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Fashion your wall space complete with a wallpaper border. Borders bring a room together and create awe-inspiring spaces that divide a room, give a finished look, and can draw the eye to an area instantly. Our wall borders collection is impressively complete, with designs ranging from authentic looking chair rails to beautiful floral borders. Consider this lavish selection of wallpaper borders for an expert design reference to create the space of your dreams.   

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Caroline Green Floral Garden Border

This soft vista of a beautiful watercolor painted rose garden makes a romantic border of green, pink, lilac, and violet hues.

Maryanne Periwinkle Floral Garden Border

Grow a delightful garden of flowers across you walls, this pretty border has periwinkle, peach, and buttercup hues.

Afrique Blue Jungle Bedtime Portrait Border

Set in front of a lush jungle background, adorable jungle animals and their babies are snuggled up and eager to entertain onlookers. Tigers, giraffes, elephant, zebras, and monkeys are scattered throughout this border.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Afrique Blue Jungle Bedtime Portrait Border

Beautifully replicated artwork features luxurious, rich jewel tones and animals found in the jungle. Zebras, tigers, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes keep you company in this beautiful border.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Afrique Green Jungle Bedtime Portrait Border

Beautifully replicated artwork features luxurious, rich jewel tones and animals found in the jungle. Zebras, tigers, monkeys, elephants, and giraffes keep you company in this beautiful border.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Albert Beige Chess Border

Bring your love of the game to walls with this fabulous chess border. Featuring a beautiful vintage backdrop, this marvelous design is the perfect strategic décor choice.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Albert Grey Chess Border

Strategize your next move and declare checkmate with this fabulous wall border that brings the game of chess to walls in an antiquated and timeless design.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Alfred Aqua Paisley Border Wallpaper

A chic and sophisticated wall border that features a handsome paisley print in a stylish aqua and green palette. Pair with the Paisley Stripe wallpaper for a seamless match.
$8.20 $2.05/Sq Ft.

Alfred Blue Paisley Border Wallpaper

Create an eloquent interior with this cultured wall border. A dashing paisley print styled in warm shades of blue, brown and green.
$8.20 $6.15/Sq Ft.

Alfred Red Gathering Room Signs Border

Perfect for a den or kitchen, your friends and family will feel comfortable and welcome in your home with this border. Weathered, wooden signs depicting the simple pleasures are highlighted with a black, maroon, and wheat color scheme.
$5.16 $3.87/Sq Ft.

Alfred Rust Paisley Border Wallpaper

Designed in a beautiful rust hue, this cultured wall border brings a sophisticated glow to walls that can stand alone or be paired with the Paisley Stripe wallpaper for a seamless finish.
$8.20 $6.15/Sq Ft.

Andy Blue Soccer in Motion Border

Soccer balls look as though they are three-dimensional and in motion in this intriguing border in blue.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Artemis Sand Rosehip Ribbon Trail Border

Rosehips and gingham ribbon scroll throughout your wall in this country-themed paper. With a warm, celebratory feel, your walls will be will be embellished with ribbons, year round.
$7.53 $5.65/Sq Ft.

Arya White Lighthouse Coast Border

You can absolutely feel the cool breeze from the surrounds of these lighthouses. Blurred vignettes of varied light house scenes are floating atop a brisk background.
$4.92 $3.69/Sq Ft.

Ashmere Brown Whitetail Crest Border

Enjoy the peaceful elegance of nature daily with this lodge style border that paints a gorgeous picture of whitetail deer surrounded by thriving forest scenery.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Ashmere Green Whitetail Crest Border

Like a beautiful hand-painted work of art, this serene nature border displays a realistic picture of a family of whitetail deer in a peaceful forest clearing.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Attitash Aqua Deer Camp Border

Live your adventure at a relaxing camp retreat with this vintage camp sign border that hosts a collage of forest animals atop naturally worn textures.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Attitash Brown Deer Camp Border

Deer and ducks, mountains, trees and bears are presented with the inviting look of distressed wooden signs on this lodge style border that brings a rustic presence to walls.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Augustus Brown Privy Collection Portrait Border

Panels of cool-toned outhouses, set in front of varying landscapes are divided by white triangles. An adorable option for your bathroom!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Autumn Green Quiet Evening Portrait Border

You will enjoy many "quiet evenings" with this autumnal border on your walls. Feel the waning sun warm your face, when peering into the changing foliage surrounding a lone wood cabin.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Ava Purple Butterfly Swoosh Border

Like a vibrant watercolor painting, the Butterfly Swoosh wallpaper border creates a magical scene on walls filled with fairytale enchantment and bright vivid details.
$5.20 $3.90/Sq Ft.

Barnaby Brown Wild Metalworks Border

Browns and wheat combine to create a warmer effect on what looks like metalwork, tin plating. Bears, moose, and deer come together to bring a soothing outdoorsy aesthetic.
$5.13 $3.85/Sq Ft.

Barnaby Moss Wild Metalworks Border

What looks like tin plated vignettes from a metal works shop is softened by animal silhouettes in green and charcoal tones.
$5.13 $3.85/Sq Ft.

Barnstable Blue Seaside Cottage Border

Sit back and relax with this seaside cottage wallpaper border. An enchanting vacation scene filled with sailboats, adirondack chairs, seagulls and more, bring a happy ray of sunshine to your home.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Becca Pink Daisy Chain Border

A perfect décor addition to a girl's room, this darling wallpaper border of pretty pink and peach daisies adds sweet detail to walls that will never go out of bloom!
$8.00 $2.00/Sq Ft.

Beckham Black Soccer Balls Motion Border

Extreme soccer fans lookout! Three-dimensional illusions of soccer balls in motion will be a big hit with your kids!
$5.33 $2.67/Sq Ft.

Beckham Black Soccer Motion Portrait Border

You will feel the adrenaline pumping, when the three-dimensional, slow motion effect of these soccer balls lines your walls! Perfect for a boy's room!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Beckham Blue Soccer Ball Motion Border

With a great sky blue background, soccer balls look as though they are moving in slow motion, with the optical illusion in this border.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Berry Blue Construction Site Portrait Border

As bright and energizing as can be, this border puts you right in the middle of a construction scene! Cool trucks, cranes, and hardcore utility vehicles are vividly displayed and create a story.
$3.62 $0.91/Sq Ft.

Betsy Cream Tearose Acanthus Trail Border

A feminine scroll featuring purple tea roses above curly cream vines.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

BFF Purple Butterflies and Stars Border

Hand painted butterflies are electric, showcasing the most beautiful colors that nature has to offer.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Big Five Maple Wood Wall Vignette Border

Hand-painted artwork from the Hautman Brother is recreated in this rustic border featuring deer, ram, moose, and elk, set on top of a maple wood wall. Wonderful for a lodge, cabin, or outdoors-lover, this border is eye-catching and beautiful.
$3.95 $2.96/Sq Ft.

Bigelow Brown Country Plaque Collage Border

Remind yourself to focus on what is important, with this border featuring rustic plaques and affirmative words, such as: "laugh," "faith," "family," "love," "friends," and "live."
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bigelow White Country Plaque Collage Border

Live a balanced life, reminded of what is important with this border featuring vintage wooden plaques featuring important sentiments, such as: "laugh," "faith," "family," "love," "friends," and "live."
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bill Blue Construction Portrait Border

A very realistic portrait of a construction site in front of blue mountains. Yellow, red, and blue trucks and construction vehicles tell a story that your little boy will love looking up at!
$3.62 $2.72/Sq Ft.

Blake Blue Skyline Border

With a growing view of the city, this modern wall border of towering skyscrapers is an exquisite wall accent, lending a chic look to the rest of décor.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Blake Taupe Skyline Border

Grand skyscrapers are a brilliant sight on this modern wall border featuring a warm palette and chic geometric detail.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Blondie Pink Rock Star Toss Border

For your little rock star, this fun and flirty border would be wonderful in a little girl's room! Pink cheetah print, electric guitars, stars, peace signs, kisses, and hearts will inspire the performer within.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Blue Tearose Acanthus Border

$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bogie Blue Extreme Sports Border

For the extreme sport lover in your family, this border features BMX and skateboard stunts to catch the imagination of your teen.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Bonnard Brown Floral Color Block Border

A modern abstract background, with weeds and flowers in the foreground.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bonnard Olive Colorblock Floral Border

With neutral tones and artistic detail, this floral wallpaper border brings a colorblock design to walls that's been slightly aged in a blending of chic textures and prints.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Breeze Purple Elk Mountain Portrait Border

Featuring another beautiful hand painted rendering from the Hautman Brothers, this depiction of Elk on a mountain is truly majestic. A warm-toned, purple haze washes over the scene so beautifully that one will feel transported to the mountains, when looking at your wall.
$3.73 $1.87/Sq Ft.

Brenden Blue Animal Parade Border

Join the fun parade with this adorable animal themed wallpaper border. Designed by Stacey Yacula, illustrator and sculptor, this charming décor piece will be a lovable addition to your little one's room.
$5.33 $2.67/Sq Ft.

Brittany Black Herbs Antiques Portrait Border

Cultivate your favorite antique items alongside beautifully vibrant potted herbs, with this still life border.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Brown Tearose Acanthus Border

$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bubba Green Racetrack Portrait Border

Speed demons beware! This racecar border delivers thrills and fast action; put it in a boy's room or a playroom to really delight!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Bubba Red Pine Boughs Trail Border

A beautiful rendering of hand painted pine boughs creates the look of ornate holiday décor, that fits an interior living space, year-round.
$5.08 $3.81/Sq Ft.

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