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Texture Trends II is diverse collection of small print wallpapers and subtle textures. From small ogees to shining metallics, these wallpapers are ideal for creating a visually dynamic wall or accenting a bold feature wall. Unique colors and techniques from sea green to bright mustard and watercolor to wood.

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Regalia Off-White Dot Wallpaper

This dot print wallpaper has a shimmering pearlescent finish. The spotted print adds a subtle texture that is perfect on its own or as a complement to a feature wall.
USD $.99 USD $.74/Sq Ft.

Regalia Rust Dot Wallpaper

This matte gold wallpaper is a subdued metallic perfect for any room. Small dots create a playful texture.
USD $.99 USD $.74/Sq Ft.

Sage Hill Coral Texture Wallpaper

A textured wallpaper with all the beauty of a pink rose petal. This warm peachy pink wallpaper has a variegated texture and a subtle woven print.
USD $.99 USD $.74/Sq Ft.

Sarge Blue Texture Wallpaper

Add a pretty pop of color and texture to your walls with this blue wallpaper. The cornflower colorway is as pretty as a spring morning. A stripe texture adds a subtle dimension.
USD $.99 USD $.74/Sq Ft.

Sarge Brown Texture Wallpaper

A brown textured wallpaper with a shimmering flair. This unique design combines a warm chocolate brown base with a shimmering ink and raised texture.
USD $.99 USD $.5/Sq Ft.

Sarge Red Texture Wallpaper

This red textured wallpaper is a bold choice for the daring decorator. A beautiful gold shimmer runs throughout the design creating a glistening texture.
USD $.99 USD $.5/Sq Ft.

Sarge Taupe Texture Wallpaper

This sand colored wallpaper is the perfect way to add a subtle texture to your walls. The print has the look of a natural grasscloth weave with a tactile dimension.
USD $.99 USD $.74/Sq Ft.

Tangent Neutral Geometric Wallpaper

A unique geometric wallpaper. This line design has a modern flair with a neutral color palette and subtle raised ink.
USD $1.06 USD $.8/Sq Ft.

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