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Paisley wallpaper is cultured and chic, a historical and popular design. Resembling a tear drop, or a mango, the paisley motif has Persian roots with Indian and European influences. These paisley wallpapers range from ornate patterns to modern, simplified paisley forms, all fashionable and fine.

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Sycamore Blue Paisley Floral Wallpaper

Dress your walls with this sweet floral scroll wallpaper. Its country chic paisley print features blossoming flowers in grey and denim hues. Sycamore is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Sycamore Denim Paisley Floral Wallpaper

Adorn your walls with this charming floral wallpaper. A crisp white background allows the red and blue details of the paisley design to truly pop. Sycamore is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Sycamore Sage Paisley Floral Wallpaper

Grey and taupe florals blossom from a charming paisley print in this country inspired wallpaper. A rich sage background adds a soothing touch to its inviting style. Sycamore is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.42 USD $1.06/Sq Ft.

Adrian Blueberry Paisley Wallpaper

This classic paisley print wallpaper is taken to new levels with a large design. Brushstroke hues of indigo and sky blues give this a fresh look. Like your favorite pair of faded jeans, this blue wallpaper is a timeless classic.
USD $2.48 USD $1.86/Sq Ft.

Adrian Blueberry Paisley Wallpaper Wallpaper

Give your walls a whimsical look with this bold paisley print wallpaper. The design has an ikat effect in shades of blue and dark teal. Each paisley has intricate detailing.
USD $1.77 USD $1.33/Sq Ft.

Adrian Green Paisley Wallpaper

A paisley print with a unique ikat watercolor design. Shades of green are vibrant, bringing life to any room.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Adrian Honey Paisley Wallpaper

The perfect tonal paisley wallpaper for any space. This design features warm shades of pale honey and grey that are subtle yet dimensional. A romantic colorway that would look lovely on an early summer morning.
USD $2.48 USD $1.86/Sq Ft.

Adrian Honey Paisley Wallpaper Wallpaper

Paisley perfection! A wheat yellow and light taupe combine to create a stunning pattern. The beige background has a pearlescent texture that catches the light.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Adrian Pink Paisley Wallpaper

Pink and tangerine combine for a quirky yet sophisticated paisley wallcovering. Your friends will be raving over this vibrant design.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Adrian Plum Paisley Wallpaper

Plum and teal combine to form a bold and vibrant paisley wallpaper. This dual toned design creates depth with a linen print texture and a soft cream background.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Beige Modern Paisley Wallpaper

USD $1.48 USD $1.11/Sq Ft.

Daraxa Beige Paisley Wallpaper

This paisley wallcovering has a fresh, exotic vibe that is both romantic and chic. A soft beige canvas swirling with cultured beauty and grace.
USD $3.19 USD $1.6/Sq Ft.

Daraxa Black Paisley Wallpaper

Taking this paisley design to new heights, this chic wallcovering has high-fashion appeal. A distressed black canvas painted in luxurious metallic inks is both handsome and refined!
USD $3.19 USD $2.39/Sq Ft.

Daraxa Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

A worldly décor piece with a soft and romantic vibe. This cultured wallpaper of a dancing paisley print, brings an awe inspiring look to walls that shimmers with a luxe metallic finish.
USD $3.19 USD $2.39/Sq Ft.

Daraxa Taupe Paisley Wallpaper

With a sweet whimsical air, this paisley wall covering brings a global enchantment to walls with a warm taupe canvas and glittering metallic accents.
USD $3.19 USD $1.6/Sq Ft.

Darro Silver Global Paisley Wallpaper

This large scale paisley has a high fashion and global look. Adorned in a chic silver foil that glistens on walls, this cultured wallcovering makes a contemporary statement on walls.
USD $3.9 USD $1.95/Sq Ft.

Darro Taupe Global Paisley Wallpaper

A warm color palette of taupe and cream, soften this large scale paisley design for a romantic look on walls. A beautifully exotic wallcovering that enchants décor with a global elegance.
USD $2.84 USD $1.42/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Beige Paisley Wallpaper

A distressed background is the foundation of this paisley wallpaper. The white and silver large scale print shines with metallic accents and an intricate design.
USD $2.84 USD $2.13/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Charcoal Paisley Wallpaper

This paisley wallpaper has a dramatic look with a high contrast color palette and large scale print. Metallic silver ink adorns the boteh motifs, adding a glamorous shimmer.
USD $2.84 USD $2.13/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Coral Paisley Wallpaper

This paisley wallpaper is like an instant pop of summer. Bright hues of coral and gold shine with metallic inks and distressed effects. The large scale design is perfect for a feature wall.
USD $2.84 USD $2.13/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Cream Paisley Wallpaper

Add a rich paisley wallpaper to your decor. The artistic print features a large scale design, distressed print background, and an intricate stamped effect design.
USD $2.84 USD $1.42/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Teal Paisley Wallpaper

This light teal wallpaper has a beautiful textured background that mimics a finely woven textile. The large scale paisley print has shimmering silver accents for an even more luxurious look.
USD $2.84 USD $2.13/Sq Ft.

Kashmir Yellow Paisley Wallpaper

An oatmeal background creates a neutral, textured base for the stunning paisley print wallpaper. Silver metallic inks adorn the boteh motifs, adding a shimmering splendor.
USD $2.84 USD $1.42/Sq Ft.

Lula Grey Paisley Wallpaper

A grey paisley pattern is printed on an ivory linen texture. The large-scale design is intricately detailed. Lula is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
USD $.64 USD $.48/Sq Ft.

Lula Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

This traditional paisley pattern is elegant in light warm grey and ivory. A linen texture gives the pattern a slightly faded appearance. Lula is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
USD $.64 USD $.48/Sq Ft.

Majidah Gold Paisley Wallpaper

A treasure for walls, this paisley wallpaper shimmers with the luxury of gold, painted with a harem of stylish detail.
USD $2.66 USD $2/Sq Ft.

Majidah Light Blue Paisley Wallpaper

A designer paisley wallpaper, gilded in starlight blue and a raised ink detail in charcoal grey.
USD $2.66 USD $.53/Sq Ft.

Nathaniel Beige Modern Paisley Wallpaper

This modern paisley has an effortless outlook. Beige and aqua create a soothing atmosphere where style and detail are never sacrificed.
USD $1.65 USD $1.23/Sq Ft.

Nathaniel Burgundy Modern Paisley Wallpaper

A true work of art, this modern wallcovering will take your breath away! A chic burgundy backdrop styled in a medley of jewel tones for a look that's handsome and fresh.
USD $1.65 USD $1.23/Sq Ft.

Neutrals Modern Paisley Wallpaper

USD $1.48 USD $1.11/Sq Ft.

Penelope Blue Paisley Wallpaper

A paisley wallpaper done in a beautiful watercolor print. This design features pretty shades of blue that are accented by taupe and beige. A linen print background adds dimension.
USD $1.63 USD $1.22/Sq Ft.

Penelope Purple Paisley Wallpaper

This paisley wallpaper is done in a lovely purple hue. The painterly design is done on a linen textured background. Accents of taupe and beige allow the purple to pop.
USD $1.63 USD $.41/Sq Ft.

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