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With a multitude of wallpapers to chose from, we've made it easy to select the right product for all your décor needs. From grasscloth to paintables, borders, textures and more, there's a type of wallpaper for everyone. Create a stunning feature wall with our vast selection of detailed designs or instead choose a lovely eco-chic wallcovering from our wonderful assortment of easy-walls styles and patterns.

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Jasper Pearl Diamond

Traditional and chic, this fine wallpaper adds a soft texture to walls and a satin diamond motif in pearly taupe beige.

Jasper Pink Diamond

A traditional and fine wallpaper featuring a classy satin diamond motif in gentle tea rose pink.
$73.98 $55.48

Jasper Taupe Diamond

This traditional diamond motif wallpaper has a delicate scale and a pretty taupe and white satin sheen.
$73.98 $55.48

Leighton Copper Jacobean Texture

An heirloom speckle effect in satiny copper and warm rust, with subtle texture effects.
$69.98 $52.48

Leighton Green Jacobean Texture

An heirloom speckle texture for walls in a satiny brass and green palette.
$69.98 $52.48

Leighton Sage Jacobean Texture

A chic texture wallpaper, speckled with a satin finish in sage and mauve.
$69.98 $52.48

Lindsey Texture Brass Watercolour Text

This tmarble texture wallpaper adds a silky depth to walls in a brass, blush, and forest palette.
$73.98 $55.48

Lindsey Texture Peach Watercolour Text

Peach satin wallpaper with an alluring marble texture.
$73.98 $55.48

Linen Texture Beige Blossom Texture

This beige linen wallpaper creates a warm, textured appeal for walls.
$73.98 $55.48

Linen Texture Light Yellow Blossom Texture

A subtle butter yellow silk texture for walls with a warm linen weave.

Linen Texture Pearl Blossom Texture

A sophisticated upgrade for your walls, this textured wallpaper lays a pearl-hued linen luxury.
$73.98 $55.48

Maglione Cream Chenille Texture

This cream of wheat hued texture adds the warmth of a knit fabric to walls, gentle and appealing.
$69.98 $52.48

Maglione Green Chenille Texture

Invite a spirited elegance to your walls with this rich green wallpaper. Adding a warm, silky chenille texture, emerald threaded with orchid accents.
$69.98 $52.48

Marmo Light Grey Marble Texture

Subtle but with fine esoteric details, this marble wallpaper adds a chic taupe texture to walls.
$69.98 $52.48

Morgana Blush Texture

Somewhere between a string of pearls and a soft sweet blush, this textured wallpaper brings a demure silkiness to walls.
$69.98 $52.48

Morgana Brass Texture

Raindrops, gathered on a shiny brass surface, irridescent and silky in the sun. This shimmering texture brings intrigue and gentle nuances to walls.
$69.98 $52.48

Morgana Pastel Texture

If the sky was sweetened with pastel sugars, this sweet textured wallpaper could, perhaps, evoke that moment. Delicious silk nuances.

Morgana Peach Texture

A springtime blush of golden clouds, like a pearlescent sky backdrop to a dewy Renaissance portrait.
$69.98 $52.48

Morgana Pearl Texture

An opalescent pearl, shimmering in a blue lagoon, this very pretty texture treats your walls to a light catching wash of pastels and white.
$69.98 $52.48

Morgana Sage Texture

This resplendent wallcovering creates a sought after textured depth on walls in dreamy pearl sage nuances.
$69.98 $52.48

Pietra Cream Texture

Turn your walls to stone. This classy marble texture wallpaper transforms any room with the polished look of cream colored marble.
$89.98 $19.99

Pietra Taupe Texture

Transform a wall into a shimmering silk vista of taupe luster. A marble texture wallpaper with a satin feel and an enticingly nuanced buff hue.
$89.98 $19.99

Prelude Taupe Subtle Texture

Pearl infused mist, stretching into the horizon, infuses your walls with a soft taupe texture to soothe and intrigue.
$73.98 $55.48

Prezio Brass Texture

An opulent golden brass sheen, a gentle speckle, and a soft stroke texture. Dress your walls in this designer wallpaper texture for a luxurious depth.
$79.98 $59.98

Prezio Cream Texture

This shimmering pearl cream texture wallpaper treats your walls to a soft texture and an appealing vintage speckle.
$79.98 $59.98

Prezio Green Texture

Warm polished brass and forest green, gauzy and intriguing with gossamer strokes to catch the light. A desiger wallpaper texture with a radiant depth.
$79.98 $19.99

Prezio Pewter Texture

Add a precious metal to your walls with this gentlly textured pewter wallpaper.
$79.98 $59.98

Prezio Silver Texture

A mysteriously lovely speckle texture, brushed with gossamer strokes of silver enchantment, a dreamy wallcovering.
$79.98 $19.99

Raso Brown Texture

A rich espresso satin hue, polished with the nuances of fine marble, graces walls with a deep luxurious elegance.
$85.98 $19.99

Raso Light Grey Texture

Like a precious pebble, polished by the salty tides of the sea, this satin texture wallpaper dresses your walls in a soft, luxurious texture.
$79.98 $59.98

Raso Sage Texture

A mossy polished stone texture for walls, this marble wallpaper has a gentle satin sheen.
$79.98 $19.99

Romaine Taupe Texture

This intriguing, textured wallpaper is subtle and soothing in a space, and lovely enough to stand alone, bringing a taupe and beige depth.
$69.98 $52.48

Sarto Beige String

Beige, with a silky golden shimmer, this stripe texture wallpaper graces your walls with a fine fabric effect, as delicate and enticing as Rapunzels hair.
$73.98 $55.48

Sarto Green String Texture

Like a coveted Renaissance fabric this shimmering silken green and gold wallcovering tailors your walls in a fine luxury.
$69.98 $52.48

Sarto Light Blue String Texture

Tailor your walls with a customized fabric look. This pale blue texture creates a silky shimmer on walls, textured and regal.
$69.98 $52.48

Sarto Light Brown String

Classy, with the intriguing shimmer of fine spun silk, this delicately textured wallpaper brings the look of fabric to walls in a soft sepia brown hue.
$73.98 $55.48

Sarto Red String

Ultra fine, this luxurious red and gold wallpaper transforms walls into a decadent silk fabric.
$73.98 $55.48

Solange Brass Texture

Adding a dramatic marble beauty to walls, this textured wallpaper has a brass shimmer and mossy nuances.
$69.98 $52.48

Solange Lavender Texture

Somewhere between pink and purple, this shimmering wallpaper with a marble texture finds its voice, a beautiful lavender pearl.
$69.98 $52.48

Solange Peach Texture

A pearl hued marble wallpaper, touched by the sweetness of a peach, this opalescent texture is shimmering and chic.

Solange Pink Texture

As if a Renaissance artist had sweetly painted a romantic gathering of clouds, this fine wallpaper creates an alluring silk texture in peach and blush.
$69.98 $52.48

Stria Cream Stria Stripe

Elegant and timeless, this striated cream stripe is heightened with a fine silk fabric effect, unexpectedly radiant.
$73.98 $55.48

Stria Lavender Stria Stripe

Delicate and darling, this striated lavender, mint and peach design brings a silken elegance to walls. This sweet stripe brings sunny spring hues to life.
$73.98 $55.48

Tessuto Light Brown Gauzy Texture

Add intrigue and depth to walls with this fine textured wallpaper. A brassy spectrum of golds and greens adds a gentle detail.
$65.98 $49.48

Torin Beige Plaster Texture

Intrigue your décor with a contemporary take on artisanal plaster. This texture wallpaper has a pearl beige finish and an authentic technique.
$73.98 $55.48

Torin Blush Plaster Texture

A silky pearl finish adds a contemporaray glamour to this plaster texture wallpaper.
$73.98 $55.48

Torin Olive Plaster Texture

Wish your walls were made of an artisanal plaster? Wallpaper them! This silky olive wallpaper adds an heirloom beauty to any room.
$73.98 $55.48

Torin Pearl Plaster Texture

Warm up a space with a contemporary take on an heirloom plaster texture. This neutral pearl wallpaper adds a chic intrigue.
$73.98 $55.48

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