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A whimsical and enchanting collection containing the artwork of Swedish illustrator Hanna Werning. The patterns form a magical, stunning backdrop to a fantasy world that never ceases to amaze you. Wonderland features nature and animal motifs playfully blended with geometrics and color.

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Korall Wall Mural

Colorful and fantastical, this mural combines underwate life and woodland creatures. The deep navy background allows the repeatable pattern to pop. Mural comes with 4 panels and measues 8 feet 7 inches tall by 5 feet 9 inches wide when assembled.Korall Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
USD $219.99 USD $164.99

Magisk Wall Mural

Step into a magical world where a desert oasis exists amongst wildflowers and birch trees. Forest creatures and plants in rich colors are printed on a black background. Mural comes with 4 panels and measues 8 feet 7 inches tall by 5 feet 9 inches wide when assembled.Magisk Wall Mural comes on 4 panels.
USD $219.99 USD $110

Blomma Apricot Geometric Wallpaper

This abstract starburst wallpaper has an art deco feel. A blush and apricot color palette modernizes the geometric pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Blomma Charcoal Geometric Wallpaper

This geometric wallpaper has a lively energy about it. The abstract starburst pattern is bold yet versatile in charcoal and grey.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Blomma Dove Geometric Wallpaper

In a light grey, this wallpaper is versatile and neutral. The abstract geometric pattern has an art deco feel to it.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Blomma Orange Geometric Wallpaper

This wallpaper will brighten up any room! Pink and orange lend a Palm Beach chic feel to the abstract geometric pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Blomma Sage Geometric Wallpaper

An enchanting abstract geometric pattern. The starburst shapes feel organic in sage and mint.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Blomma Yellow Geometric Wallpaper

This abstract starburst wallpaper is lovely in yellow. The art deco-like pattern is reminiscent of blooming marigold flowers.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Flytta Green Fauna Wallpaper

Land and sea combine in this whimsical wallpaper. The pattern contains foxes, pheasants, and tropical flowers amongst underwater plants and leaping fish.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Flytta Multicolor Fauna Wallpaper

Bright and bold, this multicolor wallpaper will liven up any room. The eclectic pattern features an array of folk-style flora and fauna over a white background.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Himmel Blush Abstract Dots Wallpaper

Taupe colored dots look almost gold on a blush pink background. The abstract cloud pattern makes this wallpaper playful and modern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Himmel Grey Abstract Dots Wallpaper

Grey and white keep this abstract wallpaper understated and versatile. A spattering of dots form a cloud-like pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Himmel Mint Abstract Dots Wallpaper

A muted seafoam color provides a soothing backdrop for an abstract pattern. Taupe dots are sprinkled across this wallpaper in cloud-like shapes.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Himmel Yellow Abstract Dots Wallpaper

This wallpaper is cheerful and sunny, just like puffy clouds in the sky that the pattern resembles. Yellow dots create a charming abstract print.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Hoppet Black and Folk Wallpaper

Folk-style plants, piglets, and birds decorate this bold wallpaper. The black groundground makes the colorful pattern pop.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Hoppet Blue Folk Wallpaper

An elegant blue, navy, and white color palette offsets the whimsy of this eclectic wallpaper. Flora and fauna abound in the folk-style pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Hoppet Green Folk Wallpaper

Birds and sweater-wearing piglets frolic among plants in this cheerful wallpaper. An olive green background grounds the whimsical pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Hoppet Grey Folk Wallpaper

An eclectic and whimsical wallpaper. Skipping piglets, birds, and fantastical plants are printed in blue and white over a dove grey background.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Hoppet White and Folk Wallpaper

Fantastical plants in an array of colors are printed on a white background. The whimsical wallpaper also features sweater-clad piglets, flying geese, and hopping sparrows.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Korall Green Meadow Wallpaper

This whimsical pattern is alluring in rich shades of green, ranging from jade and teal to moss and olive. Forest creatures mix with sea plants over a charcoal background.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Korall Multicolor Meadow Wallpaper

The bright and happy colors of this wallpaper mirror the fun feel of the pattern. Forest creatures in burnt orange and grey frolic among fantastical sea plants.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Korall Orange Meadow Wallpaper

A fantastical pattern of woodland creatures and sea life pop against a dark chocolate background. The wallpaper's color palette gives it a retro feel.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Korall Teal Meadow Wallpaper

Woodland creatures meet underwater life in this one-of-a-kind wallpaper. The intricate pattern is beautiful in shades of dusty teal, taupe, blue, grey, beige, and white.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Lummig Grey Fox Wallpaper

This modern but whimsical wallpaper has fox silhouettes hidden among tropical plants. The light grey and white color palette is crisp and versatile.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Lummig Mint Fox Wallpaper

A beautiful white and sea foam wallpaper that mixes modern and whimsy. Tropical leaves and plants have hidden leaping foxes.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Magisk Beige Oasis Wallpaper

This wallpaper has a mystical feel to it with a desert oasis and forest life mingling together in one pattern. The grey background is accented by sandy beige, green, yellow, and dark teal.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Magisk Navy Oasis Wallpaper

A dazzling and enchanting wallpaper. The navy background is sprinkled with scenes of a desert oasis combined with forest plants and wildlife.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Skog Green Forest Wallpaper

This whimsical wallpaper features a forest pattern with frolicing creatures. Shades of green mingle with navy and cream for a sophisticated look.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Skog Grey Forest Wallpaper

A subtle way to do whimsical. This wallpaper has forest creatures and plants in navy, blue, and taupe with a sprinkling of coral accents over a medium grey background.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Skog White Forest Wallpaper

A color palette of sea foam, blush beige, soft greys, and pops of yellow make this wallpaper ideal for a nursery. Woodland creatures frolic among a fantastical forest in this whimsical pattern.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Tropisk Green Floral Wallpaper

Beige and white blossoms with orange accents give tropical flowers a new look. This floral wallpaper has a light grey background with dusty rose colored dots.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Tropisk Multicolor Floral Wallpaper

A light navy background dotted with teal spots allows off-white and yellow flowers to pop. This modern floral wallpaper mixes purple and sage green leaves.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

Tropisk Pink Floral Wallpaper

Tropical flowers abound in this pink and green wallpaper. The blush background is decorated with green dots that echo the design of the blooms and leaves.
USD $2.08 USD $1.56/Sq Ft.

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