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Every color wallpaper imaginable lives in these collections, arranged by hue. From dramatic black wallpaper and sunny yellow wallpapers to cool blue wallpapers and sophisticated white wallpaper designs, our designs span the whole spectrum of the rainbow in beautiful harmony with any decor style.  

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Sublime Champagne Scroll Stripe

A soft stripe effect for walls, this silk wallpaper is a blushing white hue, with fine details.
$89.98 $76.48

Sublime Cream Scroll Stripe

This classy stripe wallpaper brings traditional beauty to walls with a luxurious satin finish. Champagne and cream.
$89.98 $76.48

Sublime Mauve Scroll Stripe

A majestic stripe wallpaper, like fine embroidered silk, in an exquisite burgundy and brass palette.
$89.98 $76.48

Sultan Brass Striated Texture

Gild your walls with a gorgeous brass texture.
$79.98 $67.98

Sultan Olive Striated Texture

A resplendent and coordinating wallpaper texture, cast in brassy olive green silk.
$79.98 $67.98

Sultan Pearl Striated Texture

A neutral wallpaper texture, finished with an elegant silk sheen.
$79.98 $67.98

Susanne Pastel Floral Trail

Like a vintage illustration of an enchanted garden, this fine wallpaper creates a dreamy space, rendered in silk and pastels.
$73.98 $62.88

Susanne Pearl Floral Trail

A satin pearl texture, overgrown with a precious floral trail, this pearlescent wallpaper has a delicate beauty.
$73.98 $62.88

Sweet Pea Stripe Yellow Butterfly Floral Stripe

A golden pearl sheen supports a darling vintage floral trail wallpaper, arranged in an appealing silky stripe.
$77.98 $66.28

Tasha Blush Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

This beautiful vintage wallpaper is lined with peach silk roses and ornate scrolls.

Tasha Lavender Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

A beautiful vintage style wallpaper, with delicate stripes of lavender roses and a soft silk finish.
$89.98 $76.48

Tatiana Beige Damask

The serene cream and beige hues and elegant damask pattern of this classy wallpaper give it a timeless refinement.

Tatiana Gold Damask

A shimmering legacy of cultured beauty, this regal gold damask wallpaper brings a timeless class to walls in a polished satin sheen.
$77.98 $66.28

Tessuto Light Brown Gauzy Texture

Add intrigue and depth to walls with this fine textured wallpaper. A brassy spectrum of golds and greens adds a gentle detail.
$65.98 $56.08

Thames Beige Leafy Scroll

This glorious scroll wallpaper dresses walls in the look of a fine silk fabric, with a fresh neutral palette.
$89.98 $76.48

Thames Brass Leafy Scroll

An ornate embroidered scroll wallpaper in brass with a light satin finish.
$89.98 $76.48

Thames Charcoal Leafy Scroll

A glamorous yet sophisticated palette of charcoal and silver unfurls a splendid scroll pattern for walls.
$89.98 $76.48

Thames Light Grey Leafy Scroll

A sophisticated grey palette lends an air of tranquility to this resplendent silk scroll wallpaper.
$89.98 $76.48

Thames Mauve Leafy Scroll

This sophisticated silk wallpaper has a steely mauve hue and very chic texture effects, wrapping your walls in a gorgeous fabric effect.
$89.98 $76.48

Thames Silver Leafy Scroll

With the look of embroidered silk fabric, this pretty scroll wallpaper adds a timeless beauty to any room.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiberio Lavender Silk Stripe

A sophisticated silk stripe texture for walls in a cool lavender grey hue.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiberio Light Brown Silk Stripe

A soft sepia toned stripe texture for walls, finished with a touch of silk.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiberio Mauve Silk Stripe

Enhance your walls with this fine silk stripe texture in a warm mauve rose hue.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiberio White Silk Stripe

A subtle silk texture for walls, striped with gentle taupe and touches of sea green.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiff Peach Satin Floral Border

This pretty floral border makes a sophisticated and sweet wall accent. Luscious peach blossoms trail between a satin scroll pattern.
$33.99 $28.89

Tiffany Blush Satin Floral Trail

Soft and romantic, this vintage rose wallpaper is embossed with silk. Peaches and cream.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiffany Lavender Satin Floral Trail

The softness of a vintage floral trail, brushed with a lush silk finish in cream and lavender hues.
$89.98 $76.48

Tiffany Peach Satin Floral Trail

Lush and delicate, the Tiffany floral pattern swirls a vintage style satin trail of peach and lavender blossoms.
$89.98 $76.48

Tori Champagne Satin Floral

Embossed with vintage roses, this white wallpaper is sophisticated, adding a gentle embossed print to walls with a pretty silk sheen.
$85.98 $73.08

Tori Cream Satin Floral

A beautiful antique white wallpaper, embossed with pretty flowers and a silk finish.
$85.98 $73.08

Tori Platinum Satin Floral

So elegant, this white wallpaper graces your room with a delicate emboss of silk flowers.
$85.98 $73.08

Tori White Satin Floral

A gorgeous white wallpaper, embossed with a vintage silk floral print.
$85.98 $73.08

Torin Beige Plaster Texture

Intrigue your décor with a contemporary take on artisanal plaster. This texture wallpaper has a pearl beige finish and an authentic technique.
$73.98 $62.88

Torin Blush Plaster Texture

A silky pearl finish adds a contemporaray glamour to this plaster texture wallpaper.
$73.98 $62.88

Torin Olive Plaster Texture

Wish your walls were made of an artisanal plaster? Wallpaper them! This silky olive wallpaper adds an heirloom beauty to any room.
$73.98 $62.88

Torin Pearl Plaster Texture

Warm up a space with a contemporary take on an heirloom plaster texture. This neutral pearl wallpaper adds a chic intrigue.
$73.98 $62.88

Torsion Cream Texture

Warm your walls like paint alone could ever achieve. This silky sofy wallpaper creates the look of a fine fabric on wallss in pearl cream with braided beige threads.
$69.98 $59.48

Totteridge Light Green Leafy Scroll

A radiant scrolling leaf wallpaper with a smooth silk sheen. A fresh verdant sage hue with lush cream accents.
$89.98 $76.48

Totteridge Olive Leafy Scroll

A resplendent vintage texture effect lies beneath a glorious scrolling leaf print. This wallpaper finishes walls with a fine silk sheen in olive and brass.
$89.98 $76.48

Totteridge White Leafy Scroll

This fine wallpaper luxuriates walls with a leafy scroll emboss on a satin weave texture in a neutral eggshell white.
$89.98 $76.48

Trish Champagne Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

Vintage scrolls, and satin roses make this white stripe wallpaper delicate and timeless, with a soft silk finish.
$89.98 $76.48

Trish Cream Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

A delicate satin stripe wallpaper, embossed with sweet flowers and scrolls, in antique white and beige.
$89.98 $76.48

Trish Platinum Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

A lovely white on white silk stripe wallpaper, embossed with vintage roses and scrolls.
$89.98 $76.48

Trish White Satin Floral Scroll Stripe

A vintage white stripe wallpaper, embossed with silky roses and scrolls.

Tybalt Cream Damask Stripe

This delicate silk damask is layered with ribbons of subtle cream stripes. This white wallpaper is sure to bring a luxurious look to any space.
$89.98 $76.48

Tybalt Gold Damask Stripe

Like a silk fabric one might expect to find lining a royal treasure chest, this luxury stripe wallpaper is gilded in regal details. A fine gold damask emboss is layered over a vintage crackle effect, striped with olive, copper and black satin.
$89.98 $76.48

Tybalt Light Grey Damask Stripe

Like a fabric fit for royalty, this gorgeous silk damask wallpaper adorns your walls in luxury. Cream, pale slate blue and a taupe gold hue are a delicate and fresh palette for this fine stripe pattern.
$89.98 $76.48

Tybalt Taupe Damask Stripe

This fine silk stripe wallpaper layers ribbons of soft taupe over a gorgeous damask emboss. Beautiful from any angle, with a timeless neutral palette.
$89.98 $76.48

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