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Naturale puts a transitional twist on designer wallpaper. Fresh leaf motifs, stripes, damasks and organic textures are all presented with sophisticated scale, au courant colors, and a modern flourish. All of the exquisite patterns are made of a premium non-woven, environmentally friendly material that is vinyl free, easy to hang and easy to remove. The collection is presented in radiant jewel tones and precious metals, gold, silver and copper with aquamarine, amethyst and ruby with fgravure and screen-printing effects. With a boutique style beauty, this Kenneth James collection is simply delightful.

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Amalfi Champagne Linen Stripe

With very fine nuances of pearl and cream this opalescent linen wallpaper creates a sophisticated stripe effect on walls.
$149.98 $127.48

Amalfi Cream Linen Stripe

Linen has an air of casual sophistication. This classy stripe wallpaper has a subtle pearl luster and an organic woven appeal.
$149.98 $127.48

Amalfi Mauve Linen Stripe

With delicate nuances of a silvery mauve hue, this wide stripe wallpaper has a sophisticated appeal in décor.
$149.98 $127.48

Amalfi Sage Linen Stripe

This sophisticated stripe wallpaper creates wide bands of a beautiful sage green linen. The allure of this designer look is enhanced by a fine pearlescent finish.
$149.98 $127.48

Amalfi Silver Linen Stripe

Stripes are a classy décor idea. This grey stripe wallpaper has a gentle silver finish and a fine woven texture for a luxe update to your walls.
$149.98 $127.48

Calix Champagne Sienna Leaf

With a breathtaking sophistication, this white on white wallpaper invites a contemporary splendor into décor. The modern leaf print pops in raised inks above a pearlescent linen texture.
$159.98 $135.98

Calix Charcoal Sienna Leaf

An eco-chic contemporary leaf motif dusted with an enchanting aqua glitter effect. The rich palette of charcoal linen and jewel blue makes an intriguing boutique style impression in décor.
$159.98 $135.98

Calix Dark Brown Sienna Leaf

The esoteric sophistication of brown is exalted with drops of gold glitter. This modern wallpaper design has a couture leaf motif and a warm textured finish.
$159.98 $135.98

Calix Platinum Sienna Leaf

A fresh look for décor, this silver and white wallpaper is infused with chic glitter inks. A sophisticated palette, luxe texture effects and a pleasing modern leaf design.
$159.98 $135.98

Calix Purple Sienna Leaf

Intriguing and contemporary, this purple and silver wallpaper has a resplendent sophistication. The deep aubergine creates a regal depth beyond a modern botanical motif gilded in drops of silver glitter.
$159.98 $135.98

Calix Sage Sienna Leaf

A brilliant botanical inspiration for décor. Glittering golden leaves make a magnificent swirl above a soft sage linen.
$159.98 $135.98

Cayman Aqua Contemporary Raffia

In a soothing taupe and fresh aqua palette, this wallpaper has a contemporary allure. The mod print evokes beautiful sunbursts, parasols, and dandelion petals, with designer shimmer and suede accents.
$159.98 $135.98

Cayman Champagne Contemporary Raffia

This beautiful wallpaper print creates a contemporary splendor of sunburst flowers in a room. Chic raised inks, a romantic champagne, white and blush palette and boutique style shimmering linen texture.
$159.98 $135.98

Cayman Cream Contemporary Raffia

A pleasant contemporary wallpaper in pearl, bronze and ivory hues. Modern screen-printed graphics evoke a sunburst of dandelion petals on an opalescent linen texture.
$159.98 $135.98

Cayman Lavender Contemporary Raffia

This pale silvery mauve purple wallpaper has a modern floral print, with a contemporary splendor and a splash of fun,
$159.98 $135.98

Cayman Taupe Contemporary Raffia

This taupe and silver wallpaper has a very pleasing exalted neutral palette and stylish texture effects with raised and metallic inks. The contemporary floral sunburst design is happy and chic.
$159.98 $135.98

Duchess Gold Damask

A gorgeous damask wallpaper with a timeless beauty. The subtly distressed print is cast in a regal gold shimmer, above a pearlescent linen finish.
$159.98 $135.98

Duchess Orange Damask

A glamorous damask wallpaper in charcoal grey and copper orange. Dusted with a captivating metallic shimmer.
$159.98 $135.98

Duchess Red Damask

A red damask wallpaper is posh and glamorous. This designer print features a gorgeous raspberry linen beneath a large scale shimmering damask motif.
$159.98 $135.98

Duchess Silver Damask

A classy damask wallpaper in silver and white. A large scale regal damask is cast in a distressed silver ink on a fine white woven texture.
$159.98 $135.98

Duchess Taupe Damask

This fine damask wallpaper is regal and chic. An esoteric taupe and brass palette is exalted by touches of shimmering metallic ink and a gentle pearl luster in the linen texture.
$159.98 $135.98

Gaza Aqua Stitch Geo

Resembling a zipper stitched linen, this remarkable texture wallpaper is a chic update for walls. The lush aqua blue captivates with a sapphire shimmer.
$149.98 $127.48

Gaza Beige Stitch Geo

A fine linen texture wallpaper in a pearl beige hue. Subtle, but distinguished, with a zipper stitch effect and gentle sheen.
$149.98 $127.48

Gaza Brass Stitch Geo

This texture wallpaper creates a chic zipper stitch effect. The esoteric taupe hue is infused with a gentle brassy radiance.
$149.98 $127.48

Gaza Copper Stitch Geo

Adorn your walls in this copper wallpaper for a warm and chic fabric effect.
$149.98 $127.48

Gaza Silver Stitch Geo

A chic zipper stitch effect for walls with a delicate silver radiance.
$149.98 $127.48

Gaza Taupe Stitch Geo

A pale grey, warmed by a pearlescent taupe lends an air of sophistication to this woven texture wallpaper.
$149.98 $127.48

Rosette Aqua Rose Pattern

A fresh and modern floral wallpaper, with swirls of aqua suede on an opalescent white linen. This contemporary design has a posh, boutique style glamour in a crisp palate.
$159.98 $135.98

Rosette Brass Rose Pattern

This modern wallpaper creates an esoteric and chic rose print for walls. The luxe texture is infused with a glittery brass finish in a warm hue reminiscent of a portobello mushroom.
$159.98 $135.98

Rosette Champagne Rose Pattern

The enchanted modern rose print of this designer wallpaper is revealed though the play of light across your walls. A shimmering champagne infused linen is resplendent beyond a taupe suede swirl of petals.
$159.98 $135.98

Rosette Lavender Rose Pattern

A beautiful modern rose wallpaper, with boutiques style texture effects. Graced with a delicate dusting of pearl shimmer, this mauve and blush beauty has a delicate, contemporary glamour.
$159.98 $135.98

Rosette Platinum Rose Pattern

With a gentle but fine shimmer effect, this radiant white wallpaper creates a sophisticated and contemporary rose motif for walls.
$159.98 $135.98

Rosette Red Rose Pattern

This gorgeous red and gold wallpaper treats your room to a modern rose print with luxe metallic inks. With a boutique style raspberry linen and shimmering screen print of abstract petals, this design has a high end contemporary glamour.
$159.98 $135.98

Valois Beige Linen Texture

An organic, unrefined cotton hue is exalted by a gentle pearl finish in this linen texture wallpaper.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Cream Linen Texture

As pretty as a pearl, this wallpaper transforms walls into a chic linen fabric.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Dark Brown Linen Texture

A chic texture wallpaper, simulating a woven fabric on your walls. The rich portobello hue is infused with a gentle gunmetal grey shimmer.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Grey Linen Texture

A warm grey linen wallpaper, exalted by a light silver shimmer. Brings depth and style to décor with a subtle metallic intrigue.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Light Brown Linen Texture

Like burlap treated to a boutique style brass gild, this linen texture wallpaper adds a designer warmth to walls.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Mauve Linen Texture

A sophisticated woven texture for walls in a chic mauve hue, graced by an ever so subtle pearl radiance.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Purple Linen Texture

A regal aubergine purple wallpaper with a fine woven texture. This sophisticated design has a subtle radiance for extra captivation and depth.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Red Linen Texture

A red wallpaper has a glamorous impact on a space. This linen texture is an appealing raspberry hue, bringing depth and a light catching radiance to walls.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Sage Linen Texture

A soothing linen texture in a cool pearlescent sage hue.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Silver Linen Texture

A sophisticated texture for walls, adding a fine woven effect in a soft silver grey hue.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois Taupe Linen Texture

A stylish woven linen texture in an iridescent taupe grey hue. This subtle wallpaper has a chic radiance and an coordinating neutral hue.
$149.98 $127.48

Valois White Linen Texture

A subtle but sophisticated update for your walls, this white linen texture wallpaper is graced with a fine pearl finish.
$149.98 $127.48

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