Wood Wall Art

A collection of both real and designer faux wood. Hand carved medallions have a bohemian feel, while metal-lettered signs add instant farmhouse charm. Wood is a timeless decor material no matter the style, and will fit effortlessly into your home.

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Jefferson Brass Geometric Wall Art Set

Add dimension to your walls with this metal wall art set. A gold hue gives their geometric designs a sophisticated look. Large measures 6.75-in wide x 7-in long, medium measures 5.75-in wide x 6-in long and small measures 5.75-in wide x 5.5-in long.
$23.99 $17.99

Maude White Carved Medallion

Complete with floral motifs, this white panel has a beautiful carved design. Distressed details lend to its bohemian style. Maude White Carved Medallion measures 16.75-in long by 49-in wide.
$74.99 $56.24

Mayfair White Carved Medallion

Add a bohemian flair to rooms with this beautiful white washed panel. Its scrolling carved design features stunning floral motifs. Mayfair White Carved Medallion measures 16-in long by 48-in wide.
$74.99 $56.24

Melba White Carved Panel

Featuring a scroll design, this white wood panel has a farmhouse style. Its distressed accents emphasize its weathered look. Melba White Carved Panel measures 18.875-in long by 39-in wide.
$45.99 $34.49

Mia Grey Carved Panel

With lovingly worn accents, this wooden wall panel has a farmhouse style. Its grey hue and scroll design lend to its homey feel. Mia Grey Carved Panel measures 18.875-in long by 39.25-in wide.
$45.99 $34.49

Mia White Carved Panel

Add a farmhouse touch to rooms with this lovingly weathered wall panel. Its white washed scroll design is truly beautiful. Mia White Carved Panel measures 18.875-in long by 39-in wide.
$45.99 $34.49

Monty White Carved Panel

With an off-white carved design, this wall medallion is perfect for creating a bohemian look. Floral motifs lend to its earthy feel. Monty White Carved Panel measures 17.875-in long by 35.875-in wide.
$45.99 $34.49

Reidy White Round Carved Medallion

A delightful white bohemian medallion. The round carved design features nature inspired motifs and distressed accents. Reidy White Round Carved Medallion measures 35.5-in long by 35.5-in wide.
$74.99 $56.24

Tudor Beige Iron Scroll and Wood Gate Wall Decor

With the look of a wooden gate, this wall decoration has beautiful scrolling ironwork. Its hardware accents lend to its rustic style. Tudor Beige Iron Scroll and Wood Gate Wall Decor measures 20-in long by 40-in wide.
$64.99 $48.74

Jayda White Carved Medallion

Upgrade your wall with this white wood medallion. The design is hand carved with a subtle distressed finish. The Jayda White Carved Medallion measures 30-in long by 30-in wide.
$39.99 $29.99

Maia White Carved Mirrored Medallion

Add a beautiful and intricate mirror to your decor. This hand carved floral medallion is a stunning design. The Maia White Carved Mirrored Medallion measures 23.625-in long by 23.625-in wide.
$40.99 $30.74

Meryl White Carved Mirrored Medallion

This wooden floral mirror has an intricate hand carved design. The floral motifs are painted white and accented with subtle distressing. The Meryl White Carved Mirrored Medallion measures 23.625-in long by 23.625-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Stetson Family Wood Wall Decor

Celebrate the love you have for your family with this rustic wall art. The wooden background is topped with corrugated metal letters. The Stetson Family Wood Wall Decor measures 16-in long by 44-in wide.
$64.99 $48.74

Stoves Light Brown Rectangular Wood Mirror

With faux bolt accents and faded white and brown paint, this distressed mirror has a rustic charm. Its wood inspired frame adds to its homey style. The Stoves Light Brown Rectangular Wood Mirror measures 31.25-in long by 23.375-in wide.
$64.99 $48.74

Broderick Grey Carved Medallion

Featuring floral motifs and enchanting scrolls, this grey wall medallion is perfect for adding a global flare to your decor. Light distressed details highlight its intricate hand carved design. Broderick Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Deja Grey Carved Medallion

With an intricate hand carved design, this grey medallion has a bohemian flare. Its distressed design features lovely floral motifs and scrolls. Deja Grey Carved Medallion measures 23.25-in long by 23.25-in wide.
$30.99 $23.24

Denzel Grey Carved Medallion

Give your wall a global flair with this grey wall medallion. Its enchanting hand carved scroll design is highlighted by subtle distressed details. Denzel Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.25-in long and 15.25-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion

With a beautiful scroll design, this wall medallion has an elegant style. Its faded seafoam hue adds a subtle coastal touch. Denzel Seafoam Carved Medallion measures 15.25-in long and 15.25-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Jayda Grey Square Medallion

This beautiful hand carved wall medallion will bring a bohemian style to your wall. The grey design is full of swirling scrolls and floral motifs. Jayda Grey Square Medallion measures 29.75-in long by 29.75-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Kolbi White Hand Carved Panel

With distressed details, this white hand carved wall panel has a global flare. Its intertwining scroll design is truly eye-catching. Kolbi White Carved Panel measures 36-in long by 15.75-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Love Rustic Brown Sign

Bask your home in love with this rustic wood sign. The natural background is topped with corrugated metal letters. Love Rustic Brown Sign measures 30-in long by 12-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Maverick Grey Carved Medallion

With a lovely grey hue, this wooden wall medallion will bring a bohemian style to your wall. Its grey design features floral and lead motifs. Maverick Grey Carved Medallion measures 15.5-in long by 15.5-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Nilda White Carved Medallion

Leafy scrolls branch out from a floral motif in this nature inspired wall medallion. Its white hue will brighten up your walls, while its botanical flare will add a bohemian feel to rooms. Nilda Whitre Carved Medallion measures 48-in long and 16-in wide.
$60.99 $45.74

Shena White Hand Carved Panel Medallion

Adorn your wall with this enchanting wall panel. Its white design is subtly distressed, giving it a bohemian style. Shena White Carved Panel Medallion measures 24-in long by 18-in wide.
$30.99 $23.24

Tino White Round Medallion

A delightful floral medallion. The round hand carved design has a light distressed texture on its white surface. Tino White Round Medallion measures 16-in long by 16-in wide.
$20.99 $15.74

Uriel Grey Carved Medallion

Decorate your walls with this beautiful grey medallion. Its subtly distressed details highlight its hand carved design, creating a lovely bohemian ornament. Uriel Grey Carved Medallion measures 29.5-in long by 29.5-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Vaughn Grey Carved Medallion

With beautiful floral motifs and swirling scrolls, this grey wall medallion is truly eye-catching. Its subtle worn details give it a global look. Vaughn Grey Carved Medallion is 29.5-in long and 39.5-in wide.
$35.99 $26.99

Deja Black Carved Medallion

A single flower anchors this medallion's design. The hand carved scrolls and ivy leaves look elegant in black.
$35.99 $26.99

Kylan Malbec Sign

Metal letters spell out MALBEC vertically. This sign looks like it was made from a wine barrel.
$26.99 $20.24

Kylan Pinot Sign

See blank walls in your home pinot more. This sign is cleverly made to look like it was refurbished from a wine barrel.
$26.99 $20.24

Leroy Black Round Medallion

Hand carved scrolls and leaves center around a single flower. The black finish of the round medallion offsets its delicate design.
$60.99 $45.74

Leroy Espresso Round Medallion

This round medallion features a central ring of leafy scrolls branching off a flower, with more scrolls forming an outer border. The rich espresso color
$49.99 $37.49

Luana Cork Catcher

A fun little cork collector! Place this wine shaped vestibule in your kitchen to turn discarded corks into art.
$23.99 $17.99

Tinley Cabernet Sign

If you're more of a no way rose, yes cabernet person, this wall art is for you. Natural wood and the word CABERNET are shaped like a wine bottle.
$17.99 $13.49

Tinley Chardonnay Sign

Be on cloud wine about your home decor by adding this wall art to your kitchen. The light wood sign is shaped like a bottle and spells out CHARDONNAY.
$17.99 $13.49

Tinley Malbec Sign

Don't make pour decor decisions- this wine bottle sign is a no-brainer. Grey toned wood surrounds MALBEC.
$17.99 $13.49

Tinley Zinfandel Sign

We've heard lacking quality home decor is one of the seven deadly zins. Remedy that easily with this wood wine bottle wall art.
$17.99 $13.49

Vaughn Black Hand Carved Medallion

A floral scroll design hints at Baroque influence, while the hand carved details feel bohemian. In black, this medallion is a classic and versatile decor piece.
$45.99 $34.49

Vaughn Espresso Hand Carved Medallion

Baroque meets bohemian in this espresso wall decor. Leafy scrolls, sweeping lines, and flowers intricately overlap in this hand carved medallion.
$45.99 $34.49

Zaria Grey Square Medallion

A beautiful hand carved floral scroll design. The square medallion is painted a demure grey.
$60.99 $45.74

Zaria White Square Medallion

This hand carved medallion has a lightly distressed white finish. The central floral scroll pattern repeats around the square's outer edges.
$60.99 $45.74

Toan White Carved Medallion

Give your walls a bohemian flair with this carved wooden medallion. The whitewashed design has a rustic finish distressed accents.
$20.99 $15.74

Nikoli White Mirrored Medallion

This hand carved mirror is a beautiful addition to walls. The intricated design has a floral mandala motif.
$35.99 $26.99

Zaria Espresso Square Medallion

Embrace the beauty of India with this hand carved wooden medallion. This floral wall art piece has a dark stained for a classic style.
$60.99 $45.74

Broderick White Carved Medallion

This whitewashed wood medallion has a beautiful and intricate floral design. The white washed print is accented by subtle distressing.
$20.99 $15.74

Denzel White Carved Medallion

This beautiful white wood medallion will instantly give your walls a stylish update. The whitewashed design is accented with subtle distressing.
$20.99 $15.74

Steer Head Wall Decor

This rustic steer skull is a perfect addition to a country home. The strips are colored in varying shades of brown to look like distressed wood.
$20.99 $15.74

Love Small White Rustic Sign

Celebrate the love in your life with this rustic wall art sign. A white wood background and corrugated metal letters create a vintage style perfect for a farmhouse.
$30.99 $23.24

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