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Offering a wide range of styles to appeal to the broad scope of personal taste in today's home, Stripes by Chesapeake satisfies all personalities. From vivid and bold, to subtle and chic, this rich assortment of stripes features woven and textured designs to decorative, tailored and bright. Create a home that never goes out of style with the beautiful and versatile designs that make up this fine collection of stripes. 

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Millinocket Fog Illusion Stripe

This chic designer wallpaper brings a stylish air to walls. With the look of a well designed fabric, this warm neutral stripe with a touch of silver is a spectacular décor statement.
$1.77 $0.44/Sq Ft.

Oakland Aqua Grasscloth Stripe

Achieve the look of natural grasscloth with this serene wallpaper design. Styled in a cool aqua hue, this global stripe is chic and sophisticated.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Oakland Beige Grasscloth Stripe

With the look of natural grasscloth, this vertical tonal stripe, adds a cultured look to walls in a soothing medley of neutral hues.
$1.67 $0.83/Sq Ft.

Oakland Mauve Grasscloth Stripe

With a soothing elegance, this pretty mauve wall covering has a beautiful effect on walls with a faux grasscloth texture that's been donned in a chic tonal stripe.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Oakland Pewter Grasscloth Stripe

Sophisticated and stylish with a dash of intrigue, this faux grasscloth texture brings a cultured look to walls with a handsome tonal stripe in a chic shade of grey.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Oakland Stone Grasscloth Stripe

A gorgeous stone colored wallcovering that adds intrigue to your walls with a tonal stripe design atop a faux grasscloth landscape.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Presque Isle Light Grey Regal Stripe

This ornate stripe design in a soothing light grey and soft cream, creates a stylish new way to decorate your walls.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Presque Isle Sage Regal Stripe

Resembling the interior walls of an ancient palace, this ornate wall covering has a regal air with an antiquated stone backdrop and elegantly carved stripe.
$1.77 $0.89/Sq Ft.

Presque Isle Taupe Regal Stripe

A dashing taupe stripe that looks to have been carved out of stone. This regal wall paper has a cultured air evoking decadent and timeless style.
$1.77 $0.89/Sq Ft.

Rangeley Aqua New Avalon Stripe

Decorating walls in a stylish damask print with a textured stripe overlay, this handsome wallcovering in aqua and taupe, brings eloquent detail to walls in a sophisticated and chic new way.
$1.67 $0.42/Sq Ft.

Rangeley Beige New Avalon Stripe

With a stripe texture in the foreground masking a flourishing damask print, this eloquent wallpaper design gives décor a sophisticated air.
$1.77 $0.44/Sq Ft.

Rangeley Brass New Avalon Stripe

This beautiful brass wall paper brings a textile look to walls. Shaded in a grey damask print atop a subtle stripe, this alluring décor piece has a warming energy.
$1.77 $0.89/Sq Ft.

Rangeley Grey New Avalon Stripe

This stylish new stripe marries a flourishing damask with a fabric like texture for the ultimate in chic decorating. A sophisticated grey palette is both relaxed and striking.
$1.77 $0.89/Sq Ft.

Rockland Cream Marble Stripe

With the enticing look of smooth marble, this cream and beige stripe makes a clean and elegant statement on walls. A perfect neutral wallpaper design for any style home.
$1.60 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Rockland Ocean Marble Stripe

Coastal blue hues dazzle between two vertical stripes for a clean and finished look. A perfect complement to any boy's room or nautical inspired bathroom.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Saco Brick Parker Stripe

A time honored wood texture that brings a rustic beauty to walls. Designed in rich, earthy tones, this stripe wall paper exudes warm lodge charm.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Saco Espresso Parker Stripe

With the look of beautifully aged wood, this rich beige and espresso wallpaper has a country charm that's both enticing and warm.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Saco Sky Parker Stripe

A soft blue and cream stripe design that has the look of aged wood. A lovely complement to lodge inspired décor or a country style home.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Sebago Blue Dry Brush Stripe

This beautiful sky blue wall paper has a magical air with soft brushstrokes of color and an artistic and effortless composition.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Sebago Burnt Sienna Dry Brush Stripe

This stunning, brownish red texture with hints of beige and blue is a cultured décor statement, warming walls in artistic brushstrokes reminiscent to a painters canvas.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Sebago Grey Dry Brush Stripe

A soft and enticing charisma makes this textured wallcovering a true masterpiece in any space. Brushstrokes in grey, beige and cream are both artistic and graceful on walls.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Sebago Moss Dry Brush Stripe

Like an artists canvas, this stylish wallpaper design mimicking a medley of colorful brushstrokes in rich and natural tones, creates a beautiful focal point in your room that's sophisticated, cultured and brilliant!
$1.67 $0.83/Sq Ft.

Steuben Beige Turf Stripe

This clean stripe set against a slightly textured backdrop, makes a classic décor statement in any room. A pairing of cream and beige is refreshing and calm, adding a peaceful scene to walls.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Steuben Wheat Turf Stripe

This soft beige stripe with a delicate touch of sage, inspires a warm and fresh interior. Relax décor with this classic wallcovering that has a lovely linen look and feel.
$1.60 $0.40/Sq Ft.

Stonington Bone Awning Stripe

A soft and smooth glow makes this sleek stripe a stylish décor statement. A fine bone and cream wall paper that looks majestic wherever it is placed.
$1.60 $0.40/Sq Ft.

Stonington Brown Awning Stripe

As if looking into the depths of an exotic stone, this warm brown wallpaper has a wondrous allure. Greens, greys and tans offer up a distressed appearance that recreates this classic stripe.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Stonington Cream Awning Stripe

Glimmering with a soft pearlescent sheen, this cream and beige wall covering styles a classic stripe design on walls with a time-honored brilliance and dazzling outlook.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Surry Aqua Soft Stripe

This brilliant blue stripe has a soft and dreamy allure. Featuring a watercolor texture in a beautiful tonal design, this treasured wall paper is timeless and enchanting.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Surry Grey Soft Stripe

With a gorgeous pearlescent shimmer, this grey and ivory stripe creates a classic interior that's both chic and timeless.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Surry Sky Soft Stripe

Shades of light blue align perfectly on this classic wallcovering for a sophisticated and timeless décor piece. A perfect tonal stripe design laden with a soft shimmer.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Wells Beige Candy Stripe

With well-worn appeal, this neutral wall covering exudes timeless comfort. Beige, grey and cream stripes align perfectly on walls for a handsome and tailored look.
$1.77 $0.89/Sq Ft.

Wells Burnt Sienna Candy Stripe

This beautifully tailored design brings rich detail to walls in a stunning reddish-brown hue. A sophisticated stripe wall paper with a handsome presence, perfect for any library, office or study.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Wells Cream Candy Stripe

A classic look for walls, this cream pinstripe design is both tailored and chic. Clean lines of varying widths bring added dimension for a stylish and unblemished appearance.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Wells Denim Candy Stripe

Like your favorite button down shirt, this blue pinstripe wallcovering has a timeless appearance. Tailored style blended with well-worn details exudes classic comfort.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Wells Grey Candy Stripe

Clean, sophisticated style, this grey pinstripe wall paper is a classic décor piece bringing a wonderful tailored look to walls.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Wells Pink Candy Stripe

Beautiful ribbons of pink, green and yellow, celebrate the beauty of color showering décor in cheerful detail. This candy stripe wallpaper is fresh, pretty and delightful.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Wells Sand Candy Stripe

Soft and serene, this beautiful sand colored wallpaper has a relaxing energy. A classic pinstripe design that's both casual and chic.
$1.77 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Wells Sky Candy Stripe

With a slightly worn appearance, this calming stripe in a light and airy blue hue, is like a favorite button down shirt, classic, warm and well-loved.
$1.67 $1.25/Sq Ft.

Wiscasset Burnt Sienna Farmhouse Stripe

Rustic and warm, this red-brown wallpaper matches a vertical herringbone stripe with a highly textured backdrop, creating a cozy décor piece perfect for any lodge style abode, country home or farmhouse retreat.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

Wiscasset Cream Farmhouse Stripe

Evoking cozy, country style, this cream wall paper featuring a vertical stripe atop a grainy texture is an inviting accompaniment to décor.
$1.60 $1.20/Sq Ft.

York Beige Crestfield Cove Stripe

This beautifully polished wide stripe has a smooth, creamy canvas. Decorated in a warm beige texture, this elegant wallpaper evokes clean, effortless style.
$1.35 $0.34/Sq Ft.

York Mauve Crestfield Cove Stripe

Exuding effortless style, this lovely mauve wall paper refreshes walls in clean, uncomplicated detail. Beautiful textural effects add a hint of intrigue for the perfect put together look.
$1.35 $0.34/Sq Ft.

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