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Our red wallpaper collection is an enticing assembly, full of impactful and warm décor ideas. The many temperaments of red in décor, from rustic brick for timeless warmth, to vibrant scarlet for high fashion glamour, truly set the mood of a room. For dramatic and luxurious red wall coverings, or cheerful, fun  or romantic red decor, these designer wallpapers invite all the beautiful hues of crimson into your space.

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Drizzle Dark Red Speckle Wallpaper

Enrich your space with this speckled texture design. Red and brown hues combine to create an earthy backdrop, while rose gold accents and raised inks add a glamorous touch. Drizzle is an unpasted, solid sheet vinyl wallpaper.
$1.32 $0.99/Sq Ft.

Cody Red Reclaimed Bricks Wallpaper

Complete with distressed accents and grout details, this brick inspired wallpaper has a realistic look. Its rust, red and charcoal print make for a perfect industrial feature wall. Cody is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Cody Rust Reclaimed Bricks Wallpaper

Get a loft effect with faux brick wallpaper. This stone inspired design is complete with various rust hues and distressed details. Cody is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Loft Red Brick Wallpaper

Get the industrial feature wall of your dreams with this red brick wallpaper. The rich colors create a realistic effect with a photographic finish.
$0.44 $0.33/Sq Ft.

Alma Coral Tropical Floral Wallpaper

Brighten your home with this tropical floral print. Stylized flowers and fronds are inked in white against a warm coral background. Alma is an unpasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
$2.80 $2.10/Sq Ft.

Exhale Coral Woven Texture Wallpaper

Raised inks atop a vibrant blend of reds and pinks gives this wallpaper the look and feel of woven fabric. Exhale is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.74 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Jocelyn Red Faux Fabric Wallpaper

This rich faux fabric wallpaper is a warm blend of reds and pinks streaked with orange. Raised inks give this design texture and a realistic look of linen. Jocelyn is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$1.74 $1.30/Sq Ft.

Zamora Coral Brushstrokes Wallpaper

Curved brushstrokes of warm coral intertwine in this bold abstract design. Alternating between light and dark tones against a white backdrop, the variations in each stroke sells the illusion of being painted on. Zamora is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.45 $1.84/Sq Ft.

Archer Red Linen Geometric Wallpaper

Popping with red, orange and pink hues, this eclectic geometric wallpaper has an energetic vibe. Raised inks emphasize its fabric inspired design. Archer is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Lucy Red Floral Wallpaper

Add a splash of color to walls with this retro floral wallpaper. Gorgeous blossoms in an array of red, blue and grey hues have an energetic charm. Lucy is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Bantry Red Geometric Wallpaper

Add a retro flair to walls with this bold geometric design. Pops of red add a splash of color to its black and grey palette. Bantry is an unpasted, acrylic coated paper wallpaper.
$2.30 $1.73/Sq Ft.

Athena Beige Floral Wallpaper

A whimsical wallpaper with a modern Jacobean flair, this floral design is truly charming. Popping red and pink blossoms effortlessly complement sage leaves and a grey background. Athena is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Athena Multicolor Floral Wallpaper

Vibrant and colorful, this modern Jacobean floral wallpaper will add life to rooms. A rich charcoal background hosts beautiful flowers with popping red, pink and blue hues. Athena is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Aya Beige Floral Wallpaper

This enchanting design features rows of light red flowers against a chic beige background. Its painterly design lends to its overall Scandinavian style and whimsical energy. Aya is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Alistair Red Medallion Wallpaper

Add a splash of color to walls with this vibrant medallion wallpaper. Its grey, blue and red watercolor design is complete with botanical motifs. Alistair is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Traverse Red Trellis Wallpaper

Incorporate a splash of color to rooms with this brilliant red trellis wallpaper. Hundreds of dots make up its geometric design, while its painterly style adds an artistic flair. Traverse is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Kazac Multicolor Shibori Wallpaper

Make a bold statement with this stunning wallpaper. Its shibori design pops with red, orange and slate hues. Kazac is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Bargello Red Faux Grasscloth Wave Wallpaper

Add color and dimension to walls with this grasscloth inspired design. A red wave with slides against an off white background, while raised inks and its ikat flair create a textural effect. Bargello is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Birds of Paradise Breeze Red Floral Wallpaper

Curious birds perch amongst fluffy flowers in this nature inspired print. Its brilliant red botanical pattern pops against a crisp white background, creating a transitional design with a bold edge. Birds of Paradise Breeze is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Corona Red Jacobean Wallpaper

Freshen up rooms with this bright red, turquoise and light blue Jacobean wallpaper. Its lively design is accented by subtle distressing, creating a lovingly weathered look. Corona is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.63 $1.98/Sq Ft.

Featherton Coral Floral Damask Wallpaper

Comprised of red, pink, and blue florals, this large scale damask wallpaper has a fun and flirty style. Its inviting watercolor design lends to its transitional style. Featherton is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Giverny Red Miniature Floral Wallpaper

Navy, blue and white miniature flowers pop against a vibrant red background. Its layered design creates a dimensional and hypnotizing effect. Giverny is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Joy De Vie Red Toile Wallpaper

Filled with bridges, pagodas, and fishing boats, this toile design depicts a lush landscape. Its palette of bold red, blue and grey hues is perfect for incorporating color into your décor. Joy De Vie is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.63 $1.98/Sq Ft.

Bliss Coral Blossom Wallpaper

A hand-painted interpretation of Japanese blossoms, this wallpaper feels both fresh and timeless. Vibrant coral accents pop against the grey linen print background. Bliss is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Meru Red Mountain Wallpaper

Bursting with a bevy of patterns in demure and bright red, this wallpaper is lively and captivating. Subtle linen and woven prints add a sense of texture and depth to the mountain design. Meru is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Mikado Red Parasol Wallpaper

Light red and taupe parasols spin over a burgundy background. This wallpaper is a fun and modern addition to any room. Mikado is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Orion Coral Geometric Wallpaper

A distressed effect on the coral lines gives this pattern a hand drawn look. Triangles form six pointed stars and diamonds in this modern geometric. Orion is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Daphne Maroon Trellis Wallpaper

A downright mesmerizing wallpaper. Swirling marble in maroon combines with a gold and white trellis pattern. Daphne is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Ethereal Red Ogee Wallpaper

A mosaic of raspberry and gold rectangles form an abstract ogee pattern. Printed on foil, the shine of this wallpaper is eye catching and modern. Ethereal is a foil non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$3.19 $2.39/Sq Ft.

Nocturnum Maroon Leaf Wallpaper

Tropical leaves adorn a maroon background in this alluring wallpaper. A geometric pattern adds further intrigue and dimension. Nocturnum is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Scrap Wood Red Weathered Texture

This weathered wood wallpaper is the epitome of modern Americana. A mixture of old and new, this design spans the test of time with a distressed texture and classic colors that come together in a beautiful harmony.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Shadow Merlot Flocked Damask Wallpaper

Dazzling and luxurious, this large-scale damask wallpaper is simply stunning. The merlot pattern is flocked over a pearlescent background in a slightly lighter hue. Shadow is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$3.55 $2.66/Sq Ft.

Twilight Red Geometric Wallpaper

Simplicity at its best. The ruby background crossed with metallic gold line work is modern and dramatic. Twilight is a non woven, unpasted wallpaper.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Atrium Coral Trellis

This coral and white trellis wallpaper embraces the past and present. The modern color palette and clean lines contrast with the vintage inspired tile motifs.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Grove Coral Tree

Create a pop of color on your walls with this tree wallpaper. The coral background is bold and bright. The modern tree design has a hand drawn look with a medley of small leaves.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Harmony Coral Ogee

Add a sleek, modern style to your home with this ogee wallpaper. The coral design has intricate detailing with tiny swirls and rope patterns. The large scale print measures ten inches wide.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Jubilee Red Medallion Damask

This red wallpaper has a chic watercolor background that creates an artistic effect. A small white dot print creates a beautiful floral damask with intricate medallions and scrolling ferns.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Oasis Red Linen

This linen print wallpaper has a modern washed red color that is subdued yet still makes an impact. Dimensional shades of deeper reds and lighter whites give the design a natural dye style.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Palladian Coral Links

Large scale five inch links create a dramatic geometric wallpaper design. The mixture of grey and coral is a modern color palette with an ikat effect. A linen print background adds extra dimension.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Plume Coral Ogee

Add a fun print to your walls with this geometric wallpaper. The ogee print is done in a chic color palette of grey and coral with a modern watercolor effect. The white background allows the print to pop.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Ryoan Red Stripes

Add a bold statement to your walls with this striped wallpaper. The Nantucket red color contrasts beautifully with the taupe. Alternating half inch and five inch stripes have a hand painted look with brushstroke detailing.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Trianon Coral Botanical

This botanical wallpaper is a new twist on an old classic. The coral color palette features tonal shading and a hand painted look for a contemporary style.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Twister Coral Trellis

This trellis wallpaper is simply stunning. Stylish grey and coral blend together with ombre techniques that put a contemporary spin on this classic design. A linen texture adds a textile effect to the background.
$2.13 $1.60/Sq Ft.

Balangan Red Damask Wallpaper

A chic red damask wallpaper with ombre shading. The large scale print is full of intricate detailing.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Exhale Coral Faux Grasscloth Wallpaper

This faux grasscloth wallpaper is as vibrant as a summer sunset. The rich coral color has dimensional variations in tone with grey and white accents. Raised inks add a realistic texture.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Laguna Coral Plate Wallpaper

Add a little sunshine to your walls with this medallion wallpaper. Each circle contains a unique print that is full of detail and pattern.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Mare Red Wave Wallpaper

A unique twist on a wave wallpaper. The red and white print has a high contrast style.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

Marilla Red Watercolor Floral

Decorate your walls with this beautiful watercolor floral wallpaper. The dreamy design features weightless blooms, rich shades of golden honey, saffron, and hints of lavender.
$2.48 $1.86/Sq Ft.

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