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With transitional takes on timeless looks like the damask, the Jacobean, ogees, and stripes, these stylized wallpaper designs lend an understated luxe to any fine space. The Onyx Collection by Kenneth James, exalts prints in perfect sophistication with a fabulous blend of pearl and shimmer effects and soft luxurious textures.

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Aliotta Bronze Stripe Texture

This smartly designed wallpaper of embossed beige stripes, canvases your room in a subtle bronze luster.
$159.98 $29.99

Aliotta Cream Stripe Texture

A beautifully inspired wallpaper of embossed cream stripes, brings an attractive and stunning depth to walls.
$159.98 $29.99

Aliotta Lavender Stripe Texture

A striped textured wall paper in lavender and ivory, adds dimension and allure to walls with a unique raised ink design.
$159.98 $29.99

Aliotta Light Green Stripe Texture

This light green striped wall paper invites a raised ink design to walls in a rich cream hue. Hints of a deep sage sparkle subtly about, inviting a stunning appeal to your space.
$159.98 $29.99

Benza Lavender Small Textured Damask

Stylize a perfect posh haven with this decadent lavender wallpaper. A lavish marbleized canvas featuring sophisticated raised damasks, creates an awe-inspiring addition to a home.
$159.98 $29.99

Benza Light Grey Small Textured Damask

A stately damask wall covering on a marbleized bed of grey and cream, adorns a room in whimsical refinement.
$159.98 $29.99

Calabria Champagne Ornate Texture

This glittering champagne textured wall covering dresses walls in an impeccable and ornate design.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Calabria Grey Ornate Texture

An exquisite textured wall covering in a shimmering silver grey, invites a shining allure to your space.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Calabria Ivory Ornate Texture

Bring a glistening ivory texture to walls with this fabulously ornate wall covering that boasts of enchanted bliss.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Calabria Taupe Ornate Texture

This glistening taupe wallcovering adorns your room in a brilliant textured sheen of marveling grandeur.
$2.66 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Carrara Bronze Textured Damask

A raised ink embossing on a canvas of glistening bronze, invites to walls a stylish damask wallcovering of mesmerizing glamour.
$159.98 $29.99

Carrara Light Grey Textured Damask

Adorn walls in a fashionable embossed damask print with this light grey wall paper featuring an ornate and splendid design of stylized glamour.
$159.98 $29.99

Conetta Bronze Multi Stripe Texture

This handsome bronze wall covering welcomes a wonderfully distressed texture to walls that features an embossed multi stripe design in a subtle cream hue.
$159.98 $29.99

Conetta Light Green Multi Stripe Texture

This distressed light green wall paper adorned in a crisp multi stripe design, brings an exquisite shimmer to walls that's both handsome and timeless.
$159.98 $29.99

Giardina Beige Floral Trail

A winding trail of budding florals majestically float atop a distressed beige backdrop on this fabulously textured wallpaper. A calming and captivating design that brings wonder and ease to any space.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Giardina Bronze Floral Trail

A flourishing floral trail wallpaper of bronze and beige, creates a natural and romantic escape inside your home.
$139.98 $29.99

Giardina Lavender Floral Trail

This elegantly textured wall covering invites into your space a lush botanical design of gilded floral trails atop a splendid lavender canvas.
$139.98 $29.99

Giardina Light Green Floral Trail

A bountiful floral trail wallcovering featuring a blooming botanical design in a lovely light green hue, inspires a look that is both fresh and new.
$139.98 $29.99

Giardina Red Floral Trail

This burgeoning floral trail wall covering of a deep red and bronze, creates a wonderfully romantic escape inside your home.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Marsella Beige Textured Pinstripe

Welcome an intricate neutral pinstripe to your room with this distressed textured wall paper. Soft cream lines and scattered gold adornments work together brilliantly inviting to walls a seamlessly unique design,
$139.98 $29.99

Marsella Bronze Textured Pinstripe

Embellish walls in a luxurious bronze pinstripe design with this richly distressed wall paper of glistening brilliance.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Marsella Gold Textured Pinstripe

This bronze gilded pinstripe wall paper, adorns walls in a lavish distressed texture that's both unique and inviting.
$139.98 $29.99

Marsella Grey Textured Pinstripe

This grey pinstriped wallcovering brings an awe-inspiring appeal to walls with gleaming silver accents and a wonderful distressed texture.
$139.98 $29.99

Marsella Lavender Textured Pinstripe

This distressed lavender wallpaper of shimmering grey pinstripes, brings a classic design with a modern twist to a room for a chic new upgrade to your home.
$139.98 $29.99

Massa Grey Large Ornate Damask

This captivating wall paper of a regal damask design, canvases a room in a gorgeous shimmer of grey and cream.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Paolina Beige Embossed Large Damask

A striking embossed wall paper in a beige damask design, brings a stylishly ornate appeal to walls.
$159.98 $29.99

Paolina Champagne Embossed Large Damask

This gilded champagne wallcovering displaying an elegant embossed damask design, dresses walls in an enriched splendor.
$159.98 $29.99

Paolina Light Green Embossed Large Damask

A fabulous embossed wallpaper of a large damask design, embellishes walls in a light green sheen, creating a captivating and unique haven of artistic beauty.
$159.98 $29.99

Paolina Light Grey Embossed Large Damask

A luxurious embossed wallpaper of elegant scrolling damasks on a light grey backdrop, create a romantically polished look inside your home.

Parisi Beige Embellished Damask Stripe

An embellished striped wallpaper featuring a gorgeous damask print, adorns walls in a glistening beige texture full of charisma and charm.
$139.98 $29.99

Parisi Cream Embellished Damask Stripe

This embellished striped wall covering featuring an lavish damask design, invites a beautiful cream polish to a space that's refreshingly elegant.
$139.98 $29.99

Parisi Grey Embellished Damask Stripe

Welcome a stylish striped design to walls with this embellished damask wallcovering. A glistening grey backdrop adds the perfect touch of brilliance to your newly designed space.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Parisi Light Blue Embellished Damask Stripe

A gleaming blue wallpaper of an embellished damask stripe, adds a sophisticated and delicate touch to a room.
$139.98 $29.99

Parisi Pewter Embellished Damask Stripe

Coat walls in a refined pewter texture with this embellished striped wallcovering, featuring a stately damask print of imperial charm.
$139.98 $29.99

Renna Cream Large Scroll Damask

A scrolling damask wall covering of gleaming neutrals, dresses walls in a grand design of ornamented style.
$139.98 $29.99

Renna Grey Large Scroll Damask

Adorn your room in a glistening grey wall paper featuring an ornate damask design. This stylish scrolling print exudes effortless grace.
$139.98 $29.99

Senese Pewter Blotch Texture

Invite a magical allure to walls with this extravagant pewter wall paper. An intriguing blotch texture canvases a space in smoky brilliance.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Toscana Bronze Peacock Ogee

This neutral toned wall covering is a fashionable and exquisite décor choice. A contemporary peacock ogee design atop a brilliant bronze backdrop is the perfect accessory to any room.
$139.98 $29.99

Toscana Grey Peacock Ogee

Invite a modern elegance to walls with a flourishing peacock ogee design on a distressed grey canvas. This stunning wall paper of ornate beauty, creates a gleaming richness in any space.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Toscana Red Peacock Ogee

This fashionably red wallpaper featuring a modern peacock ogee design, brings a radiant warmth to a room that's both graceful and elegant.
$139.98 $29.99

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