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Shangri La is an exotic new collection of grasscloth wallpapers from Kenneth James. With a dazzling array of natural textures, this book incorporates unique knots, bamboo, jute, and basket weaves in every style from tight and fine to wide and rustic. A beautiful spectrum of greens, including sage, olive, forest, and seaweed is presented alongside natural oatmeal and camel hues with some delightful dashes of shimmering gold and silver.

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Ayako Sage Grasscloth

A fine grasscloth wallpaper, woven atop a natural sage green hue.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Bing Qing Beige Grasscloth

A rustic grasscloth wallpaper, providing an eco-chic knotted weave in an organic hue.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Bo Taupe Grasscloth

An even grasscloth weave in a chic taupe color, creating a subtle intrigue in an exotic natural material for walls.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Chan Juan Taupe Grasscloth

A fine grasscloth wallpaper, creating a delicate burlap texture in eco-chic taupe.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Chang Taupe Grasscloth

Craving a natural look for walls? This grasscloth wallpaper adds an intriguing texture with eco-chic materials in a soft flaxen beige.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Fang Taupe Paper Weave

An exotic, artisanal paper weavethat brings a cultured, natural allure to walls in taupe.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Fang Yin Light Brown Grasscloth

A remarkable and artistic woven grasscloth wallpaper. Creates depth and an exotic allure on walls in a color reminiscent of sand.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Fen Beige Grasscloth

An organic neutral straw hue and silky sea grasses lend intrigue to walls in this eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Hanami Light Green Grasscloth

A gentle, misty sea green grasscloth wallpaper with a fine abaca weave.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Hui Ying Taupe Grasscloth

This very chic woven pattern of natural taupe straw creates a basket pattern on walls. An exotic grasscloth wallpaper, authentic and eco-chic.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Isaku Light Green Grasscloth

An eco-chic natural grasscloth weave in seafoam green.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Isami Light Blue Grasscloth

A uniquely knotted grasscloth weave over a chic azure blue paper.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

JiaLi Brown Grasscloth

A luxurious grasscloth wallpaper, weaving espresso brown grasses over a chic silver paper.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

JiangLi Taupe Grasscloth

An artistic woven technique lends an exotic quality to this natural grasscloth wallpaper. Taupe and brown.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Jin Light Grey Grasscloth

Beautiful silken grasses are woven and knotted together in this chic pale grey grasscloth wallpaper.
$1.94 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Jing Beige Grasscloth

An intriguing and nuanced grasscloth weave, celebrating the unique color and size variations of natural straw on a black background.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Juan Grey Grasscloth

A tightly woven grasscloth wallpaper in a warm, sophisticated ash grey.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Kashi Silver Grasscloth

A glamorous grasscloth stripe with shimmering silver nuances and an eco-chic texture.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Kimi Light Green Grasscloth

A silky and rustic natural grasscloth wallpaper in a refreshing sea green hue.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kimiyo Aqua Grasscloth

A gorgeous turquoise colored grasscloth wallpaper with an eco-chic texture for walls.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Kuan-Yin Cream Grasscloth

A beautiful basket weave grasscloth wallpaper in a warm vanilla cream colorway.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Kumi Green Grasscloth

A wide-weave natural bamboo grasscloth wallpaper in a bright green hue.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Kumiko Green Grasscloth

An eco-chic grasscloth wallpaper in a silky forest green hue.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Lei Gold Grasscloth

A gorgeous golden paper peeks through a chic grasscloth weave.
$3.89 $2.92/Sq Ft.

Li Beige Grasscloth

A lovely creme brulee colored grasscloth wallpaper with a gentle weave.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Li Ming Beige Grasscloth

A chic grasscloth weave in a natural whole wheat colorway.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Li Na Light Brown Grasscloth

A pecan colored natural grasscloth wallpaper, with a cultured, exotic weave.
$1.94 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Li Qin Beige Grasscloth

This natural grasscloth wallpaper adds a very appealing weave to walls in a warm pecan hue.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Li Wei Beige Grasscloth

A particularly exotic grasscloth weave, lending a chic thatched hut texture to walls or ceilings.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Lian Beige Grasscloth

Gorgeous on the wall, or wallpaper a ceiling with this chic thatched grasscloth weave of silky sea grasses.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Lien Light Brown Paper Weave

This chic paper weavewallpaper is beautiful for walls, or to wallpaper a ceiling with an exotic, natural woven texture.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Lin Beige Grasscloth

A chic arrangement of natural grass stalks, lending an environmentally friendly beauty to walls.
$599.98 $19.99

Lin Yao Light Brown Grasscloth

A stylish grasscloth weave, creating a subtle rusching stripe effect in a warm tan brown hue.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Ling Cream Grasscloth

A silky grasscloth wallpaper weave, bright and beautiful sea grasses in a pale cream straw hue.
$1.94 $1.46/Sq Ft.

Lok Beige Paper Weave

A sophisticated, neutral weave, this natural paper weavewallpaper adds a subtle texture to walls in an eco-chic material.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Mayumi Aqua Grasscloth

Wide, flat bamboo in a gorgeous turquoise hue. This natural grasscloth wallpaper has an exotic allure.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Michiko Green Grasscloth

An exotic dark green bamboo grasscloth wallpaper, with a wide, flat natural weave.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Michima Light Green Grasscloth

A taut natural weave abaca grasscloth wallpaper in a chic pear green hue.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Mika Sage Grasscloth

Sage green grasscloth brings intrigue and texture to walls in an eco-chic bamboo.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Mirei Light Green Grasscloth

The natural pale green hue of this chic grasscloth weave acts like soothing neutral with an intriguing texture.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Misa Light Green Grasscloth

A stylized grasscloth wallpaper creating a basket-weave of natural green and cream grasses.
$3.06 $2.29/Sq Ft.

Miyo Green Grasscloth

A beautiful grassy green hue with a soft, natural weave brings interest to walls in an eco-chic material.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Miyoko Green Grasscloth

Wide bamboo grasscloth wallcovering in a pleasing green hue creates a natural intrigue on walls.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

Narumi Light Green Grasscloth

A lovely natural grasscloth weave in a pleasant, neutral green hue.
$4.17 $3.12/Sq Ft.

Pei Cream Grasscloth

A gentle taupe cream hue creates a soothing eco-chic beauty for walls in a tight, silky grasscloth weave.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Peiyan Light Green Grasscloth

An uplifting Spring green hue grasscloth wallpaper, woven with a tight silky texture.
$3.61 $2.71/Sq Ft.

Ping Cream Grasscloth

This naturally woven grasscloth wallpaper creates an artisanal and exotic texture for walls.
$4.86 $3.65/Sq Ft.

Qi Taupe Grasscloth

Cover your walls with the beauty of natural sea grass, woven and knotted together in an eco-chic grasscloth texture.
$2.78 $2.08/Sq Ft.

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