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Enlighten your walls with purple wallpaper, a royal décor treatment! Our purple wall coverings flourish a gorgeous delight in a room, from darling lavender to decadent aubergine. Violet, amethyst, orchid and wine make for luxury wallpaper choices, dressing your walls in the lavish fusion of red and blue. Evoke fresh cheer with pale hues like lilac, and add luscious drama with dark pansy purple florals, textures, and chic patterns.

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Alchemy Purple Geometric Wallpaper

This wallpaper offers a refreshing palette of purple and grey. Raised ink details adorn the overlapping circle print, heightening the layered look and feel. Alchemy is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Allure Lavender Floral Wallpaper

Designed in a mosaic style, this modern floral wallpaper has an abstract feel. Soft purples and greys add to the dreamlike aura of the pattern. Allure is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Aura Lavender Honeycomb Wallpaper

In a lovely heather purple, this honeycomb wallpaper will add a soft color accent to a room. Raised ink effects enhance the carefree texture of the pattern. Aura is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Daydream Purple Abstract Floral Wallpaper

Alternating sections of lavender and heather purple lines come together to create a large-scale abstract floral pattern. The dynamic look of the wallpaper is enhanced with raised ink details. Daydream is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Bliss Purple Blossom Wallpaper

Vivid purple accents pop on white and mauve blossoms. The Japanese-inspired pattern is designed to look hand-painted over a thistle grey linen print. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Ethereal Purple Ogee Wallpaper

Up close, this foil wallpaper is a mosaic of shimmering jewel tones. Step back to reveal a captivating ogee pattern. Ethereal is a foil non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$179.98 $152.98

Fanciful Plum Floral Wallpaper

Modern blooms adorn a mulberry background. The rich jewel tone is bold and sumptuous. Fanciful is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Twilight Purple Geometric Wallpaper

A muted purple provides a distinguished backdrop for this wallpaper's pattern. Thin lines of metallic silver form a triangular print. Twilight is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$139.98 $118.98

Bloom Plum Floral

Bright purple creates a stunning backdrop in this large scale floral wallpaper. A watercolor effect gives the look of a hand painted mural with vibrant shades of teal, green, gold, and purple.
$139.98 $118.98

Descano Exotic Plum Botanical

Create a vibrant feature wall with this large print botanical wallpaper. A watercolor finish gives the look of a hand painted mural with varying shades of amethyst, emerald, and sapphire.
$139.98 $118.98

Harbour Lavender Lattice

Vibrant shades of emerald, teal, and plum make for a boldly saturated diamond print wallpaper. The geometric design adds a modern element to this classic color palette.
$139.98 $118.98

Sanctuary Lavender Texture Stripe

This ombre stripe has just the subtlest hint of lavender creating a pop of color like a sunset peeking out from the clouds. A distressed effect adds dimension with cream and white accents.
$139.98 $118.98

Adrian Plum Paisley Wallpaper

Plum and teal combine to form a bold and vibrant paisley wallpaper. This dual toned design creates depth with a linen print texture and a soft cream background.
$139.98 $118.98

Allison Lavender Floral

Plum and lavender watercolor flowers dot this floral wallpaper. Upon closer inspection, gold sketch overlays create a more subtle pattern, adding dimension to this beautiful design.
$139.98 $118.98

Audra Purple Floral

A medley of jewel tones combine in this stunning floral wallpaper. Emerald, sapphire, and amethyst create the flowers in this unique 1960's style floral design.
$139.98 $118.98

Charlise Plum Floral Stripe

Pale lavender vines sit in the background of this floral stripe wallpaper. The star of the design is the plum and teal floral that rests in the foreground of the paper. A beautiful watercolor texture makes these flowers a true work of art.
$139.98 $118.98

Chloe Purple Floral

A muted jewel toned color palette shines in this floral wallpaper. Shades of midnight purple and muted magenta contrast with forest green leaves and a taupe background.
$139.98 $118.98

Delphine Plum Floral Trail

The perfect classic floral trail wallpaper for any space. Fun purples and greens harmonize and are contrasted with hints of yellow.
$139.98 $118.98

Elsie Lilac Floral

The watercolor design of this floral wallpaper makes it even more romantic. Shades of purple flesh out the petals of the flowers and green leaves are the perfect natural contrast.
$139.98 $118.98

Georgette Burgundy Jacobean

Whimsical flowers covered in swirls and dots are the base of this Jacobean wallpaper. Hints of sage green and light pink balance out the deep purple shades while a taupe linen backdrop grounds the design.
$139.98 $118.98

Gigi Plum Geometric

Lavender and plum watercolor lines define this geometric wallpaper. A divergence from the typical design, the watercolor effect brings this paper to life. A white and grey background has its own appeal with textured detailing.
$139.98 $118.98

Laure Purple Toile

A classic print gets revamped in this toile wallpaper. A brushstroke design of tiny villages is juxtaposed with traditional floral trails— all done in a beautiful shade of plum.
$139.98 $118.98

Lise Purple Medallion

This beautiful peacock-style medallion wallpaper pops in cool purples with hints of turquoise. A beige background ties the whole thing together and has its own appeal with a linen texture print.
$139.98 $118.98

Lulu Plum Damask

Plum and teal create a gorgeous contrast in this damask wallpaper. A bohemian style shows through with intricate India-inspired details.
$139.98 $118.98

Frequency Lavender Ogee

This fluid geometric has timeless appeal. A pale lavender texture adorned in a swirling ogee print is warm and graceful, bringing an effortless look to walls.
$159.98 $135.98

Isla Mauve Petite Damask

Styled atop a chic patina texture, this exquisite damask has a beautiful energy. Leaves the seem to change from mauve to grey bring a unique touch to this gorgeous wallpaper for a cultured look in any room.
$139.98 $118.98

Marisol Grasscloth Mural

This floral grasscloth mural is stunning. Lively shades of turquoise, aquamarine, lavender, magenta, and plum are an enchanting splendor of color. The grasscloth material absorbs the ink beautifully, adding its own natural texture and color variations for even more depth. Comes in two 34-inch by 104-inch panels.
$699.99 $594.99

Christabel Purple Stria Wallpaper

Thin vertical stripes create a subtle but pleasant texture. The violet color is a bold but fun choice for walls. Christabel is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Morgen Multicolor Stripe Wallpaper

Small-scale ovals give a retro feel to this stripe pattern. Purple, red, rust orange, and white are striking over a midnight navy background. Morgen is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Sparkle Lavender Glitter Wallpaper

Fun and glamorous, this textured foil wallpaper has all the look of glitter without any mess. The lavender color would be perfect for a kids room or boutique. Sparkle is an unpasted, vinyl wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Abigal Lavender Stripe Wallpaper

Feminine and modern, this textured wallpaper is truly beautiful. Its abstract design and mixture of cream, light pink and lavender hues give it the look of a sunset. Abigal is an unpasted, vinyl wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Chet Mauve Tile Texture Wallpaper

Resembling tile, this mauve wallpaper is truly stunning. Metallic details give it an overall sheen, while its heavily textured pattern will add dimension to walls. Chet is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Coleman Periwinkle Distressed Texture Wallpaper

With its charming periwinkle hue and a distressed pattern, this heavily textured wallpaper will add dimension to walls. Its metallic sheen is sure to brighten up any room, giving it a sophisticated style. Coleman is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$35.98 $30.58

Kline Purple Facet Wallpaper

Brighten up girls' bedrooms with this brilliant wallpaper. Crisp lavender, light blue, plum, and cream shapes come together to form a dazzling geometric design. Kline is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$34.99 $29.74

Purr Purple Cat Wallpaper

Calling all cat lovers! Sweet and smiling purple kitten faces pop against an off-white background in this darling wallpaper. Purr is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$34.99 $29.74

Orchis Lavender Flower Branches Wallpaper

Dreamy and romantic, lavender floral branches shimmer with a metallic luster. With an embossed pattern and grey background, this wallpaper has a contemporary feel perfect for modern bathrooms. Orchis is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Brassia Lavender Silhouette Floral Wallpaper

Soft lavender, grey and white meadow flowers dazzle in this romantic wallpaper. With a faint linen print and pastel color palette, this pleasing wallpaper has a dreamy style. Brassia is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$69.98 $59.48

Basilic Purple Mosaic Wallpaper

This textured mosaic will embolden a room with its radiant presence. Romance will find you when you look at the rosy mauve of this wallpaper. Basilic is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Certosa Lavender Floral Stripe Wallpaper

Cream flowers with lavender and shimmering gold details pop in this stripe wallcovering. With an embossed print, this heavily textured wallpaper has a baroque feel. Certosa is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Elena Mauve Damask Wallpaper

Romantic and feminine, this lavish damask wallpaper has a regal feel. A textured surface and a golden sheen give this opulent wallcovering the appearance of velvet. Elena is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Elena Platinum Damask Wallpaper

Icy and bright, this platinum wallpaper has a luxurious lavender sheen. With a textured surface, this damask wallcovering resembles fine velvet. Elena is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Giudecca Eggplant Damask Wallpaper

Opulent purple damasks glimmer in this dramatic vinyl wallcovering. Gold glitter details create an enchanting feel to this embossed print. Giudecca is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Tronchetto Lavender Vertical Texture Wallpaper

With a lavender hue, this striped wallcovering has a romantic and regal feel. Shimmering details and its embossed print create an opulent textured wallpaper. Tronchetto is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Unito Mauve Texture Wallpaper

With a gold sheen, this luxurious mauve wallpaper has a regal and romantic feel. Resembling deluxe velvet, this wallcovering's textured surface adds visual interest. Unito is an unpasted, heavyweight vinyl wallpaper.
$99.98 $84.98

Bertrand Purple Satin Fern Texture Wallpaper

Beautifully rendered, this faux texture wallpaper will make it seem like art has been painted on your walls. A trailing fern design in soft jade and brown pops against the mauve and purple background. With a soft satin finish, this pattern has a luxurious feel.
$99.98 $84.98

Chloe Purple Floral Wallpaper

Soft jewel tones blend harmoniously with a neutral taupe background in this floral wallpaper. Muted magenta and midnight purple blooms combine beautifully with white leaf silhouettes. Modern and whimsical, this wallpaper will look lovely in your home.
$99.98 $84.98

Ditsy Purple Trellis Stripe Wallpaper

Pretty in purple! This chic wallpaper would be a beautiful addition to a nursery or kids room. Lilac stripes alternate with a pearlescent trellis pattern in champagne.
$99.98 $84.98

Ezra Purple Satin Texture Wallpaper

A traditional pattern in regal purple and grey hues. This wallpaper creates a faux texture on walls for an artisanal look. The mauves and violets have a satin finish, and are underscored by a hint of pearlescent inks.
$99.98 $84.98

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