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Ainsley Red Boho Floral

A wallpaper print full of effortless inspiration. This boho floral is a playful room accent packed with vibrant colors and vivid detail.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Brynn Coral Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

Color walls in a pretty coral hue with this stylish wallpaper design. Alternating stripes of varied widths create a mesmerizing scene that features gorgeous medallions encased in an ornate paisley print.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Brynn Grey Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

A soft pale pink and silver grey make a romantic pairing on this paisley wallpaper. Decorated in beautiful boteh motifs, medallions and mehndi style details, this ornate stripe brings a sophisticated look to your space backed by a fresh exotic allure.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Brynn Indigo Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

Tailor walls to fit your lifestyle with this gorgeous indigo and white wallpaper. Wide bands are alternated with an embellished stripe for a global look that's nothing but fascinating.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Brynn Pink Paisley Stripe Wallpaper

An ornate stripe that exudes elegance and beauty. This stylish wallpaper aligns walls in a gorgeous paisley print filled with both global detail and a majestic presence.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Flower Power Green Patchwork

A pretty mint and pastel blue are arranged in a lively patchwork print. This delightful wallpaper shimmers ever so delicately while happy florals add an invigorating and fun touch.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Flower Power Indigo Patchwork

Awaken walls in a patchwork of playful florals that seem to bloom by the minute. This boho wallcovering has both depth and charm, making a stylish impression wherever it may reside.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Flower Power Pink Patchwork

A playful floral meadow is arranged in a pretty patchwork design on this free-spirited wallcovering. Dreamy pink and purple hues give it a girly touch that shimmers ever so lightly with metallic ink accents.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Free Spirit Coral Floral

Let your inner free spirit reign with this exquisite wall décor. Pretty florals take geometric form, creating a stylish wallpaper design with a fresh and happy energy.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Free Spirit Indigo Floral

Dazzling jewel tones give this happy chic wallpaper a glamorous new look. Shades of indigo and emerald, amethyst and maroon, are presented effortlessly alongside each other, forming a chic geometric constructed out of a free-spirited collection of florals.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Free Spirit Turquoise Floral

An energetic floral print in a fresh and invigorating palette. This happy chic wallpaper packs a playful punch, with a fabulous geometric arrangement and adventurous creative spirit.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Gemma Aqua Boho Medallion

Colorful medallions radiate enthusiasm and charisma on this stunning wallcovering. A fresh coral and aqua palette invite a vibrancy to your space, bringing a free-spirited punch to décor.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Gemma Coral Boho Medallion

Beautiful coral, grey and yellow medallions create a fascinating kaleidoscope effect on walls. Evocative of the romantic suzani fabrics of Central Asia and the Middle East, this bohemian chic wallpaper enchants with brilliant bursts of color and a gorgeous global look.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Gemma Light Pink Boho Medallion

A dreamy wallpaper design in a beautiful blend of pale pink, grey, beige and white. This fabulous medallion print has a calming energy, creating the perfect bohemian chic look for your room.
USD $2.48 USD $.93/Sq Ft.

Geo Green Quatrefoil

Like the awakening of Spring, this fresh green wallcovering blooms a lovely tiled effect on walls. Treated to a chic patina distressing, this colorful wall décor makes a happy statement.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

Geo Pink Quatrefoil

With influences from Spain and Morocco, this ornate geometric gives walls an authentic look and feel. A beautiful tile effect is artfully done, while a chic patina provides the finishing touch.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Geo Turquoise Quatrefoil

Bringing the chic look of a tiled wall to your space, this turquoise and grey geometric is done in a perfect midscale pattern. Layered in a stylish patina effect, this ornate wallpaper is forever timeless.
USD $2.48 USD $.93/Sq Ft.

Geo Violet Quatrefoil

This quatrefoil print redefines a space with all the charm and style of an ornately tiled wall. Violet and indigo are an inspired match, lending a rare look to this timeless wallpaper.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Gypsy Light Pink Damask

Once up, you'll want to wallpaper every room in your home with this stylish damask. Pink and grey are a sophisticated pair, making this elaborate design come alive on walls in a sweet and romantic way.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Gypsy Red Damask

This poetic fusion of East meets West dresses walls in a swirling refrain of damask tendrils. Like a vintage treasure, this bold wallpaper fills your home with a boho chic spirit.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Hip Grey Texture

With a fresh Moroccan vibe, this time-honored texture in a chic grey, brings a warm energy to your room with a small scale geometric that has an inviting spirit.
USD $2.48 USD $.93/Sq Ft.

Hip Pewter Texture

A fabric inspired texture that's cultured and chic. With just the right amount of distressing, this gorgeous grey wallcovering dresses walls in a stylish geometric that's warmed atop a hand-woven linen texture.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Iris Coral Shibori

A beautiful shibori print in warm tones of coral and grey. This dreamy wallpaper has an ethnic spirit that brings a captivating energy to any and all spaces in your home.
USD $2.48 USD $.62/Sq Ft.

Iris Green Shibori

With a beautiful starburst shibori pattern, this happy chic wallpaper makes a colorful statement Pretty pastels recreate the look of a hand-dyed fabric, spreading a free-spirited energy throughout your space.
USD $2.48 USD $1.24/Sq Ft.

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