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Brewster Home Fashions represents wall mural brands from all over the world. Our murals create beautiful feature walls; from captivating Komar graphics to National Geographic photographs, industrial brick walls to modern designs, we have gathered the finest mural brands available to adorn your home.

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Marilyn Monroe Small

A classic black and white portrait of a smiling Marilyn Monroe makes this wall mural a stunning addition to any room.
$69.99 $41.99

Marilyn On The Beach

A glamorous Marilyn Monroe mural in black, white and red. This classic image shows Marilyn on the beach, smiling behind a polka dot towel. The perfect mural for a door.
$49.99 $29.99

Midnight Rider

A shiny red motorcycle takes center stage on a city street in this photographic wall mural.
$69.99 $14.00

Midnight Rose

A seductive stare and bold crimson lips add to the allure of the mystery woman featured in this intriguing wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Moeraki Boulders

Boulders on the beach shore offer a calm perspective in this photographic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Moeraki Evening

Boulders on the beach shore offer a calm perspective in this photographic single panel wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Monet's Garden In France Wall Mural

Inspired by the dreamy gardens of Monet, this lush river scene is very romantic. With a glossy lake, lavender flowers and whimsical weeping willows, this wall mural will make your home an oasis. Monet's Garden In France Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Montego Bay

Rich pink and violet hues offer a lovely color palette for a sunset scene in this tropical beach wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

Moscow Twilight

This gorgeous Moscow city mural captures the excitement of this Russian city as twilight sets in. Cultured and chic, this mural has a contemporary impact.
$69.99 $41.99

Mountain Graceful

An incredible winter scenic mural with fresh snow under a blue sky. Dominated by an impressive mountain peak, this mural makes resplendent wall art.
$169.99 $101.99

Mountain Lake Wall Mural

A misty mountain sits at the base of a glossy lake in this stunning nature mural. Its light pastel hues and serene forest trees add to its tranquil feel. Mountain Lake Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Mountain Peak

Snow-capped mountains and lush greenery surround a calm lake in this scenic wall mural.
$124.99 $99.99

Natural Stone Wall - Wall Mural

Give your walls the look of natural stone with this mural. Its light cream color palette and grout details give it a three dimensional look perfect for creating a bright feature wall. Natural Stone Wall Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

New York Skyline

Always impressive, the New York city skyline comes to life in this 4-piece wall mural.
$124.99 $31.25

No More Grey Walls

The name says it all! Hang this colorful, graffiti-inspired mural and in an instant - No more grey walls!
$169.99 $101.99

Nordic Forest Large

A group of birch trees by the lake offer a tranquil perspective in this scenic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Ocean View Terrace At Sunset Wall Mural

Bring the calm of a beach sunset into your home with this ocean view wall mural. With orange light streaks peaking through fluffy clouds, this terrace scene has a warm and serene feel. Ocean View Terrace At Sunset Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Old Landing Stage Wall Mural

A grey pier extends into misty waters in this Zen wall mural. Its neutral and icy blue hues add to its peaceful look. Old Landing Stage Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $36.00

Old Pier Wall Mural

Brighten up your space with this dazzling scenic wall mural. A flash of yellow streaks across a cloudy sky, while an old pier extends into glossy blue waters. Old Pier Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Old Vintage City Map New York Wall Mural

Perfect for the modern home, this vintage city map of New York has an industrial style. Its blue ink and slightly faded design gives it an antique and sophisticated look. Old Vintage City Map New York Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $107.99

Pacific Sunset

The sun casts a golden glow upon the shore, while a single palm tree leans towards the sea in this scenic wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Palace of Venaria Wall Mural

Walk the halls of the Palace of Venaria with this exquisite trompe l'oeil wall mural. This luxurious royal palace of decadent marble flooring and beautifully carved columns, brings a little part of Italy home to stay.
$169.99 $101.99

Paradise Beach

A wooden walkway to paradise gives this beach scene mural a special allure.
$124.99 $74.99

Paradise Beach Large

One of the purest, most breathtaking beach scenes imaginable, this tropical mural is a soothing vista of sea and sky.
$169.99 $101.99

Paradise Wall Mural

Look out from your secluded cave into a tropical oasis. This photographic wall mural has an enchanting scene that will bring the beach to your home. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$169.99 $135.99


A romantic view of Paris in the glow of afternoon light. This captivating mural brings a statuesque scene of the Eiffel Tower and beautiful sites of the city to walls that's an artistic addition to any room.
$249.99 $100.00

Paris Aerial View

This French mural has a unique perspective of Paris, with the irresistible Eiffel tower rising up above the city as evening falls.
$124.99 $74.99

Park In The Spring

This idyllic wall mural invites a lush Spring scene inside. With a sliver of blue sky, blossoming trees and a pretty pond, this photorealistic mural has a romantic view that creates a fresh perspective. This nature inspired mural is a dreamy backdrop for any space, with lots of Springs finest greens.
$169.99 $101.99

Peace Love

Notions of peace and love are uniquely expressed in this abstract 4-panel wall mural.
$169.99 $101.99

Phi Phi Island Wall Mural

Escape to the beauty of Thailand and the Phi Phi Islands with this stunning tropical wall mural. Surrounded by a lush forest scene, you have a perfect view of rising cliffs in the distance and beautiful crystal clear waters.
$169.99 $101.99

Pier At Sunrise

This picturesque mural of a wooded pier at sunrise envelops the serene beauty of the first light of dawn. A peaceful seascape has yet to be awakened against a warm orange sky, brilliant and gorgeous.
$249.99 $149.99

Pier at the Seaside Wall Mural

Set your room on the edge of the ocean with this spectacular wall mural, where a pink horizon expands indefinitely. This serene and peaceful scene is the perfect place to lay your worries aside and bask in the beauty of nature.
$249.99 $62.50

Pirate Bay Wall Mural

Set sail on a pirate adventure with this kids themed wall mural that's interactive and fun! Giving your little one free reign to color and create, they'll absolutely love their new wall art.
$69.99 $17.50

Ponthus' Beech Wall Mural

Bring a natural beauty into your home with this tree wall mural. The massive Ponthus beech tree stretches over the sky, filtering rays of sunshine through the lush greenery. Measures 12 feet by 8 feet 4 inches when assembled.
$249.99 $149.99


This tropical mural features a resplendent infinity pool, twinkling in the sun with the aquamarine ocean stretching out beyond.
$169.99 $101.99


The Postbox door mural features iconic British imagery in a classic red color. These vintage post boxes bear the Monarch crown, and have a timeless appeal. Surpass ordinary on any door with this fun UK inspired mural.
$49.99 $10.00

Posy Wall Mural

Decorate walls in this pretty pastel collage of blossoming florals. Blush and lavender, orange, white, peach and rose, all lend a hand in this happy wall mural that's as sweet as a summertime afternoon.
$169.99 $85.00


Enjoy a charming photorealistic image from Provence, France. This colorful wall mural depicts a rolling hillside in bloom with neat rows of fragrant lavender under a clear blue sky. One beautiful tree provides a pretty focal point in this idyllic French mural.
$124.99 $31.25


Provence calls to mind the romance of the French countryside, a place full of picnics, wine, fragrant herbs and charming homes in the hills. This beautiful French mural captures an idyllic scene from Provence, with endless fields of lavender stretching up to meet blue skies. A single tree breaks up the landscape, adding a pleasing focal point to your walls.
$169.99 $42.50

Provence France Wall Mural

With hundreds of rows of lavender, this Provence France wall mural has a lovely romantic feel. Cotton candy clouds drift against a light blue sky, adding to its dreamy look. Provence France Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
$179.99 $36.00

Purple Calla Lillies

A simple, yet lovely image of two purple calla lilies is captured in this photographic wall mural.
$69.99 $41.99

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mural

You don't have to live in a luxurious loft apartment to enjoy the rustic beauty of a reclaimed wood wall! Beautifully constructed, this industrial style wall mural has fascinating depth.
$169.99 $101.99

Red Calla Lillies

The color of love makes a bold statement in this photographic wall mural. Red calla lilies with yellow accents are set against a red background, creating a high-impact visual.
$124.99 $99.99


The Rio wall mural is an incredible photographic image of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Oceanside city is known as a glamorous destination, one ripe with legendary beaches, a city full of culture and a vibrant nightlife. This mural captures the stunning view from the foothills, looking out to Guanabara Bay.
$169.99 $42.50

Rio De Janeiro

A breathtaking landscape featuring the beautiful city of Rio De Janeiro at dusk. With the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain on the horizon and the slowing city in a warm glow of light, this glistening wall mural brings a magical aura to décor.
$249.99 $62.50

Riviera Ligure

A hand-painted effect lends an artistic touch to this quaint rivera scenic mural.
$169.99 $42.50


Water droplets adorn a single red rose bud in this photographic wall mural.
$124.99 $74.99

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco is one of California's most striking skylines. This gorgeous city mural is taken at dusk from beyond the Golden Gate Bridge for an incredible perspective on this famous coastal city.
$69.99 $41.99

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