brings both surreal and real elements of nature to your walls. The background is textured to mimic organic fabric, while the busy floral toss has raised, overexaggerated jubilant flowers.
$89.98 $71.98

Sylvia Gold Ornate Scroll

This dramatic wallpaper features a gilded scroll with artful shading and highlighting that creates the illusion that the scroll is lifted off of the paper and three dimensional.
$89.98 $71.98

Sylvia Sage Ornate Scroll

This exquisite wallpaper uses a lively, baroque scroll with artful shading to create the appearance of three dimensional gilded molding.
$89.98 $71.98

Sylvia Silver Ornate Scroll

A great fit for formal décor with a hint of levity, this bright grey scroll looks refined on top of a darker grey.
$89.98 $71.98

Vortex Lilac Modern Trail

This wallpaper is filled with aquatic beauty: from the pearls creating the coral-like trails, the seashell inspiration serving as "leaves," to the light purple-blue texturized background.
$89.98 $71.98

Vortex Pewter Modern Trail

What looks like various sized pearls, make up this aquatic scrolling trail.
$89.98 $71.98

Vortex Yellow Modern Trail

This curly trail brings you deep under the sea with an aquatic inspiration. The trail is actually comprised of small, illuminated bubbles, bringing life and bounce to this neutral wallpaper.
$89.98 $71.98

Carmen Silver Floral Wallpaper

Delicate butterflies, ladybugs and dragonflies flutter about vivid pink, blue and lavender flowers in this brilliant wallpaper. Its floral print, which is placed in a subtle stipe effect, and silvery background add to its stylish look. Carmen is an unpasted, paper wallpaper.
$0.44 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Synergy Gold Floral Trails Wallpaper

Add glamour to your walls with this traditional floral wallpaper. Beautiful, glittering gold magnolia trails curl against a subtly textured background, creating an elegant print. Synergy is an unpasted, expanded vinyl wallpaper.
$0.64 $0.51/Sq Ft.

Helsinki Silver Flowers Wallpaper

With a subtle shimmer on the leaves, these grey and dove flowers have a fresh look. This dazzling neutral floral wallpaper is perfect for creating an earthy chic look. Helsinki is an unpasted, paper wallpaper.
$0.44 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Stockholm Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Make your walls shine with this metallic wallpaper. With a golden hue and dazzling geometric design, this stunning wallpaper brings a sunny and contemporary feel to rooms. Stockholm is an unpasted, paper wallpaper.
$0.44 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Stockholm Silver Geometric Wallpaper

Add a contemporary flare to your d�cor with this brilliant silver wallpaper. With hundreds of shimmering silver and white squares, this geometric design has a chic and sophisticated feel. Stockholm is an unpasted, paper wallpaper.
$0.44 $0.35/Sq Ft.

Copper Pin Stripe

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Gold Crinkle Texture

$104.00 $19.99

Gold Dense Medallion

$104.00 $19.99

Gold Jacobean Trail

$104.00 $19.99

Gold Marble Texture

$104.00 $19.99

Gold Multi Stripe

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Gold Rose Urn

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Gold Tonal Jacobean

$104.00 $19.99

Golden Green Marble Texture

$104.00 $19.99

Khaki Crinkle Texture

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Khaki Damask

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Mauve Marble Texture

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Mauve Textured Scroll

$1.84 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Cotswold Silver Floral Damask

A glamorous floral damask wallpaper with a charismatic polished silver palette.
$1.60 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Hayes Silver Stria Stripe

This chic silver wallpaper has a subtle striated effect on walls.
$1.42 $1.13/Sq Ft.

Isleworth Silver Floral Scroll

An ethereal silver scroll wallpaper with a contemporary scale.
$79.98 $63.98

Jasmina Gold Stylised Floral

Like fine spun, golden embroidery for walls, this luxe floral wallpaper creates a u
$1.38 $1.11/Sq Ft.

Kingsbury Silver Satin Stripe

A classic stripe wallpaper, embellished by a precious silver silk finish.
$79.98 $63.98

Arabella Gold Damask

A large scale golden damask pattern, this regal wallpaper designs a shining fabric of luxury for your walls.
$77.98 $62.38

Fabien Brass Cracked Texture

Like a column from a Renaissance house of fashion, with vintage crackled gold leaf, this textured wallpaper has a classic beauty.
$1.17 $0.94/Sq Ft.

Fulham Silver Scrolls

This glamorous silver wallpaper brings a contemporary charisma to a classic Baroque inspiration.
$1.60 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Loretta Gold Linen Leaf Stripe

So much finery in one pretty wallpaper design! Luxurious gold satin, a precious vintage floral pattern, and a chic stripe detail!
$1.31 $1.05/Sq Ft.

Maria Brass Floral Scroll

An eloquent floral scroll pattern with radiant silk flowers on a golden brass crackle. Vintage and ravishing with light catching details.

Prezio Brass Texture

An opulent golden brass sheen, a gentle speckle, and a soft stroke texture. Dress your walls in this designer wallpaper texture for a luxurious depth.
$1.42 $1.13/Sq Ft.

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