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Vintage Rose is an elegant new floral wallpaper collection full of romance and heirloom blooms. This fine wallpaper is distinguished by a lovely selection of small prints. The patterns are graced with an alluring, embossed silk finish in a precious palette of blushing pastels, pearl whites, and shimmering neutrals. Regal scrolls, trellis patterns, and glamorous cameos provide coordinated embellishment to the burgeoning rose prints, complete with borders and soft textures, all enhanced by a satin radiance.

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Ala Beige Embossed Stripe Texture

A neutral texture wallpaper with fine satin striping.
$85.98 $64.48

Ala Blush Embossed Stripe Texture

A gentle blush of silk stripe wallpaper, classy and muted with a soft elegance.
$85.98 $64.48

Ala Pearl Embossed Stripe Texture

A neutral texture wallpaper, lined with ribbons of satin.
$85.98 $64.48

Alex Olive Delicate Satin Floral Trail

With a romance reminiscent of an English rose garden, this vintage style wallpaper has an elegant hush of brass and mauve silk.
$89.98 $67.48

Alex Pastel Delicate Satin Floral Trail

This darling vintage rose wallpaper has a sumptuous satin finish in pastel pink, purple and white.
$89.98 $67.48

Alex Pink Delicate Satin Floral Trail

A vintage rose design evoking the sweetness of an English garden, this pink and white wallpaper is brushed with a soft satin finish.
$89.98 $67.48

Alexa Beige Floral Meadow Border

This romantic rose border has a cottage-chic English garden inspired print.
$33.99 $25.49

Alexa Olive Floral Meadow Border

A regal and romantic wallpaper border, gilded in a brassy olive green silk finish, with vintage roses.
$33.99 $25.49

Alexa Pink Floral Meadow Border

A romantic English style rose garden border with vintage style pinks in a satin finish.
$33.99 $25.49

Alexis Beige Satin Floral Stripe

A romantic vintage print evoking an English garden, cottage-chic look. This floral stripe wallpaper casts walls in the elegance of satin.
$89.98 $67.48

Alexis Olive Satin Floral Stripe

The rich brass green hue of this silk stripe wallpaper brings a regal finish to walls. An elegant rose print adds a touch of romantic whimsy.
$89.98 $67.48

Alexis Pastel Satin Floral Stripe

A pretty pastel wallpaper, dressing your room in the elegance of vintage silk.
$89.98 $67.48

Alexis Pink Satin Floral Stripe

A classic rose stripe wallpaper with a design perhaps influenced by an English garden. Soft neutrals and pretty pink, all finished in a satin radiance.
$89.98 $67.48

Amanda Beige Floral Trail

A delicate wallpaper, softening a space with the elegance of vintage silk.
$89.98 $67.48

Amanda Champagne Floral Trail

A charming home décor idea with a romantic silk splendor. This pretty vintage floral wallpaper is subtle and soft, a delicate textured effect.
$89.98 $67.48

Amanda Light Blue Floral Trail

Charm your home with this vintage wallpaper design. A tangle of shimmering silk flowers with a pretty blue tint make a romantic backdrop.
$89.98 $67.48

Amanda Light Green Floral Trail

Nature's first green is gold. This vintage silk wallpaper blushes with the promise of spring, and a subtle textured allure.
$89.98 $67.48

Amanda Taupe Floral Trail

Soften and delight your decor with this elegant vintage wallpaper, trailing antique white silk flowers.
$89.98 $67.48

Crown Beige Marble Texture

Like palace marble for your walls, this radiant pearl beige wallpaper adds a luxurious finish.
$85.98 $64.48

Crystal String Beige Twined Satin Texture

Silk, the ultimate luxury for walls, braided with chic twill accents in a warm neutral palette.
$79.98 $59.98

Crystal String Cream Twined Satin Texture

Soften your space with this delightful silk wallpaper design, creating a fine twill look in cream and beige.
$79.98 $59.98

Kendra Beige Scrolling Stripe

Cappuccino and pearl silk are embossed with a gorgeous vintage scroll in this classy silk stripe wallpaper.
$89.98 $67.48

Kendra Neutral Scrolling Stripe

A luxe silk finish and a classy scroll stripe bring tradition to new heights of fine in this antique white wallpaper.
$89.98 $67.48

Kendra Platinum Scrolling Stripe

The tradition of stripes, enhanced to regal standards with a Baroque scroll detail. This fine wallpaper could best be described as platinum and pewter.
$89.98 $67.48

Kendra Taupe Scrolling Stripe

A fine stripe wallpaper with luxurious silk scrolls in a taupe and white palette.
$89.98 $67.48

Kezea Lavender Petit Floral Urn

Pretty mauve and lavender blossoms, dancing around ornate urns on an ecru white satin.
$89.98 $67.48

Kezea Light Brown Petit Floral Urn

An enchanting floral wallpaper in warm brass, sepia, and mauve.
$89.98 $67.48

Kezea Pink Petit Floral Urn

A fine silk wallpaper, embossed with a delicate floral urn print in taupe, white and pink.
$89.98 $67.48

Kezea White Petit Floral Urn

A sophisticated pale grey silk, embossed with a romantic swirl of floral bouquets.
$89.98 $67.48

Kris Brass Aviary Cameo Fleur Border

A charming vintage wallpaper border, cast in bronze silk. A peacock roams a botanical garden between ornate cameo flowers.
$33.99 $25.49

Kris Platinum Aviary Cameo Fleur Border

A lush silk wallpaper border, resplendent with heirloom beauty. Peacocks lounge in a botanical garden, and flowers repose in pretty cameo frames. Pearl grey, pink and blue.
$33.99 $25.49

Kristin Blush Rose Trail

Blossoming a vintage Victorian beauty on walls, this rose wallpaper has a romantic silk finish in champagne and blush hues.
$89.98 $67.48

Kristin Salmon Rose Trail

A delicate Victorian garden for your room, brushed in vintage silk accents. Pink roses bouquets are connected by satin vines on a platinum white backdrop.
$89.98 $67.48

Lorelai Blush Floral Stripe

Add a sweetheart elegance to walls with this vintage wallpaper design. Precious bouquets of princess pink flowers trail between sumptuous silk scrolls.
$89.98 $67.48

Lorelai Light Blue Floral Stripe

Romanced by the soft luster of silk, this vintage floral stripe wallpaper has an enduring beauty. Pearl white, Cinderella blue and delicate Spring green.
$89.98 $67.48

Lorelai Light Green Floral Stripe

With the hopeful radiance of Spring's first green, this vintage wallpaper design is an elegant silk treasure.
$89.98 $67.48

Lorelai Peach Floral Stripe

Cast in vintage peach hues, this silk stripe wallpaper brings a timeless romance to your walls.
$89.98 $67.48

Lorelai Taupe Floral Stripe

A graceful and lush silk stripe wallpaper, dancing with stripes of vintage silk flowers and scrolls. Antique white, peach and taupe.
$89.98 $67.48

Lori Light Green Floral Trellis

Like a fine vintage silk, this pretty pearl and green wallpaper designs an elegant floral trellis on your walls.
$89.98 $67.48

Lori Peach Floral Trellis

Vintage charms a lush silk splendor bring an elegant trellis effect to walls in this peaches and cream rose wallpaper.
$89.98 $67.48

Lori Taupe Floral Trellis

A subtle taupe and antique white palette is brushed with luxurious silk touches in this vintage floral wallpaper.
$89.98 $67.48

Lory Blush Floral Border

A fine wallpaper border, shimmering with the elegance of silk. A lush trail of pretty pink blossoms adds a touch of romance to décor.
$33.99 $25.49

Lory Light Blue Floral Border

An enchanted vintage wallpaper border, where pale blue flowers scroll across pearl white silk.
$33.99 $25.49

Lory Light Green Floral Border

Looking for a beautiful wallpaper border with enduring elegance? With vintage elements a soft silk finish, this floral border is just lovely.
$33.99 $25.49

Lory Peach Floral Border

Sweetheart bouquets, painted in vintage peach silk. Enlighten your décor with this fine wallpaper border.
$33.99 $25.49

Marianne Light Blue Floral Bough Border

Evoking the romance of cherubs and a Victorian manor, this vintage wallpaper border sweeps pretty boughs of blue blossoms across walls.
$35.99 $26.99

Marianne Mauve Floral Bough Border

A vintage Victorian wallpaper border, evoking romance in any room. Ornate pink blossoms and architectural details reminiscent of cherubs.
$35.99 $26.99

Marianne Purple Floral Bough Border

Romance your décor with a vintage wallpaper border. As if the cherubs had decorated your room for eternal beauty, this ornate satin rose border is poised to enchant in mauve, cream and brass.

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