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Refreshingly simplistic, rustic style highlights cozy natural textures and surroundings. This style celebrates the art of repurposing; reclaimed wood, distressed metals and antiques can commonly be found in rustic homes. Its a charming style that favors color palettes from the natural world, and will bring a warmth to you home.

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Randolph Beige Wine Boxes Wallpaper

The perfect wallpaper for wine connoisseurs! With raised ink details and beautifully scripted labels, this faux wood pattern exudes a rustic vineyard style. Randolph is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.42 $0.71/Sq Ft.

Randolph Brown Wine Crates

A chic and sophisticated texture, these beautiful wine crates add an element of intrigue to your space while letting you enjoy the natural beauty and style that this rustic wallpaper has to offer.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Randolph Cream Wine Boxes Wallpaper

Bring the romance of the vineyard home with this delightful wine crate wallpaper. Raised ink details and beautifully scripted labels give this faux wood pattern a realistic feel. Randolph is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Randolph Grey Wine Boxes Wallpaper

Bring the relaxed feel of a breezy vineyard into your home with this wine crate print. Raised ink gives this charming print the look of actual wooden boxes, and a grey color palette creates a clean and chic look. Randolph is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.42 $0.71/Sq Ft.

Randolph Natural Wine Crates

Rustic yet eloquent, this beautiful wine crate wallpaper features a medley of European wine regions, gracing your space in a design that's cultured as well authentic.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Reclaimed Cottage Blue Wood

Wood wallpaper gets a unique twist with a transparent blue wash. This design features a distressed texture that gives the design a vintage aesthetic.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Reclaimed Cottage Cream Wood

Get the look of wood paneling the easy way. This wood wallpaper comes in a beautiful cream color that would look lovely in any room.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Reclaimed Cottage Gold Wood

Add instant warmth to your home with this golden hued wood wallpaper. A paneling design combined with a distressed texture make this the perfect mixture of classic and contemporary styles.
$1.67 $0.83/Sq Ft.

Rodeo Grey Outhouse Wood Wall

The realistic look of the wood in this wallpaper needs to be seen to be believed! You will add instant style to your home, without the lumber and labor of real wood paneling.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Rodeo White Outhouse Wood Wall

Ground your interior with the visual texture of reclaimed country wood, while brightening your space with the visually enlarging tone of creams and light greys.
$1.60 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Rosario Wheat Faux Weathered Wood

A great way to embellish or create a chair rail, this faux weathered wood paneling looks astonishingly real and rustic on your walls.
$1.42 $1.06/Sq Ft.

Sadie Grey Cottage Plaid

Like your dad's favorite plaid shirt, this checkered wall paper design brings a well-loved look to walls in a classic masculine palette.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Sonoma Black Spanish Tile Wallpaper

With a black and grey color palette, this classic Spanish tile print is timeless. Gently faded brush strokes tie this rustic chic look together perfectly. Sonoma is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Sonoma Blue Spanish Tile Wallpaper

Create the perfect bold accent wall with this faux tile wallpaper. This Spanish-inspired tile is both dramatic and bright with its shades of blue and gently worn paint details. Sonoma is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Sonoma Grey Spanish Tile Wallpaper

Bright and airy, this grey and champagne faux tile wallpaper is ideal for creating a rustic and chic vineyard cottage look. With Spanish inspired tiles, this pattern's gently worn paint details give it an authentic look. Sonoma is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Sonoma Olive Spanish Tile Wallpaper

Bring the romance of Spain into your home with this faux tile wallpaper. Details of gently worn grey and green paint give this pattern an authentic and realistic feel. Sonoma is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Sonoma Taupe Spanish Tile Wallpaper

This taupe faux tile wallpaper is perfect for creating a rustic vineyard feel. With hints of light blue and lovingly worn details, you'll feel like you're in a Spanish plaza with this pattern adorning your walls. Sonoma is a prepasted, easy walls wallpaper.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Tuxbury Beige Birch Tree Wallpaper

Escape into an enchanted forest with this majestic birch tree design. Soothing tones of beige, grey and cream provide a natural entryway that's both stylish and intriguing.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Weathered Brown Wood

This weathered wood wallpaper will give your space the bucolic look of a country barn. If you believe that chipping paint and imperfect planks add charm, then this design is perfect for you.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Distinctive Black Birch Tree Wallpaper

This birch tree wallpaper has a dramatic style. The dark background allows the grey trees to pop. Distinctive is a unpasted, paper wallpaper.
  • Paper wallpaper should be cut with scissors, not a blade.
$0.44 $0.33/Sq Ft.

White Calder Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Create a whitewashed brick wall in your home, no painting or grout required. This wallpaper has realistic detail to make it appear dimensional and textured. Calder is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$0.53 $0.40/Sq Ft.

Tanice Beige Faux Wood Texture

Celebrating the raw beauty of wood grain, this textured wall covering brings rustic detail to walls in a natural beige, grey and brown palette.
$1.97 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Tanice Black Faux Wood Texture

With a beautifully deep palette, this stunning faux wood texture enriches walls in a handsome design of smooth lines topped with raised ink effects. A perfect masculine wallpaper for a study, office or man cave.
$1.97 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Tanice Blue Faux Wood Texture

An airy blue and grey palette creates a look that's both whimsical and fresh. This faux wood wallcovering brings organic richness to walls, while still maintaining an artistic air that's anything but normal.
$1.97 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Tanice Brown Faux Wood Texture

Dressed in a warm chocolate brown hue, this faux wood wall covering invites a rustic look to walls enhanced with raised inks and artistic detail.
$1.97 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Tanice Cream Faux Wood Texture

With a cream and ivory base, this textured wall paper canvases walls in a smooth wood design that boasts simplistic perfection.
$1.97 $0.49/Sq Ft.

Tanice Grey Faux Wood Texture

A soft mixture of light grey and charcoal blend seamlessly together on this textured wall paper design that invites the look of authentic wood to walls in a new and refreshing way.
$1.97 $1.48/Sq Ft.

Tanice Ivory Faux Wood Texture

Add the look of natural wood to walls with this beautiful ivory wallcovering. With soft raised inks and a slight shimmering iridescence, this textured design brings rustic enchantment to any space.
$2.30 $1.15/Sq Ft.

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