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Nature is a compelling décor theme. With birds, beaches, trees, and flowers all under it's wing,  nature is certainly a popular refrain in décor. Our murals inspired by Mother Nature are a gorgeous collection of images celebrating all the wild beauty under the sun.

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Feathers Wall Mural

Give your walls a high fashion look with this macro photogrpahy feather wall mural. The vibrant shades of bright orange and inky blue create a perfect contrast.
USD $124.99

Japanese Waves Wall Mural

A classic Japanese wave mural with a modern twist. The illustrated navy blue, teal, turquoise, and mustard color palette is modern and fresh.
USD $124.99

Seashore Wall Mural

Overlayed with a sepia tone, this beach scene has a vintage feel. You'll feel as if the waves will come out of your wall and lap at your feet with this beautiful mural. Measures 9-ft 10-in by 7-ft 10-in when assembled.
USD $124.99

Tranquility Panoramic Wall Mural

A stunning panoramic wall mural depicting a morning ocean with a glistening sun arising behind the clouds. Beautiful blue shades from indigo to sky create a cool color palette. Measures 9-ft 10-in by 3-ft 11-in when assembled.
USD $79.99

Wandar Wall Mural

This watercolor koi fish wall mural will bring balance to your life. The grey and red fish swim around a ring of light like natures ying and yang.
USD $124.99

Winter Trees Wall Mural

This winter wall mural is a peaceful scene. The bare trees merge with the mist filled background.
USD $124.99

Ye Old Trees Wall Mural

A pathway of arching trees stretches down this wall mural. Natural shades of green, yellow, blue, and brown bring color to walls.
USD $124.99

Yonder Wall Mural

Display the beauty of spring year-round with this stunning mural. A trail of magnificent pink flowers is framed by graceful trees, creating an enchanting foliage scene. Yonder Wall Mural comes on 6 panels.
USD $124.99

Mountains Wall Mural

You can almost feel the chilly breeze off of these snowy mountains. This Geometric Winter Mountain mural's palette of airy greys, blues, and greens creates a calming feel. Geometric Winter Mountain Wall Mural measures 9-ft 10-in x 7-ft 10-in when assembled. Mountains Wall Mural comes on 6 panels.
USD $124.99

Woodland Wall Mural

Bring the peace of a forest to your home with this charming Woodlands Mural. Bright orange birds nestle amongst white trees while a sweet fox poses below. Woodlands Wall Mural measures 9-ft 10-in x 7-ft 10-in when assembled. Woodland Wall Mural comes on 6 panels.
USD $124.99

Aurora Borealis/ Northern Lights Wall Mural

This mural is a stunning depiction of the Northern Lights. Tree silhouettes stretch up into the beautiful sky.
USD $124.99

Bridge to Paradise Wall Mural

Escape to a tropical island with this mural. A bridge leads the way to an exotic and warm destination.
USD $124.99

Canyonlands National Park Wall Mural

The sun rises over a dramatic desert landscape. This mural captures the vast beauty of Canyonlands National Park.
USD $124.99

Lake Moraine Wall Mural

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Moraine are captured in this mural. The saturated landscape has towering trees and a mountain range.
USD $124.99

Lightning Strikes Wall Mural

Lightning strikes more than once in this dazzling mural. A storm above water is captured in an array of blues and purples.
USD $124.99

Mountain Tops Wall Mural

This mural is a breathtaking image of the Himalayas. The mountain tops rise up into a bright blue sky with picturesque clouds.
USD $124.99

Ocean Waves Wall Mural

Surf's up! This mural showcases the power of the ocean with a detailed photograph of a cresting wave.
USD $124.99

Paradise Beach Wall Mural

Create a tropical paradise within your home. This bright and happy mural features a quintessential beach with palm trees, white sands, and turquoise ocean.
USD $156.24

Temple Lake Wall Mural

A tranquil and tropical scene. This mural features a Buddhist temple centered above its reflection.
USD $124.99

Tranquil Forest Wall Mural

Sun beams filter through trees. This mural captures the tranquility of a forest.
USD $124.99

Tranquil Waterfall Wall Mural

A river cascades down in a series of waterfalls through a rainforest. This tropical mural is a picturesque escape from reality.
USD $156.24

Wood for the Trees Wall Mural

Birch tree trunks overlap in this mural. The black and white coloring adds to the abstract feel of the image.
USD $124.99

African Sunset

A stunning silhouette of an elephant, bird, and tree against a brilliant African sunset.
USD $134.99

Giraffes Wall Mural

Giraffes are so unique and wonderful! These two giraffes have a friendly appearance, stretching their long, handsome necks in a charming safari pose. With the brilliant quality of a National Geographic photograph, this wall mural adds a sense of culture and adventure to any space.
USD $99.99

Iceland Wall Mural

A solitary rock provides perspective, while mountains stretch out forever under a sweeping blue sky. This Iceland mural makes an incredible scenic for your wall.
USD $69.99

Island Wall Mural

With a dreamy perspective, this tropical island wall mural creates a lulling perspective, as if you are viewing paradise from a boat. The seemingly untouched island has a pristine beach, spilling out into clear aqua waters.
USD $99.99

Polar Bears

A stunning National Geographic image of a polar bear cub, cuddling with its mama bear becomes an irresistible wall mural. Perfect as a kids mural, or for any nature lover, this polar bear wall art captures a precious moment.
USD $69.99


This resplendent wall mural captures a peaceful moment at sea, taken near the coast of Antarctica. The evening sun has a silky, golden effect on the water, while the reflection of a lone flying bird creates the illusion that there are two birds.
USD $69.99

Side Canyon Wall Mural

This Side Canyon wall mural is a stunning view of a canyon opening, with fascinating details of layers of rock and the beautiful golden colors that result from centuries of erosion. Sure to amaze with it's natural awe-striking splendor, this timeless and colorful Canyon mural will transform a space. This high definition photo mural is 72-in by 50-in and comes as one easy to install panel.
USD $69.99


Appropriately named Sunday, this mural takes you to a relaxing state of mind, free from urban demands, where a pristine forest of birches basks in golden light.
USD $224.99

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