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Sea Glass Peel and Stick Backsplash

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These peel and stick tile panels are a great way to makeover your kitchen or bathroom! The 10-in by 10-in panels are perfect for redoing a backsplash, bookshelf, or staircase. The blue color gives the look of sea glass. Sea Glass Peel and Stick Backsplash contains 4 pieces on 4 sheets that measure 10 x 10 inches.
Brand: InHome
Availability: In stock
SKU: NH2361
USD $26.99:
Original Price: USD $20.24
  • Peel and stick tile panels with a high shine finish
  • Comes with four 10-in by 10-in panels
  • Covers about 2.7 square feet
  • A stove without a backing needs 15 in (38 cm) of space or more above range to avoid exposure of product to heat.
  • Individual tiles measure .5-in by 1.5 or 3-in
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Has the look of sea glass tile
  • Perfect for creating a backsplash
  • Scissors or boxcutter recommended for trimming tiles
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Existing reviews
This product is fantastic! I purchased 11 packs of 4 sheets for my kitchen and it looks amazing! It's super easy to cut (I did most of it using scissors) and to install. It's flexible and durable. It sticks easily to gyprock. The colour is exactly as shown, and from a distance, it looks like glass! But even when you get two inches from it and realize it's not, it still looks amazing!

Because my house is 100 years old and everything is crooked, I was afraid installing real tiles was going to be hell, so I opted for this product instead. Plus, it was so much easier to install: no grout, special cutter or special talent needed, and you don't need to hire a pro if your uncertain of what you're doing; you can do it all by yourself in the matter of a few hours!

Before buying it, I had researched this product on other websites, and it was said that you could move the tiles easily and even take them with you if you were moving... That's probably true if you stick them on existing tiles (which you could totally do!) but when you stick them to gyprock, the wall will come with it if you try to take it off. Therefore, when installing it, make sure you’re sure it's straight before you press it against the wall! ;)

Finally, I had originally ordered 10 packs, but I had to order an extra one in order to cover the whole surface. Otherwise, I would have had to use leftover bits and pieces from already cut sheets to make up for what was left to cover, so make sure you buy enough!

All in all, I highly recommend it!!
From: Vero | Date: 3/12/2018
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opened up our kitchen
we plan on getting a kitchen renovation, but not soon, i thought get some faux counter tops and a stick and peel backsplash and viola! i measured and ordered enough to do everyplace we wanted to see a backsplash treatment. it looks great! now when we finally decide to do it we know how it will look....unless i find another dream backsplash treatment. i think it's pretty reasonably priced too!
From: P Marrz | Date: 9/12/2018
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Beautiful wall
These wall tiles worked perfectly as a backsplash in our kitchen.  They were easy to work with and look seamless on the wall.
From: Grumpy | Date: 9/13/2018
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