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With a multitude of wallpapers to chose from, we've made it easy to select the right product for all your décor needs. From grasscloth to paintables, borders, textures and more, there's a type of wallpaper for everyone. Create a stunning feature wall with our vast selection of detailed designs or instead choose a lovely eco-chic wallcovering from our wonderful assortment of easy-walls styles and patterns.

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Stockport Cream Stripe

This warm taupe neutral stripe is expertly designed with fine printing techniques and a European textile finish.
$89.98 $71.98

Stockport Green Stripe

This striped wallpaper is expertly designed with fine printing techniques and a European textile finish. Green with olive tendencies.
$89.98 $71.98

Stockport Lavender Stripe

This amethyst purple stripe is designed with fine printing techniques to replicate the finish of a traditional European textile.
$89.98 $71.98

Stratus Brass Stylised Texture

An ethereal gold wallpaper with a soft textured shimmer.
$73.98 $19.99

Stratus Cream Stylised Texture

This textured wallpaper brings a subtle speckle to walls in pearl and cream.
$73.98 $59.18

Stratus Neutral Stylised Texture

A gentle speckled texture brings intrigue to walls, subtle neutrals are poised and timeless.
$73.98 $59.18

Stratus Red Stylised Texture

A delightful bespatter of red and gold silk for walls.
$73.98 $59.18

Sultan Brass Striated Texture

Gild your walls with a gorgeous brass texture.
$79.98 $63.98

Sultan Olive Striated Texture

A resplendent and coordinating wallpaper texture, cast in brassy olive green silk.
$79.98 $63.98

Sultan Pearl Striated Texture

A neutral wallpaper texture, finished with an elegant silk sheen.
$79.98 $63.98

Tiff Peach Satin Floral Border

This pretty floral border makes a sophisticated and sweet wall accent. Luscious peach blossoms trail between a satin scroll pattern.
$33.99 $27.19

Westfield Brass Stria

This warm brass wallpaper texture creates a fine silk finish for walls with gentle stria details.
$79.98 $63.98

Westfield Grey Stria

A fine wallpaper texture with a finish similar to silver silk, expertly woven with a gentle stria texture.
$79.98 $63.98

Westfield Lavender Stria

A delicately textured wallpaper with a finish similar to lavender silk, expertly woven with a gentle mauve stria.
$79.98 $63.98

Westfield Neutral Stria

This very neutral and chic wallpaper texture adds a gentle silk finish to walls with the look of a fine textile.
$79.98 $63.98

Westfield Taupe Stria

A taupe wallpaper texture, expertly printed with a gentle textile stria.
$79.98 $63.98

William Light Green Marble Texture

A delicate and fresh silk look for walls, evoking the splendor and depth of a rare polished jade.
$89.98 $71.98

Alfonso Gold String

Covering your walls in fabric has a luxe, European allure. This fine wallpaper designs a gentle gold silk look on your walls with a fine string texture.
$73.98 $59.18

Ambient Brass Texture

A shimmering brassy marble texture, enhanced by ambient splashes of blooming blue green, this rocquefort-esque wallpaper is quite intriguing.
$69.98 $55.98

Arid Pearl Cracked Texture

Create a timeless symphony of style on your walls. This pearlescent texture wallpaper has a cracked look of enduring antique beauty in clean whites and beige.
$69.98 $55.98

Beaulieu Border Brown Chintz/Stripe

Add a cultured stripe to your walls with this lovely chintz floral border. With both Eastern and Western influences, this beautiful design has a silky radiance in chocolate, peach and green.
$36.99 $29.59

Beaulieu Border Green Chintz/Stripe

This beautiful wallpaper border is a refreshing satin green hue, gracefully brushed with a beautiful and cultured chintz floral pattern.
$36.99 $29.59

Beaulieu Border Mauve Chintz/Stripe

Delicate silky mauve and pearl flourish in this cultured chintz stripe border.
$36.99 $29.59

Calisto Brass Speckle Texture

Somewhere between pearl and silk, this brass speckle wallpaper creates a warm marble texture for walls.
$73.98 $59.18

Calisto Gold Speckle Texture

A gold speckle texture wallpaper, evocative of marble, with a faint blush.
$73.98 $59.18

Calisto Pearl Speckle Texture

This chic marble wallpaper provides a silky pearl texture for walls.
$73.98 $19.99

Calisto Taupe Speckle Texture

A beautiful silky texture for walls with a marble consistency.

Calisto White Speckle Texture

A frosty texture wallpaper, evocative of a silk marble in sophisticated pearl white.
$73.98 $59.18

Carmelita Lavender Floral Toss Coordinate

This coordinating silk wallcovering is a graceful vintage floral design in cream and lavender.
$79.98 $63.98

Carmelita Peach Floral Toss Coordinate

Dressing your walls in this vintage silk wallcovering ushers a delicate and romantic beauty into any space. Peach, pearl.
$79.98 $63.98

Cherine Peach Silken Texture

A pastel silk texture for walls, this dreamy wallpaper creates a splendid and elegant depth.

Corbeau Beige Damask Texture

Graceful and chic, this linen texture wallpaper enhances walls with a warm, organic appeal and a pearl finish.
$77.98 $62.38

Corbeau Brass Damask Texture

A very stylish texture for walls with a chic brass finish.
$77.98 $62.38

Corbeau Light Grey Damask Texture

A pale grey linen texture for walls with a sophisticated pearl finish.
$77.98 $62.38

Elise Beige Magnolia Texture

A fine textured wallpaper, creates the look of a chic plaster effect with a delicate vintage distress.
$69.98 $55.98

Elise Brown Magnolia Texture

Transform your walls with an intriguing plaster texture wallpaper. As if your walls had channelled a vintage chateau! Warm stone hues.

Elise Light Green Magnolia Texture

Add a regal stone texture to your walls with this fine wallpaper. Like you had channelled a chateau, your walls can exude nuances of cream and sage marble.
$69.98 $55.98

Elise Peach Magnolia Texture

A subtle vintage legacy wallpaper that creates a dream soft depth on walls in a hushed peach texture.
$69.98 $55.98

Elise Pink Magnolia Texture

Bring a flirtatious texture to your walls with this blushing pink marble wallpaper!
$69.98 $55.98

Elise Sage Magnolia Texture

A silky marble wallpaper texture for walls in fine sage.
$69.98 $55.98

Elise Taupe Magnolia Texture

This marble texture wallpaper truly creates the look that your walls are a smooth stone, chateau style!
$69.98 $55.98

Erith Champagne Marble Texture

Enchant your walls with this satin marble wallpaper in a warm champagne taupe hue.
$85.98 $68.78

Erith Taupe Marble Texture

Turn your walls to stone with this glorious taupe marble wallpaper, finished with a radiant touch of silk.
$85.98 $68.78

Fabien Brass Cracked Texture

Like a column from a Renaissance house of fashion, with vintage crackled gold leaf, this textured wallpaper has a classic beauty.
$65.98 $52.78

Fabien White Cracked Texture

Through a pearly white sheen and a vintage crackle texture, this fine wallpaper gives your walls the luxurious effect of a Renaissance marble.
$65.98 $52.78

Francine Cream Striped Silk Texture

Treat your walls to a silky pleasure with this fine wallpaper. Indulgent and smooth, with the look of a softly braided fabric.
$69.98 $55.98

Francine Pastel Striped Silk Texture

A delicate satin textured wallpaper, this soft design creates a soft braided stripe in pretty pastels.
$69.98 $55.98

Hayes Beige Stria Texture

This subtly textured wallpaper has the look of handspun silk, in the color of light brown sugar.
$85.98 $68.78

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