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Stars are a brilliant décor choice. From sparkling night skies to country-style designs, this luminous collection of star wallpapers and borders shines extra brightly on walls. With wonderful faux effects that include weathered wood and patina finishes to stars hung effortlessly between berries and vines, this inviting assortment brings warmth to a home's interior.

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Starlight Black Diamond Wallpaper

The 1920's have become modern again. This art deco inspired diamond wallpaper has a sleek geometric pattern. The starburst design has wavy edges that create movement along the wall.
USD $3.19 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Starlight Dove Diamond Wallpaper

Modern meets classic with this starburst wallpaper. The white background and cool grey design creates a subtle contrast. The art deco inspired design has a surface print design for extra dimension.
USD $3.19 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Starlight Grey Diamond Wallpaper

Shades of grey create a serene contrast in this celestial starburst wallpaper. The diamond shape has waved edges that give the design a hint of movement. A surface print effect adds dimension to the design.
USD $3.19 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Starlight Neutral Diamond Wallpaper

This diamond wallpaper has an art deco design with a modern update. The grey on beige color scheme makes this neutral design a versatile choice. A surface print effect creates added dimension.
USD $3.19 USD $2.08/Sq Ft.

Starfleet Navy Blue Stars

This sci-fi wallpaper re-creates the mystical beauty of the night sky for your walls. A timeless and imaginative space wallpaper.
USD $1.21 USD $.78/Sq Ft.

Blast Off Honey Outer Space

Shoot off into the great unknown with this fun space wallpaper! Perfect for any child who admires the stars or dreams of meeting aliens from another galaxy.
USD $2.13 USD $1.38/Sq Ft.

Blast Off Space Blue Border

Get ready to blast off with an out-of-this-world wallpaper border! Perfect for your adventurous child's bedroom. With this border they'll dream beyond the stars.
USD $3.63 USD $2.36/Sq Ft.

Blast Off Space Turquoise Border

An adorable adventure is sure to ensue with this outer space wallpaper border. Orange rockets and green planets are only the beginning of what can be discovered when your child's imagination begins to wander!
USD $3.63 USD $2.36/Sq Ft.

Blast Off Turquoise Outer Space

The galactic world awaits! Colorful spaceships and shooting stars dot the sky as you zoom through the planets. Let your imagination fly to the moon and back.
USD $2.13 USD $1.38/Sq Ft.

Stars Blue Stars

With all the depth of the night sky, this star wallpaper is sure to ignite your little one's imagination. Whether they love outer space or wizardry, this celestial design is the perfect print.
USD $2.13 USD $1.38/Sq Ft.

Stars Turquoise Outer Space

Turquoise skies break away for bright yellow stars that shine through the night. This magical design is perfect for your adventure and magic-loving child.
USD $1.06 USD $.53/Sq Ft.

Stars Grey Stars

This star print wallpaper comes in a pretty grey color. Perfect for a space themed room, this wallpaper is fun and classic.
USD $2.13 USD $1.38/Sq Ft.

Stars Sky Blue Stars

The prettiest shade of sky blue makes this fun star wallpaper pop. Perfect for a space themed children's room, this design has a celestial beauty.
USD $2.13 USD $1.38/Sq Ft.

Night Sky Blue Stars

Create an awe inspiring view of the cosmos with this space themed wallpaper. A rich night sky blue is twinklling with all the wonder of stars and planets!
USD $1.21 USD $.78/Sq Ft.

Guthrie Taupe Wood Panel

For a fun Americana style, this wallpaper creates an authentic wooden panel look with vintage wood-cut stars! In taupe and burgundy hues, this design has a rustic-chic charm.
USD $1.53 USD $.99/Sq Ft.

McGraw Beige Stars Wallpaper

Transform rooms into a place of comfort with this effortlessly charming wallpaper. Its country design features linen inspired beige stars and atop a white backdrop. McGraw is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

McGraw Grey Stars Wallpaper

Hosted on a faux fabric backdrop, large scale grey stars stun with linen inspired accents. Its clean and simple pattern is perfect for country homes. McGraw is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Mcgraw Navy Stars Wallpaper

Linen inspired stars with a denim hue pop against a crisp white background in this country design. Its inviting energy is perfect for creating a cozy space. Mcgraw is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Mcgraw Teal Stars Wallpaper

Add a chic rustic feel to walls with this teal star design. Hosted on a backdrop made to resemble linen, this vintage styled wallpaper has a cozy feel. Mcgraw is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Tammy Grey Starbrust Wallpaper

Coat your walls with this country chic grey starburst design. Its simple pattern and crisp white backdrop will give rooms a refreshing energy. Tammy is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Tammy Light Blue Starbrust Wallpaper

Light blue stars waltz across a crisp white background in this effortlessly charming wallpaper. Distressed details emphasize its cozy chic style. Tammy is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Tammy Yellow Starbrust Wallpaper

Bright and cheerful, this cozy chic wallpaper features bursting stars. Wheat and white hues will add warmth to rooms. Tammy is a prepasted, non woven blend wallpaper.
USD $1.24 USD $.81/Sq Ft.

Alfred Red Gathering Room Signs Border

Perfect for a den or kitchen, your friends and family will feel comfortable and welcome in your home with this border. Weathered, wooden signs depicting the simple pleasures are highlighted with a black, maroon, and wheat color scheme.
USD $5.16 USD $3.36/Sq Ft.

Apple Creek Beige Country Toss

Fashioned atop a beige stone texture, this darling country wallcovering brings a lovely toss of wreaths and hearts, birdhouses and stars, and pretty ribbons and fresh Berriesto walls, that create a warm and inviting entrance for any room in your home.
USD $1.42 USD $.92/Sq Ft.

Apple Creek Stone Country Toss

A charming picture of sweet angels, crafted hearts, elegant wreaths and shimmering stars bring county chic style home to stay with a wallpaper design that looks darling atop a rustic stone backdrop.
USD $1.42 USD $.92/Sq Ft.

Blondie Pink Rock Star Toss Border

For your little rock star, this fun and flirty border would be wonderful in a little girl's room! Pink cheetah print, electric guitars, stars, peace signs, kisses, and hearts will inspire the performer within.
USD $4.3 USD $2.79/Sq Ft.

Bryndle Beige Barnstar & Sprigs

Tailored atop a warm beige canvas, this Americana style wallcovering welcomes a rustic simplicity to walls with a five-pointed star and berry sprig design.
USD $1.6 USD $1.04/Sq Ft.

Bryndle Grey Barnstar & Sprigs

Originally meant to represent the trademark of a specific barn builder, barn stars add chic rustic detail to a room. With a mix of grey tin stars and lush red berries, this stone textured wallcovering is the epitome of country style.
USD $1.6 USD $1.04/Sq Ft.

Caring Candles Dark Red Border

The perfect wallpaper border for a traditional country or cottage chic home. Hand painted elements add an artistic touch to the trees and signs.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Danny Maroon Potpourri Trail Border

Dark and damp, you will sense the aroma of cinnamon, rosehips, apple slices, and much more with this depiction of potpourri lined on a shelf.
USD $3.82 USD $2.48/Sq Ft.

Diva Pink Cheetah Hearts Stars Border

For the diva-in-training, this fun border features pink and black animal-print hearts and stars!
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Diva Purple Cheetah Hearts Stars Border

If your little girl is a mini diva and loves purple, look no further! This border features animal print hearts and stars against a cream-colored background.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Diva Purple Hearts Stars Cheetah Border

For the little diva in your life, this border has it all: hearts, stars, cheetah print, and zebra stripes!
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Ennis Sand Rustic Barn Star Border

This rustic tin star border with berry sprigs will make you feel like you are surrounded by a country canopy, year-round.

Ethan Sky Star

Clouds offer a fun backdrop to a child's room or playroom and this playful wall covering of puffy white clouds, creates a magical place for your little one to play and learn, imagine and discover.
USD $1.42 USD $.71/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Brown Border

If hope, faith, and love are the most important things in your life, then this country wallpaper border is for you. Modern stars combine with classic berries and banners for a contemporary appeal.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Red Border

Celebrate your values with this country wallpaper border. Bucolic hues of cranberry, navy blue, and forest green make the perfect classic color palette.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Teal Border

This cottage style wallpaper border is an instant classic. Celebrate love, hope, and faith with a star design. Berry wreaths and ribbon banners add a homey touch.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

George Cream Tin Star Trail Border

Crisp, like a snowing afternoon, this border features tin, nautical stars and scrolling berry vines on top of a snowy parchment. A true country delight!
USD $5.61 USD $3.65/Sq Ft.

George Sand Tin Star Trail Border

Mimicking tin, nautical stars and scrolling vines with berries, this border adds serious country flair to any room.
USD $5.61 USD $3.65/Sq Ft.

Graham Cream Rustic Star Trail Border

Tin nautical stars hang from a dark charcoal and white wooden beam. Vines with pink berried weave in and out of the hanging stars, to create depth and interest.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Graham Sand Rustic Star Trail Border

Beautiful maroon nautical stars, made to mimic tin material, hang from sand and brown wooden beams. Pink berry vines weave around the hanging stars.
USD $5.33 USD $3.47/Sq Ft.

Harlow Black Everything Grows With Love Border

Sow seeds of love throughout your home with this garden pretty wall paper border, where a shelf full of pretty trinkets, seeds and tools, invites a charming look to your room.
USD $4.8 USD $3.12/Sq Ft.

Harlow Blue Everything Grows With Love Border

Designed with gardening in mind, this country style wallpaper border coordinates in perfect harmony, bringing a happy scene of wooden signs, flourishing potted plants, bird houses and baskets full of seeds to your newly decorated room.
USD $4.8 USD $3.12/Sq Ft.

June Black Heritage Tin Star Border

Mounted on a canvas of antique wood, this star and berry wall paper border looks to have been passed down from generation to generation, only becoming more beautiful with age.
USD $5.61 USD $3.65/Sq Ft.

June Blue Heritage Tin Star Border

Create a look that stands the test of time with this tin star wall paper border, where a seasoned backdrop and winding berry trail glisten in a brilliant shade of blue.
USD $5.05 USD $3.28/Sq Ft.

Kinsey Black Live Laugh Love Border

As if handed down from generation to generation, the Live, Laugh, Love wallpaper border brings a warm cheer to walls inspired by the importance and value of family and friends.
USD $5.14 USD $3.34/Sq Ft.

Kinsey Blue Live Laugh Love Border

Remember to always enjoy life to the fullest with the Live, Laugh, Love wall paper border, a perfect motto to inspire daily motivation and cheer.
USD $5.14 USD $3.34/Sq Ft.

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