Wall Décor

Wall decor is the perfect way to give your home a fresh look. With a huge selection of peel and stick decals, tapestries, tiles, and more, there's something for every home. These easy to apply pieces take the fear out of decorating. 


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Adelina Gold Circular Mirror

Sleek and simple, this round mirror complements endless decor styles. The slim gold border feels glamorous but modern.
$60.99 $48.79

Javen White Carved Medallion

Add a global flair to walls with this white wall medallion. Its lovely hand carved scroll design is accented by subtle distressing. Javen White Carved Medallion measures 23-in long by 23-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Ava White Floral Metal Wall Art

Glam meets organic with this beautiful white rose. Its layered petals glimmer with a gold finish. Ava White Floral Metal Wall Art measures 18-in long by 20-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Cabers Silver Metal Starburst Set

This starburst wall art kit is perfect for creating a dimensional look. Its chic silver design is accented by subtle black details. Each individual star in Cabers Silver Metal Starburst Set measures 8.5-in long by 8.5-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Cayla Bronze Leaves Metal Wall Art

Copper and gold metal leaves come together to create a dazzling statement decor item. Its minimalist design adds a modern edge to its organic style. Cayla Bronze Leaves Metal Wall Art measures 31-in long by 15-in wide.
$23.99 $19.19

Marcos Floral Galvanized Metal Wall Art

Four silver flowers make up this beautiful metal statement piece. Their galvanized details will add a country feel to rooms. Marcos Floral Galvanized Metal Wall Art measures 28.875-in long by 13.5-in wide.
$39.99 $31.99

Melba White Carved Panel

Featuring a scroll design, this white wood panel has a farmhouse style. Its distressed accents emphasize its weathered look. Melba White Carved Panel measures 18.875-in long by 39-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Mia White Carved Panel

Add a farmhouse touch to rooms with this lovingly weathered wall panel. Its white washed scroll design is truly beautiful. Mia White Carved Panel measures 18.875-in long by 39-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Robson Silver Floral Metal Wall Art

Beautiful silver flowers blossom from curling vines in this graceful wall decor. Its gold leaves add an elegant touch to its natural design. Robson Silver Floral Metal Wall Art measures 22.5-in long by 34.5-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Seryl Yellow Floral Metal Wall Art

This metal wall art is perfect for adding an organic touch to rooms. The swirling design is accented by charming yellow flowers and green leaves. Seryl Yellow Floral Metal Wall Art measures 13.5-in long by 32.5-in wide.
$23.99 $19.19

Tudor Beige Iron Scroll and Wood Gate Wall Decor

With the look of a wooden gate, this wall decoration has beautiful scrolling ironwork. Its hardware accents lend to its rustic style. Tudor Beige Iron Scroll and Wood Gate Wall Decor measures 20-in long by 40-in wide.
$64.99 $51.99

Haddon Grey Floral Metal Wall Decor

Dove grey flowers bloom at the end of arching stems. A distressed paint technique adds texture to the metal design. The Haddon Grey Floral Metal Wall Decor measures 28-in long by 27.5-in wide.
$40.99 $32.79

Harkins Jute Flower Wall Decor

Jute-wrapped wire forms an exquisite flower. The modern wall decor feels organic and fresh. The Harkins Jute Flower Wall Decor measures 26.5-in long by 26.5-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Jayda White Carved Medallion

Upgrade your wall with this white wood medallion. The design is hand carved with a subtle distressed finish. The Jayda White Carved Medallion measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$39.99 $31.99

Leafell Silver Metal Leaf Mirror

Overlapping laurel leaves frame a round mirror. The silver metal leaves have a distressed finish, lending a cozy farmhouse feel to the border. The Leafell Silver Metal Leaf Mirror measures 25-in long by 25-in wide.
$54.99 $43.99

Stoves Light Brown Rectangular Wood Mirror

With faux bolt accents and faded white and brown paint, this distressed mirror has a rustic charm. Its wood inspired frame adds to its homey style. The Stoves Light Brown Rectangular Wood Mirror measures 31.25-in long by 23.375-in wide.
$64.99 $51.99

Ahoy Anchor Grey Wall Decor

Add a nautical style to your home with this anchor wall art. The classic motif is accented by rope that winds around the stock of the anchor. Ahoy Anchor Wall Decor measures 18-in long by 14-in wide.
$23.99 $19.19

Boreas Verdigris Compass Wall Decor

Add a nautical flare to your home with this charming compass. With a faded green hue, this metal wall art has a distressed look. Boreas Verdigris Compass Wall Art measures 20.5-in wide by 19.5-in long.
$23.99 $19.19

Broderick Grey Carved Medallion

Featuring floral motifs and enchanting scrolls, this grey wall medallion is perfect for adding a global flare to your decor. Light distressed details highlight its intricate hand carved design. Broderick Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Coley White Carved Mirror

This mirror has a beautiful fleur de lis frame. The whitewashed finish is accented with subtle distressing to make the print pop. Coley White Carved Mirror measures 23.25-in long by 22.75-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Cruz Sand Dollar Wall Decor

Bring the beach home with this sand dollar wall art. It will add a charming nautical flare to your space, while its white hue will brighten up the room. Cruz Sand Dollar Wall Decor measures 10-in long by 10-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion

With a beautiful scroll design, this wall medallion has an elegant style. Its faded seafoam hue adds a subtle coastal touch. Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion measures 15.25-in long and 15.25-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Gaudin 24 Inch White Decorative Shelf

With hand carved details and distressed white paint, this shelf has a bohemian flare. Layers of overlapping leaves branch out from a floral motif, creating a dazzling design. Gaudin 24 Inch White Decorative Shelf measures 24-in long x 5-in tall x 5-in deep.
$30.99 $24.79

Gearz Industrial Clock

Country meets chic with this clock. Beige wood makes up the clocks face, while its exposed gears resemble rusted metal, giving it a industrial and rustic edge. Gearz Industrial Clock measures 31.63-in long and 31.75-in wide.
$64.99 $51.99

Love Rustic Brown Sign

Bask your home in love with this rustic wood sign. The natural background is topped with corrugated metal letters. Love Rustic Brown Sign measures 30-in long by 12-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Passey Pewter Metal Wreath

Reminiscent of Ancient Greece, olive leaves make up this pewter wreath. With soft brown speckles, this wall art has a farmhouse style. Passey Pewter Metal Wreath measures 25.5-in long and 25-in wide.
$35.99 $28.79

Rocchio Black and Copper Starburst Set

This starburst wall art kit is a beautiful addition to walls. The black and copper colors are perfect for a modern home. Largest starburst measures 10.25-in wide x 10.25-in tall x 4.75-in deep; mid size measures 8.75-in wide x 8.75-in tall x 4-in deep; smallest measures 5.5-in wide x 5.5-in tall x 3.5-in deep.
$35.99 $28.79

Sahlu Burgundy Mosaic Mirror

With a beautiful mosaic design, this mirror has a subtle global feel. Made of burgundy and magenta glass pieces, this mirror's light purple sheen gives it a romantic feel. Sahlu Burgundy Mosaic Mirror measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$119.99 $95.99

Sahlu Cream Mosaic Mirror

Glam meets bohemian with this mosaic mirror. Catching the light, its cream and silver glass tiles give it a chic and sophisticated style. Sahlu Cream Mosaic Mirror measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$119.99 $95.99

Sahlu Orange Mosaic Mirror

Make your walls twinkle with this glass mosaic mirror. Its ombre of cream to orange hue adds to its global look. Sahlu Orange Mosaic Mirror measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$119.99 $95.99

Tino White Round Medallion

A delightful floral medallion. The round hand carved design has a light distressed texture on its white surface. Tino White Round Medallion measures 16-in long by 16-in wide.
$20.99 $16.79

Yelton Platinum Starfish Set

Coastal meets glam with these platinum starfish. This wall accent embodies the beauty of the sea. Yelton Platinum Starfish Set measures 12-in long by 6-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Yelton White Starfish Set

Bring the relaxation of the beach to your home with these charming starfish wall accents. Their white hue adds to their coastal look. Yelton White Starfish Set measures 12-in long by 6-in wide.
$45.99 $36.79

Adira Floral Metal Wall Art

Red flowers sprout on curling vines, their distressed surface adding texture and depth to the wall art. Crystal accents in the flowers' centers add a touch of sparkle to the metal sculpture.
$23.99 $19.19

Gaudin 30 inch White Decorative Shelf

An overlapping leaf-like pattern branches out on either side of a four-pointed medallion. The decorative shelf's hand carved details are finished in a distressed white paint.
$30.99 $24.79

Halle Life and Love Metal Wall Art

A copper daisy blooms on swirling metal stems in this wall art piece. The quote Life takes us to unexpected places; love bring us home is printed in black text on a glass pane.
$14.99 $11.99

Halle Life Is Not Measured Metal Wall Art

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. The classic quote is framed by metal flowers.
$14.99 $11.99

Leroy Espresso Round Medallion

This round medallion features a central ring of leafy scrolls branching off a flower, with more scrolls forming an outer border. The rich espresso color
$49.99 $39.99

Naja Roses Metal Wall Art

Red and orange blossoms have a rust-like texture, making this metal wall art feel rustic. Thin black stems elegantly cross over each other.
$26.99 $21.59

Rocchio Gold Starburst Wall Art

Whether inspired by a sea urchin or starburst, this wall art set is equally captivating. The metallic gold pieces are varied in size, perfect for creating a more interesting dynamic alone or included in a gallery wall.
$35.99 $28.79

Sanco Mosaic Rectangular Mirror

Like the enchanting rainbow found in oil slicks, this mosaic design captures a bevy of colors that fades into silver. Thin strips of mirrored tiles accent the border.
$40.99 $32.79

Sansone Mosaic Round Mirror

The mosaic design of this mirror is simply enchanting. In an ombre-style, the glass and mirrored pieces fade from purple to blue to amber.
$99.99 $79.99

Tatrow Tree Metal Wall Art

Add a breath of fresh air to your walls with this enchanting tree sculpture. The wall art is rendered beautifully in metal.
$54.99 $43.99

Tinley Chardonnay Sign

Be on cloud wine about your home decor by adding this wall art to your kitchen. The light wood sign is shaped like a bottle and spells out CHARDONNAY.
$17.99 $14.39

Tinley Malbec Sign

Don't make pour decor decisions- this wine bottle sign is a no-brainer. Grey toned wood surrounds MALBEC.
$17.99 $14.39

Tinley Zinfandel Sign

We've heard lacking quality home decor is one of the seven deadly zins. Remedy that easily with this wood wine bottle wall art.
$17.99 $14.39

Zaria White Square Medallion

This hand carved medallion has a lightly distressed white finish. The central floral scroll pattern repeats around the square's outer edges.
$60.99 $48.79

Ellie Berry Branch Metal Wall Art

An elegant metal wall sculpture. Delicate green leaves and crystal berries sit on the swirling branch.
$20.99 $16.79

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