Discover the beauty and romance of wallpaper. With an unsurpassed influence in interior design, wallpaper allows your style to shine. Brewster designer wallcovering brings you the most distinguished designs for any wall, including dreamy damask wallpaper, vintage style, modern and retro designs for walls, and perfect floral wallpaper for any taste.  

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Grey Venetian Damask

$93.98 $19.99

Honey Mulberry Medallion

$93.98 $19.99

Isla Beige Paisley Wallpaper

Gentle beige sets a warm tone under a large-scale paisley design. This wallpaper is a beautiful twist on a classic.
$159.98 $29.99

Isla Light Grey Paisley Wallpaper

This beautiful paisley design wallpaper is a large scale patterned motif for walls. A classic design theme with a modern flourish, this wallpaper is truly charming.
$159.98 $29.99

Ithaca Light Grey Scroll

This elegant wallpaper designs a graceful depth in a room, with pale grey marble behind a shimmering scroll design.
$77.98 $19.99

Ivory Augusteen

$85.98 $19.99

Ivory Canvas

$115.98 $39.99

Jaipur Taupe Elephant Skin Texture

A very delicate textured wallpaper with a subtle speckle effect.
$69.98 $19.99

Jaipur Tawny Elephant Skin Texture

Like a bronzed elephant, this wallpaper has a tawny hue and a delicate speckle texture.
$69.98 $19.99

Laila Taupe Grasspaper

Like a contemporary twist on a grasscloth stripe, this designer wallpaper brings intrigue and texture to walls with fine details of suede accents.
$159.98 $29.99

Lanza Sage Scroll

Score a graceful scroll pattern on your walls, this satiny wallpaper is the polished hue of mossy stone nuanced and classy.
$85.98 $19.99

Lattice Beige Trellis

A fun dimensional look, this designer wallpaper has a fantastic geometric trellis design in cream raised ink over a warm caramel cream background.
$169.98 $29.99

Lattice Brown Trellis

Giving great depth to walls, this rich chocolate brown designer wallpaper has luxe suede accents of taupe trellis work.
$169.98 $29.99

Lattice Light Green Trellis

A super fashionable and refreshing designer wallpaper, this trellis design has an intriguing geometric knot design in crisp green and white ink.
$169.98 $29.99

Lavender Multi Stripe

$104.00 $19.99

Liesel Black Damask

A classic damask pattern in a pretty trellis design, this designer wallpaper is black and white perfection for walls with chic details.
$169.98 $29.99

Liesel Brown Damask

So rich and luxe, this designer damask wallpaper creates a golden trellis over a delicious chocolate background.
$169.98 $29.99

Liesel Silver Damask

With a dreamy twinkle this designer damask wallpaper creates a trellis work of beauty on walls in silver and cream.
$169.98 $29.99

Liesel Taupe Damask

An alluring nude wallpaper hue in pearlescent taupe, this designer pattern creates a damask trellis on walls with a lovely sheen.
$169.98 $29.99

Liesel White Damask

A lusciously beautiful damask wallpaper design that creates an iron-work trellis look full of beautiful detail. This designer wallpaper has extra special shimmer in pearl accents of champagne white.
$169.98 $29.99

Light Grey Baroque Damask

$99.98 $19.99

Light Grey Fabrique

$115.98 $39.99

Light Grey Larosa

$79.98 $19.99

Light Grey Rossy

$79.98 $19.99

Lilac Simple Damask

$87.98 $19.99

Liliana Brass Floral

A warm golden brown silk brocade, this fine wallcovering treates your walls to a rich pattern of elegant scrolls and flowers.
$85.98 $19.99

Liliana Gold Floral

Graceful and lovely, this floral wallpaper creates a gorgeous illusion of depth. Surrender to the blissful beauty of this silken wallcovering, stitched in golden details.
$85.98 $19.99

Linen Damask

$104.00 $19.99

Lioba Beige Large Damask

$145.98 $29.99

Lissandra Beige Floral Stripe

Truly evoking a fine vintage silk brocade, this darling floral stripe wallpaper dresses your walls in timeless beige elegance.
$89.98 $19.99

Lissandra Gold Floral Stripe

This Victorain wallpaper is shimmering with silken gold threads, a floral stripe design with a timeless appeal.
$85.98 $19.99

Lissandra Mauve Floral Stripe

Gentle silk brocade, with a hint of Victorian mauve, this sweet floral stripe wallpaper has a timeless elegance.
$89.98 $19.99

Lissandra Sage Floral Stripe

Ribbons of silk finery attire your walls with gorgeous golden sage details. Channeling Victorian finery, this wallpaper has a timeless vintage charm.
$89.98 $19.99

Lolani Light Green Banana Leaf

Fresh and fun, this pale green grasscloth wallpaper has a fabulous banana leaf print. Bring a tropical paradise vibe to your space with an organic texture!
$399.98 $29.99

Lopeka Beige Modern Damask

A warm modern damask print, this wallpaper has a tropical class in a salted caramel and natural vanilla color way.
$169.98 $29.99

Lopeka Brown Modern Damask

A rich brown gives depth to this modern damask wallpaper while a light taupe graces your walls with a fun pattern of attractive details.
$169.98 $29.99

Lopeka Light Brown Modern Damask

A neutral colorway of taupe and beige tone this bold modern damask wallpaper pattern to a pleasing backdrop for your room.
$169.98 $29.99

Lopeka Light Grey Modern Damask

Warm and playful, with the allure of sublety, this modern damask print wallpaper swirls a pretty design on walls in a buttercream and pale dove grey colorway.
$169.98 $29.99

Lorenza Green Scroll Stripe

The closer you look at this silken stripe masterpiece, the more beautiful it becomes. Incredibly fine in-register embossing graces this designer wallpaper with a silken radiance, in a luxurious taupe green hue.
$85.98 $19.99

Lorenza Light Grey Scroll Stripe

An incredibly luxurious stripe wallpaper, this designer pattern flourishes the ultimate look of elegnace on walls. A soft silk radiance is achieved with fine in-register embossed effects, gracing your room with a warm taupe grey sheen.
$85.98 $19.99

Lorenza Taupe Scroll Stripe

This silken stripe wallpaper is composed of shimmering ribbons of detailed luxury in a vintage taupe hue. Fine in-register embossing graces walls with a shimmering dimensional quality.
$85.98 $19.99

Louis Beige Damask

A regal damask wallcovering, cast in a silken renaissance sheen. Dress your walls in elegance, with an appealing taupe hue.
$85.98 $19.99

Louis Brown Damask

A gorgeous jacquard damask wallpaper, inviting the enduring charm of French luxury to your walls. Rapturous golden brown silk is warm and refined.
$89.98 $19.99

Louis Gold Damask

Upholster your walls in Renaissance charms. This vintage style wallpaper creates a silken fabric look on walls, brocaded in flax and beige.
$85.98 $19.99

Malabar Light Green Leaf

Renouned designer Joseph Abboud creathed this wallpaper pattern to bring a classy motif with an authentic texture to walls in a fresh pale green hue.
$159.98 $29.99

Malabar Light Grey Leaf

A classy natural design, this wallpaper by Joseph Abboud brings an authentic leaf motif to walls in a wintery grey and white pattern.
$159.98 $29.99

Mallory Aqua Ikat Medallion

With the appealing distress texture of hand spun silk, this aqual ikat motif wallpaper is a dreamy designer sensation for walls.
$149.98 $29.99

Mallory Beige Ikat Medallion

This desiger wallpaper is a beautiful ikat motif in a soothing beige blush with a handwoven silk texture.
$149.98 $29.99

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