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Fashion your wall space complete with a wallpaper border. Borders bring a room together and create awe-inspiring spaces that divide a room, give a finished look, and can draw the eye to an area instantly. Our wall borders collection is impressively complete, with designs ranging from authentic looking chair rails to beautiful floral borders. Consider this lavish selection of wallpaper borders for an expert design reference to create the space of your dreams.   

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Bubba White Pinecone Boughs Trail Border

Dress your walls with merry pinecone boughs, with this naturalistic border!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Butterbean Pink Crazy Daisies Toss Border

These abstract daisies are fun and beautiful! The orange, pink, and green colors make daisies and polka dots, with a watercolor feel.
$3.82 $0.96/Sq Ft.

Cabin Creek Sand Portrait Border

Recreating the Hautman Brothers' beautiful forestry landscapes and wildlife, this border features a beautiful lake scene with an overcast sky. One can transport the splendors of the outdoors, inside the home, or merely highlight the view from one's window!
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Cahoon Green Sea Glass Border

In an exquisite sea glass color, this ocean inspired wall paper border is like an accessory for walls. Hand-painted vases filled with daisies and lily of the valley as well as fabulous white seashells adorn this lovely artistic design.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Captain Moss Seaside Signs Portrait Border

A fun curation of different, antiqued and weather worn, beach-themed signage and posts.
$4.17 $3.13/Sq Ft.

Caring Candles Dark Red Border

The perfect wallpaper border for a traditional country or cottage chic home. Hand painted elements add an artistic touch to the trees and signs.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Carnegie Sky Moose Lake Border

This panoramic wall border of a gorgeous lake scene depicts a stoic moose at the waters edge accompanied by other famed forest friends.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Cinnamon Bronze Potpourri Still Life Border

You can practically smell the warmth of cinnamon, rosehips, apple slices and hot wax with this charming still life portrait of berries, tin stars, and frosted candles!
$3.73 $2.80/Sq Ft.

Clarence Green Songbird Menagerie Portrait Border

Beautiful and vibrantly-colored songbirds are perched on top a wooden gate. Perfect for any room needing a punch of color and life, onlookers will be charmed by this menagerie scene.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Clarence Green Songbird Portrait Border

Surround yourself with a songbird menagerie with this beautifully painted border!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Clarence Sand Antique Baker Plaques Border

For the artful baker, this border features large-scale antique baker's plaques to inspire your best recipes and conversation around the dinner table!
$4.48 $3.36/Sq Ft.

Cletus Black Robo Morphs Portrait Border

The coolest robot figures in multiple, bright colors really stand out on top of a black background. Metallic and luminescent, this border would look fabulous in a boy's room or bathroom!
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Coastal Aqua Newport Lagoon Border

With the words seashore, coastal, starfish and more floating across an ocean blue backdrop, this beach inspired wallpaper border depicting an array of under the sea animals, brings maritime fun to walls.
$4.94 $3.70/Sq Ft.

Coastal Olive Newport Lagoon Border

Bring the enchantment of the sea to walls with this ocean inspired wallpaper border featuring a collection of sea animals including a tortoise, starfish and seahorse in a natural green hue.
$4.94 $3.70/Sq Ft.

Connor Blue Reptile Smiles Border

Make your child's room special with this adorable and fun wall paper border. A happy scene of a turtles and lizards, frogs and more, lets your little one explore a whole new world outside their windows.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Cottage Chic Birdhouses Blue Border

Idyllic birdhouses and sweet blue jays sit atop this unique wood wallpaper border. Adorable polka dots, stars, hearts, and stripes decorate each home with a unique design.
$5.33 $2.67/Sq Ft.

Cottage Chic Birdhouses Dark Red Border

An idyllic bird border done in a medley of Americana colors. Hues of dark red, navy, and warm cream will go perfectly in a classic cottage.
$5.33 $1.33/Sq Ft.

Dame Green Cottage Garden Portrait Border

Whether a fan of cottage life, gardening, or quiet afternoons, this border mixes beauty and comfort, seamlessly. Gardening décor, with watering cans and delicate floral embellishments.
$4.11 $3.08/Sq Ft.

Dan Brown Mash Unit Portrait Border

A great border, especially on a camo wallpaper or textured neutral wall. You can practically feel the wind from the helicopters on your face in this fantastic artistic rendering of a MASH unit!
$3.82 $2.87/Sq Ft.

Danny Maroon Potpourri Trail Border

Dark and damp, you will sense the aroma of cinnamon, rosehips, apple slices, and much more with this depiction of potpourri lined on a shelf.
$3.82 $2.87/Sq Ft.

Daphne Blue Songbird Trail Border

An absolutely stunning border; featuring cherry blossoms, against a calming blue sky, and delicate songbirds perched on the blossom branches.
$4.92 $3.69/Sq Ft.

Dean Red Hot Rods Portrait Border

Four decades of hot rods, or the coolest cars ever, are put on display in front of typical scenes from the cars' era.
$4.68 $3.51/Sq Ft.

Deedle Cream Sweet Homey Portrait Border

Your home will feel even more comforting and inviting with this sweet artistic rendering of petite bird houses and potted plants.
$4.28 $3.21/Sq Ft.

Destin Navy Water'S Edge Border

Forge regal regatta style on walls with this majestic coastal wall paper border. With a host of maps, sailboats, compasses and more, this red, white and blue design boasts seaside grandeur.
$4.63 $3.48/Sq Ft.

Destin Salmon Water'S Edge Border

This nautical wall paper border brings a vintage map design to walls with fun regatta appeal. Delightful sailboats in a blue and salmon hue, adds beachside charm to any space.
$4.63 $2.32/Sq Ft.

Dino Mighties Red Dinosaur Toss Border

Red, green, and yellow dinosaurs strut through this fun border. A great addition to a playroom or your boy's room.
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Dino Mighties Red Dinosaur Toss Border

Adorable, colored silhouettes of dinosaurs are playfully scattered in this border. Perfect for a boy's room, these dinos will inspire the inner mightiness of your child!
$0.76 $0.57/Sq Ft.

Diva Pink Cheetah Hearts Stars Border

For the diva-in-training, this fun border features pink and black animal-print hearts and stars!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Diva Purple Cheetah Hearts Stars Border

If your little girl is a mini diva and loves purple, look no further! This border features animal print hearts and stars against a cream-colored background.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Diva Purple Hearts Stars Cheetah Border

For the little diva in your life, this border has it all: hearts, stars, cheetah print, and zebra stripes!
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Doug Blue Sports Portrait Border

A great rendering of a still life, the athlete in your family will think you are the coolest, when you add this border to their room. Featuring bright and playful colors, most everyone's favorite sport is highlighted in this border, including: lacrosse, baseball, tennis, basketballs, football, soccer, and hockey!
$4.68 $3.51/Sq Ft.

Down Under Blue Neptune's Garden Portrait Border

For the ocean lover, this beautifully vivid border pops on your walls. Featuring an underwater garden and varied underwater species, you will be transported to an underwater wonderland!
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Down Under Blue Neptune's Garden Portrait Border

For the ocean lover, this beautifully vivid border pops on your walls. Featuring an underwater garden and varied underwater species, you will be transported to an underwater wonderland!
$4.30 $3.22/Sq Ft.

Elbow Grease Orange Heavy Machinery Portrait Border

For the biggest fans of heavy machinery, utility vehicles come to life in bright colors and three dimensional shading.
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Ellyne Sand Postal Springtime Portrait Border

Quintessentially lovely, this border feels like a Parisian antique postcard from a luscious garden!
$4.20 $3.15/Sq Ft.

Eloise Pink Ballet Slippers Portrait Border

Perfect for the little ballerina in your life! Reminiscent of a ballet recital, satin ballet slippers, or point shoes, are delicately placed next to bouquets and satin drapes
$4.68 $3.51/Sq Ft.

Elvin Wheat Sweet Home Portrait Border

Reminiscent of Holland, these beautiful antique wood birdhouses, potted plants, and wooden birds are a beautiful accent to neutral walls.
$4.70 $3.53/Sq Ft.

Ennis Grey Rustic Barn Star Border

Bring the best of the barn home with you, with this tin star and berry border.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Ennis Sand Rustic Barn Star Border

This rustic tin star border with berry sprigs will make you feel like you are surrounded by a country canopy, year-round.

Ennis Wheat Rustic Barn Star Border

Surround yourself with a canopy of red tin stars and trailing berry vines, with this country border.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Esther Blue Hydrangea Trail Border

A scroll of parchment outstretches along your walls, while delicate and elegant hydrangea lay.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Ethel Cream Heirloom Lilacs Trail Border

Beautiful lilacs in cool purples and pinks are showcased above ornate, faux molding and a bright cream background.
$4.44 $3.33/Sq Ft.

Ethel Sand Heirloom Lilacs Trail Border

Beautiful lilacs in warm purples and pinks are showcased above ornate, faux molding and a wheat-colored background.
$4.44 $3.33/Sq Ft.

Etsie Grey Country Heart Wreath Border

Hearts, wreaths, and dolls are hung below an ivy garland to give a very sweet, country feel.
$3.28 $2.46/Sq Ft.

Eugene Light Blue Coastal Lighthouse Portrait Border

With a cool wind in the air and the beautiful view over the ocean, this border will transport you. You will enjoy tracing your eye over the various lighthouses, as time goes on!
$3.82 $2.87/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Brown Border

If hope, faith, and love are the most important things in your life, then this country wallpaper border is for you. Modern stars combine with classic berries and banners for a contemporary appeal.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Red Border

Celebrate your values with this country wallpaper border. Bucolic hues of cranberry, navy blue, and forest green make the perfect classic color palette.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

Faith Barn Star Teal Border

This cottage style wallpaper border is an instant classic. Celebrate love, hope, and faith with a star design. Berry wreaths and ribbon banners add a homey touch.
$5.33 $4.00/Sq Ft.

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