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Naturale Wallpaper Collection

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Naturale puts a transitional twist on designer wallpaper. Fresh leaf motifs, stripes, damasks and organic textures are all presented with sophisticated scale, au courant colors, and a modern flourish. All of the exquisite patterns are made of a premium non-woven, environmentally friendly material that is vinyl free, easy to hang and easy to remove. The collection is presented in radiant jewel tones and precious metals, gold, silver and copper with aquamarine, amethyst and ruby with fgravure and screen-printing effects. With a boutique style beauty, this Kenneth James collection is simply delightful.

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Cayman Taupe Contemporary Raffia

This product is rated 0 out of 100
This taupe and silver wallpaper has a very pleasing exalted neutral palette and stylish texture effects with raised and metallic inks. The contemporary floral sunburst design is happy and chic.
Actual Price:USD $2.84/Sq Ft.

Valois Grey Linen Texture

This product is rated 0 out of 100
A warm grey linen wallpaper, exalted by a light silver shimmer. Brings depth and style to décor with a subtle metallic intrigue.
Old Price:USD $2.66 Actual Price:USD $.53/Sq Ft.
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