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Textures, Techniques & Finishes is a comprehensive resource for textured wallpaper, including subtle accents and chic faux effects. With wood wallcoverings, brick wallpapers, and leather looks alongside artisanal plasters and delicate textures, these stylish designs will transform your walls.

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Ambra Cream Texture

Adding texture to your walls with wallpaper is a chic way to create a stylized warmth that is coordianted and subtle. This design catches the light in pearl neutrals.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Angelo Taupe Plaster Texture

Enlighten your fine décor details with this textured wall paper design, creating a taupe plaster texture that is chic and authentic.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Bristol Brick Brick Texture

Longing for the historic-chic look of an exposed brick wall? This textured brick wallpaper creates an authentic detail complete with expanded texture and varied tawny palette.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Bristol Taupe Brick Texture

Constructed like a fine rock wall, this textured wallpaper lays a natural brick on your walls with uncomparable detail and authentic expanded feel. Taupe grey and espresso.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Flagstone Grey Flagstone Rock Wall Texture

To channel a castle wall paper your room with an authentic flagstone wall texture. Soft rosy greys and an expanded texture make this artisanal wallpaper a chic choice.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Flagstone Taupe Flagstone Rock Wall Texture

Add a castle wall paper accent by authentically creating the look and feel of a flagstone rock wall. This stone wallcovering is artisanal and chic in taupe grey.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Franklin Brown Rustic Pine Wood

For those who love the outdoors, this textured wallpapers allure is that of a log cabin. Authentic expanded texture and the photo realistic quality truly encapsulate wide pine planks.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Isaac Brick Woven Texture

A warm and fashionable textured wallpaper. Brick red is visible behind a chic weave of apricot and ash colored fibers.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Lepeka Beige Grasscloth

Subtle and nuanced, this faux grasscloth wallcovering has the appealing natural look of a fine weave in beige.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Lepeka Brown Grasscloth

Want to bring a natural décor look to your walls? This faux grasscloth wallcovering replicates the genuine look of an exotic weave.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Lepeka Dark Green Grasscloth

Adding an exotic depth to walls, this black and green grasscloth wallcovering creates a look of natural intrigue.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Lepeka Green Grasscloth

Eco-chic and fresh, this green grasscloth wallcovering replicates the authentic look and feel of an exotic weaving.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Marco Light Grey Plaster Texture

Bring a fresh dimension to your walls with a histoical feel. This plaste texture wallpaper is subtle, in soft grey with splashes of brick and slate hues.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Marco Taupe Plaster Texture

Somewhere between beige and grey lies taupe, a French neutral with an alluring sublety. This plaster texture wallcovering adds dimension and an artisanal style to your walls.
$1.24 $0.93/Sq Ft.

Montana Taupe Wood Panel Wallpaper

An authentically textured wallpaper truly re-imagines your walls. This wood panel wallpaper has an organic taupe hue.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Montana White Wood Panel Wallpaper

This white texture wallpaper custom designs your wall into an authentic wood panel in a clean white palette. Fresh and country-chic in any room.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Urbania Brick Red Brick Texture

Having an exposed brick wall is an amzing décor asset. This brick wallcovering creates the authentic look and feel of bricks with an expanded texture and artisanal details.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Abella Gold Damask Texture

A rich texture for walls, this gold wallpaper has the look of painted linen.
$89.98 $19.99

Ambra Beige Stylized Texture

Bring a blushing warmth to your walls with this pearleascent textured wallpaper.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Ambra Brass Stylized Texture

A rich bronze wallpaper with a pearl texture.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Ambra Cream Stylized Texture

A pearl hued textured wallpaper that catches the light in delicate moments.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Ambra Tawny Stylized Texture

A stylish wallpaper with texture and intrigue in warm burgundy and brown hues.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Brielle Beige Blossom Texture

Creating the look of organic cotton on walls, this linen texture wallpaper is a chic accent.

Brielle Cream Blossom Texture

A soft woven linen look for walls, this textured wallpaper has a chic fabric effect in a natural oatmeal hue.

Brielle Nude Blossom Texture Wallpaper

A delicate, texture wallpaper with the look of natural linen, this design has an organic appeal with a slight metallic finish.

Coolidge Red Silk Floral Texture

Classy and fine, this red textured wallpaper drapes your walls in a rich upholstery, elegant in any era.
$89.98 $19.99

Coolidge White Silk Floral Texture

An organic cotton hue, this textured wallpaper creates an upholstered fabric appeal on walls.

Corinne Tawny Tuscan Texture

bring warmth and style to your walls with this artisanal plaster texture wallpaper in tawny brown.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Fabian Beige Damask Texture

A neutral wallpaper with a sophisticated vintage feel in cream and taupe crackle.

Fabian Light Green Damask Texture

A raised texture vintage style wallpaper brings a cracked effect to walls in a mossy green hue.
$89.98 $19.99

Isaac Black Woven Texture

A sophisticated black, taupe and grey weave, this wallpaper is textured and fashionable.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Pergoda Blush Pergoda Texture

As if your wall had been plastered by a Master italian artisan, this wallpaper brings character and style.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Pergoda Light Grey Pergoda Texture

Taking your walls to intriguing depths of texture and style, this taupe grey plaster wallpaper is cultured and chic.

Sabrina Beige Tin Ceiling

Inspired by ceiling tiles, this textured wallpaper creates an authentic tile design on walls. Chic pearl and raised ink effects come to your walls in taupe and apricot hues.
$1.35 $1.01/Sq Ft.

Silas Sage Medallion Texture

A textured wallpaper with layers of nuanced detail, this sage wallpaper creates an antique linen look on walls.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Virgil Light Blue Texture

A subtle texture wallpaper with the look of a creamy Danish blue.
$1.06 $0.80/Sq Ft.

Virgil Light Brown Texture

A warm and invitng brown hue, and a nuanced texture, gives this subtle wallpaper a gentle allure.
$59.98 $19.99

Virgil Light Yellow Texture

A pleasant pale yellow hue and the subtle marble of a kitchen tile, this textured wallpaper is gentle and timeless.
$59.98 $19.99

Ardennes Brown Wood Panel

Bringing a rustic warmth to any space, this wood panel wallpaper has true to life texture and detail.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Ardennes Dark Brown Wood Panel

Bring a rich, historical detail to a space with this wood panel wallpaper. An authentic texture and a deep pecan wood hue make for a classy accent.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Ardennes Light Brown Wood Panel

Truly creating the rustic look of an authentic wood panel, this wallpaper is a chic natural accent for walls.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Ardennes Light Grey Wood Panel

A weathered and warm wood panel wallpaper with the hue of a sun kissed Cape clapboard.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Ardennes Taupe Wood Panel

Creating an admirable and authentic natural accent, this wood panel wallpaper has a realistic textured wood design.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Bangkok Beige Plaster

This intriguing textured wallpaper creates a designer look on walls in a soothing feng-shui hue.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Bangkok Brown Plaster

A sophisticated plaster texture wallpaper with an edgy designer finish.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Bangkok Light Grey Plaster

Pearl, worn away to reveal sea grey, this designer wallpaper has an organic and intriguing texture.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Byzantine Beige Small Tile

A small tile wallpaper, with an artisanal qualtiy and authentic texture. Soothing beige and organic shapes.
$1.70 $1.28/Sq Ft.

Byzantine Silver Small Tile

Cultured and mod, this tile wallpaper creates a trompe l'oueil effect on walls in silver and pewter.

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