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The designs in Somerset House evoke a sense of Victorian charm, conjuring an image of a stately manor house in the beautiful English countryside. From blossoming floral patterns to a scenic toile, modern chinoiserie and handsome stripes, each wallpaper design has a vintage beauty that's been recreated for today's home.   

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Anne Blue Ticking Stripe

A classic wallpaper design, this blue and ivory stripe blends seamlessly into d eacute;cor for a chic and timeless upgrade.
$93.98 $75.18

Anne Gold Ticking Stripe

Clean, simple style lies at the heart of this chic wallcovering of beige and gold stripes resembling a lightweight linen fabric.
$93.98 $75.18

Anne Teal Ticking Stripe

Like the linens you would find inside a cottage by the sea, this teal wallcovering has a textile appearance with crisp clean stripes that add an enduring quality to walls.
$93.98 $75.18

Charlotte Blue Vintage Rose Toss

Style your own beautiful home with this vintage wallpaper design of lovely blue roses atop a calming expanse.
$93.98 $75.18

Charlotte Pink Vintage Rose Toss

Vibrant pink roses are displayed on a cream colored backdrop, making a colorful impression in any room. A lovely wallpaper for both a botanical feature wall as well as to dress an entire room.
$93.98 $75.18

Charlotte Purple Vintage Rose Toss

Design an enchanted hideaway with this vintage floral toss in a lovely shade of purple. A poetic wallpaper print that's able to balance sophistication and style in an effortless way.
$93.98 $75.18

Charlotte Yellow Vintage Rose Toss

These golden yellow roses are a striking site. Artful, gorgeous and elegantly detailed, this vintage wallpaper print exudes fresh, timeless beauty.
$93.98 $75.18

Elinor Blue Linen Texture

A warm and delightful texture that has a fresh spring vibe. Give your walls depth with this clean and versatile wallpaper.
$93.98 $75.18

Elinor Grey Linen Texture

This grey wallpaper redesigns the look of your walls with a sophisticated linen texture bringing both depth and style to your room.
$93.98 $75.18

Elinor Mint Linen Texture

Soften walls with this warm mint wallcovering that has a beautifully textured appearance similar to the linen fabrics you see drying in the summer sun.
$93.98 $75.18

Elinor Rose Linen Texture

A lovely complement to each design in the collection, this beautiful linen texture looks perfectly elegant in a pale rose hue.
$93.98 $75.18

Elinor Yellow Linen Texture

This delicate texture of a chic linen fabric, brings soft beauty to walls that's airy and light in a pale yellow hue.

Elizabeth Blue Wildflower Trail

An engaging wallpaper print abounding natural detail and charm. With exquisite depth, this bounteous floral trail completely reinvigorates your room.

Elizabeth Grey Wildflower Trail

Like an enchanted woodland meadow, this floral wallpaper invites an exotic mystique to walls. Greys mixed with beige offer a neutral setting, while songbirds float majestically to and fro.
$93.98 $75.18

Elizabeth Purple Wildflower Trail

This breathtaking garden view of flourishing wildflowers intermixed with charming songbirds, brings a delightful air to your home in a cool and comforting palette of purple and grey.
$93.98 $75.18

Elizabeth Rose Wildflower Trail

Float between an enchanting meadow of wildflowers and songbirds with this romantic wallpaper design that features a pretty rose and grey palette full of feminine appeal.
$93.98 $75.18

Elizabeth Teal Wildflower Trail

This modern day chinoiserie transports you to a magical meadow where sweet song birds sing a romantic melody. Grey branches adorned with teal wildflowers enchant walls while inviting a delightful whimsy to d eacute;cor.
$93.98 $75.18

Elizabeth Yellow Wildflower Trail

A splendid scene of yellow wildflowers amongst songbirds and flourishing branches, creates a botanical menagerie indoors that speaks to the brilliant beauty of nature.
$93.98 $75.18

Emily Rose Blossom Trail

Style your own beautiful manor house with this exquisite wallpaper of a burgeoning blossom trail. Layered atop a soft texture, this picturesque scene of pink and ivory florals has fabulous depth.
$93.98 $75.18

Emily Yellow Blossom Trail

Bask in the warm sunshine and paint a majestic picture with these pale yellow blossom branches that are a happy and whimsical addition to walls.
$93.98 $75.18

Isabella Blue Toile

This lovely toile wallpaper in a classic blue and white pairing, tells a romantic tale on walls of a lovely summer afternoon spent in the French countryside.
$93.98 $75.18

Isabella Gold Toile

Accented with gold metallic details, this beautiful beige and cream wallpaper depicts a tranquil scene from the French countryside, setting the perfect tone to your newly designed room.
$93.98 $75.18

Isabella Grey Toile

This enchanted toile depicts a cheerful scene of the French countryside in a stylish grey and white palette. Lively florals, stone wells and cottages in the distance, all add to the nostalgic vibe that surrounds this charming wallpaper.
$93.98 $75.18

Isabella Teal Toile

Escape to the French countryside with this handsome teal wallpaper. A couple shaded beneath a blossoming tree, a beautifully carved stone well, cottages in the distance and a cheerful dog at foot, make this elegant toile a perfect vintage accompaniment to your room.
$93.98 $75.18

Louisa Blue Rose Trail

Reminiscent to a beautiful home d eacute;cor fabric, this elegant blue wallpaper brings a vintage air to walls with a beautiful floral trail sketched atop a warm woven texture.
$93.98 $75.18

Louisa Gold Rose Trail

Vintage beauty at its finest, this romantic rose trail is etched in gold, igniting walls in a rare and spectacular splendor.
$93.98 $75.18

Louisa Grey Rose Trail

An elegant rose print that looks to have been sketched on walls, makes this grey wallcovering a timeless treasure.
$93.98 $75.18

Lydia Grey Floral Ditsy

A casual and sweet wallpaper print depicting a polka dot of dainty florals atop a light grey landscape.
$93.98 $75.18

Lydia Lavender Floral Ditsy

Super sweet with a lavender base, this ditsy floral is fun and fresh. Exude feminine charm with this lovable and cheerful print.
$93.98 $75.18

Lydia Mint Floral Ditsy

A darling print of petite ivory florals atop a mint green sea. Fresh and pretty, this ditsy wallpaper design has a charming whimsy that's delightfully infectious.
$93.98 $75.18

Lydia Rose Floral Ditsy

Give walls a sweet makeover with this lovely floral wallpaper that features a charming ditsy print with hand-stenciled charm.
$93.98 $75.18

Lydia Yellow Floral Ditsy

This darling wallpaper design has a light luminosity that draws you in. A pale yellow canvas sprinkled in pretty florals is both sweet and charming.
$93.98 $75.18

Marianne Blue Rose Trellis

A sweet trellis design that captures the beauty of a single rose. Invite an heirloom look to walls with this grey and blue wallcovering that's simple and timeless.
$93.98 $75.18

Marianne Gold Rose Trellis

An exquisite trellis design depicting a single rose incased inside each triangular wall. Sketched in gold and placed atop a subtle cream texture, this graceful wallcovering creates an impressive and striking scene.
$93.98 $75.18

Marianne Grey Rose Trellis

This delicate rose toss that's been entangled in a sweet trellis design, brings a dreamy aura to walls in a lovely shade of grey.
$93.98 $75.18

Marianne Rose Rose Trellis

With a vintage essence, this elegant trellis contains a perfect single rose within each triangular keep. A sweet rose palette atop a lightly textured canvas gives it a delicate and soft appearance.
$93.98 $75.18

Marianne Teal Rose Trellis

As if being swayed by a delicate wind, tiny roses dance in between a vine inspired trellis, styling an elegant garden escape indoors to be enjoyed always.
$93.98 $75.18

Sophia Grey Damask

Pretty floral bouquets and sweeping garlands give this eloquent wallpaper a romantic touch. A stylish damask that gives d eacute;cor both beauty and breadth.
$93.98 $75.18

Sophia Yellow Damask

With a fashionable and refined air, this cream and yellow damask looks elegant on walls bringing the picture of a country manor house to mind.
$93.98 $75.18

Sophia Rose Damask

This sweet damask is layered with pretty floral bouquets and darling garlands. A Victorian style charm gives this elegant wallcovering both beauty and class.
$93.98 $75.18

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