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Premiere Wallpaper Collection

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The designs in Premiere are inspired by antique textiles and classical motifs. Woven effects and metallic touches create the luxurious look of fabric. With a color palette and scale as aptly suited to an eclectic contemporary space as a traditional splendor, or a transitional style the collection spans a stunning breadth of design styles. Beautiful florals, glorious damasks and chic ombre stripe effects form the foundation of this fine wallpaper book.  

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Alex Beige Damask Stripe

A beautiful choice for an entry way, this ombre stripe fades from white to cream to wheat, and back again. Multiple, raised vertical stripes are laden within the wider stripes of color and a transparent ornate damask fills the paper, throughout.
$89.98 $19.99

Alex Blue Damask Stripe

Cool and calming, this breezy blue wallpaper fades in ombre style from dark to light vertical stripes. A faint busy damask is barely visible, but adds incredible dimension and interest.
$89.98 $19.99

Alex Gold Damask Stripe

Fine texturally raised lines break up a transparent damask to create a pixilated effect. An ombre fade from sand to cream, to sand adds another element of interest to this modern wallpaper.
$89.98 $67.48

Alex Green Damask Stripe

A rich and beautiful earthy green color palate brings the modern style of ombre to a traditional era.
$89.98 $19.99

Alex Grey Damask Stripe

Featuring the ever alluring ombre design, beige and taupe combine to create a dark to light fade and added interest to the transparent damask pattern throughout.
$89.98 $67.48

Andrea Ale Ornate Ogee

Elegant and timeless, this wallpaper features a monochromatic color scheme of sand and ale. The floral ogee is a classic print, however on top of a lighter toned background that looks like parchment, a modern flair comes to light.
$79.98 $19.99

Andrea Blue Ornate Ogee

Sweet and lovely, brighten up your walls with this luxurious blue-on-blue ogee wallpaper!
$85.98 $19.99

Andrea Cream Ornate Ogee

Cream and grey combine to create a stone-like texture that catches the light, underneath a beautiful taupe floral ogee.
$85.98 $19.99

Andrea Grey Ornate Ogee

Modern and glamorous, this wallpaper features a very light mint green floral ogee on top of a rich grey background.
$85.98 $19.99

Andrea White Ornate Ogee

Modern and feminine, this stylish wallpaper features an opaque, neutral grey ogee print on a bright white background.

Annabelle Teal Floral Toile

Feel like you are looking out at the sky through a beautiful flowered trellis. The beautiful green-blue featured in this wallpaper is completely charming and cozy.
$85.98 $64.48

Annabelle Wheat Floral Toile

What looks like an aged parchment in wheat, creates a beautiful, dimensional background to the colorful floral toile featured in this wallpaper.
$79.98 $19.99

Aubrey Blue Grasscloth

This faux grass cloth reads like a glamorous denim in a rich blue on blue color scheme.
$199.98 $149.98

Aubrey Green Grasscloth

A deep, neutral green brings this organic grass cloth to another level. If your windows look out on a lot of outdoor greenery, this wallpaper will look fabulous on the surrounding walls!
$199.98 $99.99

Aubrey Maple Grasscloth

There is nothing faux about this grass cloth! Made with natural fibers and woven to create a gorgeous gilded maple hue, this wallpaper brings a beautiful earthiness to your home décor.
$199.98 $149.98

Aubrey Merlot Grasscloth

A rich grass cloth brings an earthy feel to your room with its natural texture and red clay inspired color scheme.
$199.98 $149.98

Christine Blue Alternating Stripe

Kid friendly, this ethereal blue wallpaper features alternating miniature vertical lines with an opaque wide stripe in a charming blue palate.
$85.98 $19.99

Christine Gold Alternating Stripe

Minimal and sophisticated, this wallpaper would look beautiful in an elegant living room with its alternating striped design.
$85.98 $64.48

Christine Taupe Alternating Stripe

Linear and clean, this wallpaper features beautiful tones of sand and taupe. The alternating, wide vertical stripes trick the eye, by elongating your walls.
$85.98 $64.48

Cleo Blue Linear Texture

Aquamarine, cream, and faint green converge to create a faux grass cloth that brings the essence of nature into your home.
$85.98 $19.99

Cleo Bronze Linear Texture

Down-to-earth with style. This faux grass cloth grounds a space and brings depth to your décor with rich red-brown tones and light sage throughout.
$85.98 $19.99

Cleo Brown Linear Texture

White, wheat, and sand create a beautiful beachy look in this dimensional faux grass cloth.
$85.98 $19.99

Cleo Gold Linear Texture

Perfect for any home that enjoys an organic-chic look. A faux grass cloth gives your walls a natural look and deep texture.
$85.98 $19.99

Cleo Ice Linear Texture

A faux grass cloth in heathered grey is illuminating and breathes easily on your walls.
$85.98 $19.99

Glenmont Pink Floral Trail

Very kid-friendly, this elegant wallpaper can grow up with your little ones, with this gorgeous pink on white floral trail.
$89.98 $67.48

Glenmont Purple Floral Trail

Bring the best of the garden inside, with this exuberant floral trail, featuring peonies, roses, and hydrangeas.
$89.98 $19.99

Lakeside Gold Faux Marble

Sand-colored marble walls are easily achieved when you apply this lux wallpaper to your home décor!
$85.98 $19.99

Lakeside Green Faux Marble

Faux sponge work of teal and dark green look like a marble wall, when you apply this wallpaper in your home!
$85.98 $19.99

Lakeside Grey Faux Marble

When light brown and neutral blue combine, they create a nuanced grey. The color combination is furthered with a faux marble effect!
$85.98 $19.99

Lakeside Silver Faux Marble

Grey, wheat, and white converge to create a faux marble that will add elegance and prestige to your home décor!

Lakeside White Faux Marble

Icy and bright, this faux-marble wallpaper looks like real stone on your walls in this elegant off-white color scheme.

Marta Brown Orchard Ogee

Refined and elegant are two words that come to mind when looking upon this beautiful and ornate wallpaper, featuring a gilded cornucopia ogee pattern.

Marta Cream Orchard Ogee

A beautiful rose-toned cream backdrop serves as a gorgeous surround for the ornate ogee orchard pattern in a light gold.
$89.98 $19.99

Marta Gold Orchard Ogee

The ravishing, gilded ogee featured in this wallpaper has the most exquisite shading, it creates an optical illusion that the orchard pattern is three dimensional.
$89.98 $19.99

Morgan Blue Transparent Damask

Light blue on blue brings a sense of harmony to your walls with a damask featuring three dimensional vertical line texture.
$85.98 $19.99

Morgan Green Transparent Damask

A barely visible damask in light olive gives the sage green backdrop a textured and intriguing look, that will turn heads and keep interest for years to come.
$89.98 $19.99

Morgan Peach Busy Damask

A succulent peachy-cream base is so regal and beautiful with a cream-colored damask, you will feel like a queen in your home!
$89.98 $19.99

Morgan Purple Busy Damask

Dimensional and exciting, this mauve on purple damask is transparent on its parchment base. It fills the eye with warmth and soothes the soul with a monochromatic scheme.
$89.98 $19.99

Morgan Sage Busy Damask

Extremely earthy and intriguing, this wallpaper features a distressed brown base with an opaque, textured leafy green damask throughout.
$89.98 $19.99

Napa Valley Brown Grape Toile

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. What more is there to say? This wallpaper, inspired by the wildlife and produce of the Napa valley, features the most vibrant and beautiful greens on an earthy, textured background.
$79.98 $19.99

Napa Valley Gold Grape Toile

Napa Valley inspired, this wallpaper features a toile of grapes in an unexpected monochromatic color scheme of taupe-olive.
$85.98 $19.99

Rice Ale Meridian Damask

Elegant and classic, the damask pattern features in this wallpaper creates dimension when playing with varying weights of the same color scheme.
$79.98 $19.99

Rice Gold Meridian Damask

Warm and sophisticated, a tone on tone color scheme creates an elegance when combined with a traditional, thick damask.
$79.98 $19.99

Rice Grey Meridian Damask

What looks like a beautiful linen fabric, creates a beautiful grey-blue backdrop, to a classic and sophisticated dark grey damask.
$85.98 $19.99

Rice Sage Meridian Damask

Classic and rich, this sage colored wallpaper serves as a distinctive base for a transparent grey damask.
$85.98 $19.99

Sylvia Blue Ornate Scroll

This posh wallpaper features a beautiful sky blue background with a flowing curly scroll that looks three dimensional on your walls.

Sylvia Cream Ornate Scroll

Demure and chic, this leafy scroll uses a monochromatic color scheme to create subtle dimension .
$89.98 $19.99

Sylvia Ghost Ornate Scroll

Enjoy a sense of calm, with this effortless leafy scroll design on your walls. The negative space looks pure and crisp in an off-white and the featured scroll looks three dimensional with artful shading.
$89.98 $19.99

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