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Textures, Techniques & Finishes is a comprehensive resource for textured wallpaper, including subtle accents and chic faux effects. With wood wallcoverings, brick wallpapers, and leather looks alongside artisanal plasters and delicate textures, these stylish designs will transform your walls.

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Pergoda Gold Pergoda Texture

A rich gold plaster texture for walls, this wallpaper creates a cultured, artisanal feel.
$95.98 $76.78

Pergoda Light Grey Pergoda Texture

Taking your walls to intriguing depths of texture and style, this taupe grey plaster wallpaper is cultured and chic.
$95.98 $76.78

Pergoda Pearl Pergoda Texture

A pearlescent plaster texture for walls, this wallpaper is cultured and fine.
$95.98 $76.78

Sabrina Beige Tin Ceiling

Inspired by ceiling tiles, this textured wallpaper creates an authentic tile design on walls. Chic pearl and raised ink effects come to your walls in taupe and apricot hues.
$75.98 $60.78

Silas Grey Medallion Texture

Warm and natural, this taupe grey texture wallpaper has an inviting and classy intrigue.
$95.98 $76.78

Silas Sage Medallion Texture

A textured wallpaper with layers of nuanced detail, this sage wallpaper creates an antique linen look on walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Virgil Light Blue Texture

A subtle texture wallpaper with the look of a creamy Danish blue.
$59.98 $47.98

Virgil Light Brown Texture

A warm and invitng brown hue, and a nuanced texture, gives this subtle wallpaper a gentle allure.
$59.98 $47.98

Virgil Light Yellow Texture

A pleasant pale yellow hue and the subtle marble of a kitchen tile, this textured wallpaper is gentle and timeless.
$59.98 $47.98

Allaire Beige Cable Stripe

A subtle stripe wallpaper with a cable knit texture in neutral khaki.

Ardennes Brown Wood Panel

Bringing a rustic warmth to any space, this wood panel wallpaper has true to life texture and detail.
$95.98 $76.78

Ardennes Dark Brown Wood Panel

Bring a rich, historical detail to a space with this wood panel wallpaper. An authentic texture and a deep pecan wood hue make for a classy accent.
$95.98 $76.78

Ardennes Light Brown Wood Panel

Truly creating the rustic look of an authentic wood panel, this wallpaper is a chic natural accent for walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Ardennes Light Grey Wood Panel

A weathered and warm wood panel wallpaper with the hue of a sun kissed Cape clapboard.
$95.98 $76.78

Ardennes Taupe Wood Panel

Creating an admirable and authentic natural accent, this wood panel wallpaper has a realistic textured wood design.
$95.98 $76.78

Bangkok Beige Plaster

This intriguing textured wallpaper creates a designer look on walls in a soothing feng-shui hue.
$95.98 $76.78

Bangkok Brown Plaster

A sophisticated plaster texture wallpaper with an edgy designer finish.
$95.98 $76.78

Bangkok Light Grey Plaster

Pearl, worn away to reveal sea grey, this designer wallpaper has an organic and intriguing texture.
$95.98 $76.78

Bangkok Taupe Plaster

High fashion, with a feng-shui organic appeal, this taupe plaster wallpaper has a designer texture.
$69.98 $19.99

Byzantine Beige Small Tile

A small tile wallpaper, with an artisanal qualtiy and authentic texture. Soothing beige and organic shapes.
$95.98 $76.78

Byzantine Copper Small Tile

A stunning tile wallpaper with a regal copper sheen.
$69.98 $19.99

Byzantine Silver Small Tile

Cultured and mod, this tile wallpaper creates a trompe l'oueil effect on walls in silver and pewter.
$95.98 $76.78

Byzantine Taupe Small Tile

Portuguese white stone tiles, arranged in a soothing framework with an authentic texture. A trompe l'oueil wallpaper that trruly replicates a tiled wall.
$95.98 $76.78

Cairo Brown Leather

The ultimate in sophisticated materials, this designer faux leather wallpaper kindly creates the look and feel of bound leather for walls.
$95.98 $76.78

Cairo Taupe Leather

Rustic or mod, from man cavedécorto an industrial loft space, this taupe faux leather wallpaper kindly creates a sophisticated allure.
$95.98 $76.78

Cairo White Leather

This white leather wallpaper is faux, sophisticated, authentic, and oh-so-chic. Perfect for a modern décor.
$95.98 $76.78

Davio Beige Heavy Plaster

Banish ordinary. Any wall can have character ad artisanal allure with this plaster texture wallpaper in beige.
$75.98 $60.78

Davio Dark Brown Heavy Plaster

No mater what type of wall you have now, this textured wallpaper can create a vintage plaster look with character and class. Dark brown.
$75.98 $60.78

Giovanni Blue Scratch Marble

A vintage marble wallpaper with a scratched blue beauty.
$69.98 $55.98

Giovanni Brown Scratch Marble

Warm and inviting, this brown marble wallpaper sets a fine textured backdrop for any fine spaces.
$69.98 $19.99

Giovanni Cream Scratch Marble

A lavish yet soothing detail for walls, this marble wallpaper creates a timeless texture.
$69.98 $55.98

Giovanni Sage Scratch Marble

A warm green marble wallpaper with artisanal taupe details. Inviting and fine for enduring style.
$69.98 $55.98

Giovanni Tawny Scratch Marble

A soapstone detail in tawny brown, this wallpaper has a warm effect on the walls.
$69.98 $55.98

Jaipur Beige Elephant Skin Texture

A refined wallpaper with a gentle speckle effect.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Grey Elephant Skin Texture

A gentle speckle and a delicate texture, this subtle grey wallpaper is reminiscent of an elephant.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Light Green Elephant Skin Texture

A soft speckle texture wallpaper, reminiscent of an elephant in pale greenish grey.
$75.98 $60.78

Jaipur Taupe Elephant Skin Texture

A very delicate textured wallpaper with a subtle speckle effect.
$69.98 $19.99

Jaipur Tawny Elephant Skin Texture

Like a bronzed elephant, this wallpaper has a tawny hue and a delicate speckle texture.
$69.98 $19.99

Natuche Beige Linen Stripe

A cultured stripe wallpaper with the look of a finely woven beige fabric. Perfect for a masculine or neutral décor.
$69.98 $19.99

Natuche Grey Linen Stripe

Warm up a space with this sophisticated striped wallpaper. With the look of a cultured fabric one might expect to see in an exotic country, in a soft linen grey.
$75.98 $60.78

Natuche Light Grey Linen Stripe

With the look of an organic cotton linen fabric one might expect to find in an upscale market, this wallpaper brings a striped effect to walls.
$75.98 $60.78

Natuche Mauve Linen Stripe

A very fine stripe wallpaper with the look of a linen fabric. A gentle mauve nuance warms this wallpaper with a cultured sublety.
$75.98 $60.78

Pergoda Beige Pergoda Texture

A warm pearl accent for walls in beige, this wallpaper creates an artisanal Italian plaster look.
$95.98 $76.78

Pergoda Light Green Pergoda Texture

This soft pearl green wallpaper acts as a fresh neutral in any space, with an artisanal plaster texture.
$95.98 $76.78

Pergoda Taupe Pergoda Texture

Create an authentic plaster texture on walls with this artisanal wallpaper in taupe and pearl.
$95.98 $76.78

Sabrina White Tin Ceiling

Inspired by vintage ceiling tiles, this white wallpaper creates a raised texture on walls along with a lovely tile pattern.
$59.98 $47.98

Sante Grey Pebbles

This trompe l'oueil wallpaper creates a soothing feng-shui effect on walls with photorealistic pebbles. Shades of grey with authentic texture.
$95.98 $76.78

Sante Taupe Pebbles

A photorealistic pebbles wallpaper creating a soothing feng-shui energy in any space with trompe l'oueil sophistication.
$95.98 $76.78

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