Wall Décor

Wall decor is the perfect way to give your home a fresh look. With a huge selection of peel and stick decals, tapestries, tiles, and more, there's something for every home. These easy to apply pieces take the fear out of decorating. 


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Brinly Mirrored Copper Starburst Wall Art

These metal starbursts are perfect for hanging over a couch, mantle, or bed. The set of three creates dimensional wall art.
$30.99 $23.24

White Starfish Wall Decor

Add a beachy style to your home with this white starfish wall art. The design has realistic details with a textured finish.
$17.99 $13.49

Ruth Abstract Circles Metal Wall Art

Incorporate abstract art into your home with this circle design. The overlapping shapes vary in size and are made of metal.
$14.99 $11.24

Seraphina Metal Wall Art Quote

Delicate vines and a quote are rendered in metal to create dimensional wall art. The clear glass sign reads Life takes you to unexpected places; love always brings you home.
$17.99 $13.49

Keyes Rose Metal Wall Art

A rose is artfully rendered in metal. The grey flower has burnished brzone vines branch out to either side, making this metal wall art a great choice for above doors or beds.
$20.99 $15.74

Wylber Rings Metal Wall Art

Concentric circles form an abstract design. The gold, black, and silver metal wall art can be hung horizontally or vertically.
$30.99 $23.24

Nandar White Carved Medallions

Decorate your home with this three piece medallion set. The whitewashed bohemian design is accented by subtle distressing that brings out the hand carved motifs.
$26.99 $20.24

Burrill Brass 3 Piece Starburst Set

This 3 piece starburst set stands out on its own, or can be placed in a gallery wall to add dimension. In brass, the metal wall art is a glam and modern accent for your home.
$20.99 $15.74

Avita White Hand Carved Panel

This hand carved panel has all the charm of a wrought iron gate from another era. A distressed texture on the white paint adds to the vintage feel.
$35.99 $26.99

Kylah Whitewash Hand Carved Wall Art

A whitewash finish emphasizes the artistry of this hand carved design. The large flourishing scroll design would be perfect for over a mantle, door, or bed.
$40.99 $30.74

Jevan Whitewash Medallion Panel

Three scroll medallions with floral centerpieces make up the interior of this narrow panel. The hand carved design is whitewashed for a rustic look.
$49.99 $37.49

Zanda Carved Palm Tree Panel

Add a splash of the tropics to your walls with this hand carved palm tree panel. Whitewashed wood and an open design give the wall decor an airy feel.
$30.99 $23.24

Burrill Silver Starburst Wall Art

This silver starburst wall decor set it a beautiful addition to any home. The silver and black design can fit any style from chic to bohemian to mid-century.
$20.99 $15.74

Rocchio Black and Silver Starburst Wall Art

Give your walls a new look with this starburst set. The three piece set is black and silver.
$30.99 $23.24

Izara Floral Metal Wall Art

This floral wall art has a beautiful finish. Black vines and mint flowers form a flowing piece of art.
$30.99 $23.24

Denzel Teal Carved Medallion

This Moroccan wall medallion will add instant style to your walls. The teal color is a bright and beautiful hue.
$20.99 $15.74

Ranson White Decorative Shelf

A shelf with as much beauty as function. The hand carved design along the back of the white shelf is backed with mirrors.
$30.99 $23.24

Tuton White Carved Wall Clock

This hand carved clock will add a beautiful style to any wall. The white frame has an intricate design that accents the roman numeral timepiece.
$40.99 $30.74

Milukas Boat Framed Print

Saturated colors abound in this lovely art print of a beached boat. The off-white frame is cleverly designed to resemble real wood with a distressed finish.
$30.99 $23.24

Milukas Sailboats Framed Print

Three sailboats set off into a brilliant sunset in this print reproduction of an original painting. An off-white faux wood frame has realistic details and a distressed finish.
$35.99 $26.99

Milukas Harbor Framed Print

Print reproduction of a stunning painting featuring boats in harbor. A white mat and blue-grey faux wood frame complement the saturated purples and blues of the print.
$35.99 $26.99

Wynter Yellow Carved Mirror

A round mirror is surrounded by large gold nailheads and a hand carved frame. The pale yellow paint is artfully distressed.
$40.99 $30.74

Lebonn Gold Carved Mirror

Make a statement on your walls with this beautiful hand carved mirror. A metallic gold texture shines on the white scalloped edge layers that build up to a round mirror.
$79.99 $59.99

Azalea Hanging Linen Tapestry

With muted pink and green hues, this lovely azalea linen tapestry has an antique style. The twine rope allows for easy hanging.
$23.99 $17.99

Cat Hanging Linen Tapestry

Perfect for animal lovers, this hanging linen tapestry features a grey and black tabby cat. A twine rope and wooden rod allow for easy hanging.
$23.99 $17.99

Celestial Map Hanging Linen Tapestry

Invite the beauty of the stars into your decor with this stunning navy linen tapestry. Featuring a celestial map, this wall hanging has a dreamy energy.
$35.99 $26.99

Chinoiserie Hanging Linen Tapestry

With traditional bucolic imagery, this chinoiserie linen tapestry has an antique flair. Various blue and green hues emphasize its timeless style.
$23.99 $17.99

Crane Hanging Linen Tapestry

Featuring a majestic crane, this hanging linen tapestry has a sophisticated energy. Its muted green and brown hues give it the look of a fine art print.
$23.99 $17.99

Elephant Hanging Linen Tapestry

An elephant gracefully sways its trunk in this linen hanging tapestry. Its black and grey hues give this animal wall decor a vintage look.
$23.99 $17.99

Flamingo Hanging Linen Tapestry

Add a tropical flair to rooms with this timeless flamingo linen tapestry. Its subtly faded pink and blue hues emphasize its antiquated style, while a twine rope allows for easy hanging.
$23.99 $17.99

Giraffe Hanging Linen Tapestry

As if looking through the leaves of a jarrah tree, a curious giraffe peeks down at you in this charming wall tapestry. Its monochrome palette will add a vintage flair to rooms.
$23.99 $17.99

Globe Map Hanging Linen Tapestry

Add a stately flair to studies and living rooms with this eye-catching hanging tapestry. Its antiquated world map design is accented by faded red, blue and green hues.
$35.99 $26.99

Hydrangea Hanging Linen Tapestry

Adorn your wall with this beautiful blue hydrangea linen tapestry. Its antiquated design has the look of a fine art print, while a twine rope allows for easy hanging.
$23.99 $17.99

Lagoon Hanging Linen Tapestry

Invite the serenity of a lagoon into your decor with this black and beige antique tapestry. Its tropical design features lazy flamingos, water lilies and palm fronds.
$23.99 $17.99

Les Papillions Hanging Linen Tapestry

Characteristic of a museum display case, this linen tapestry features three different butterfly species. Their beautiful blue hues are perfect for adding a pop of color to walls.
$23.99 $17.99

Llama Hanging Linen Tapestry

With a grey and black palette, this linen tapestry features a llama with a vintage flair. A twine rope and wooden rod allow for easy hanging.
$23.99 $17.99

Map of North America Hanging Linen Tapestry

Incorporate a vintage charm into your decor with this map of North America linen tapestry. Its muted blue, red and yellow hues emphasize its antiquated style.
$23.99 $17.99

Map of NYC Hanging Linen Tapestry

This map of New York City tapestry has a charming vintage style. Whether you hang it in an office or a living room, this wall decor will bring refined energy to rooms.
$23.99 $17.99

Palm Hanging Linen Tapestry

Tropical meets vintage with this beautiful palm hanging tapestry. With a hand drawn style and lively green hues, this wall decor will bring a sophisticated feel to rooms.
$23.99 $17.99

Sloth Hanging Linen Tapestry

Cheerful and sweet, a lovable sloth shyly smiles at you in this hanging tapestry. Its black and grey palette adds a vintage touch.
$23.99 $17.99

World Map Hanging Linen Tapestry

Invoke the excitement from The Age of Discovery with this vintage world map tapestry. Its faded green, red and blue hues will add a pop of color to walls, while a twine rope allows for easy hanging.
$35.99 $26.99

Addison Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

Accented by dark wooden beads, this macrame wall hanging is perfect for creating a bohemian look. Its intricately woven design has fringe at the bottom. The Addison Macrame Woven Wall Hanging measures 79-in long by 40-in wide.
$64.99 $48.74

Adelina Gold Circular Mirror

Sleek and simple, this round mirror complements endless decor styles. The slim gold border feels glamorous but modern. The Adelina Gold Circular Mirror measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$60.99 $45.74

Allston Grey Carved Mirrored Medallion

This intricate wooden mirror has a carved clover design. Its beautiful grey pattern has a subtly distressed finish. The Allston Grey Carved Mirrored Medallion measures 29.625-in long by 29.625-in wide.
$74.99 $56.24

Alpha Gold Metal Ampersand Wall Decor

Chic and timeless, this, &, wall decor has a sophisticated style. Its gold hue and minimalist design add to its fashionable look. The Alpha Gold Metal Ampersand Wall Decor measures 16-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Alpha Gold Metal J Monogram Wall Art

With a dazzling gold hue and chic metal design, this, J, monogram wall art has a fashionable style. Whether you use it to complete a gallery or create a feature wall, this decoration is sure to make an elegant statement. The Alpha Gold Metal J Monogram Wall Art measures 16-in long by 10.75-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Alpha Gold Metal S Monogram Wall Art

Gold and chic, this metal, S, monogram wall decoration has a simple elegance. Its metal design has a contemporary look and is perfect for adding a modern flair to rooms. The Alpha Gold Metal S Monogram Wall Art measures 17-in long by 12-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Amaral Gold A Monogram

Add personal touch to your decor with this chic, A, monogram. Its gold metal design has a sleek and trendy style. The Amaral Gold A Monogram measures 8-in long by 8.125-in wide.
$12.99 $9.74

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