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Yellow in décor is happy and chic! Yellow wallpaper dresses your home in sunny hues of optimism, providing an unexpectedly stylish compliment to white, neutrals, wood, and other colors. Reflecting the splendid abundance of yellow in nature, these yellow wall coverings traipse from sweet buttery hues to vivid citrus shades. 

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Andover Mustard Eula Wallpaper

Invite the coziness of fall into your home with this lovely cream wallpaper. Charming trees with grey and mustard leaves create a pleasant nature inspired design. Andover is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$29.99 $23.99

Sandnes Mustard Leaf Stripe Wallpaper

With distressed details, this cream wallpaper has a vintage Scandinavian style. Its alternating mustard and grey leaf design is perfect for adding an organic touch to rooms. Sandnes is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$29.99 $23.99

Sandur Wheat Waves Wallpaper

With a delightful scalloped design, this wallpaper has an eclectic charm. Its light wheat hue will add a touch of warmth to walls. Sandur is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$34.99 $27.99

Mendocino Light Yellow Linen Wallpaper

Cheerful and warm, this linen inspired wallpaper is ideal for adding texture and depth to walls. Its sunny design features light yellow, brown and off-white hues. Mendocino is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$79.98 $63.98

Citrine Metro Mod Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

This retro-inspired, boxy geometric instantly draws the eye and visually heightens a space. The citrine and grey combination is unexpectedly elegant. Metro Mod is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Meru Chartreuse Mountain Wallpaper

A combination of grey and chartreuse gives a modern twist to the traditional Japanese art that inspired this wallpaper. Overlapping mountain peaks are decorated with a variety of patterns and woven texture prints. Meru is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Mikado Ochre Parasol Wallpaper

Parasols decorated with flowers, koi, leaves, and dragonflies look lovely in ochre and grey. A whimsical and modern wallpaper. Mikado is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Painterly Citrine Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

This playful medallion ogee is balanced by a vintage linen print background. The yellow and white palette infuses the pattern with a welcoming feel. Painterly is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Parisian Wheat Parquet Wallpaper

This wallpaper is designed to give the look of artisinal wood paneling. The planks are a mix of an inviting wheat color and natural wood tones. A chevron pattern is modern and looks impressive on walls.
$139.98 $111.98

Peony Tree Citrine Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

Dreamy and elegant, this chinoiserie-inspired floral straddles the line of modern and traditional for a truly transitional and versatile pattern. Mica-accented citrine and aqua blooms form a serene pattern over a pale grey-tinted backdrop. Peony Tree is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$179.98 $143.98

Scandi Flora Citrine Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

A dreamy take on flowers that uniquely blends modern and classic for a style that is fresh and full of Nordic charm. Pale yellows and greys unite in this pattern for an easygoing look. Scandi Flora is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$159.98 $127.98

Wavelength Citrine Wallpaper by Sarah Richardson

This small-scale pattern's undulating dots are printed in mica-infused ink, mesmerizing the eye with flashes of metallic shimmer. The yellow print glows gold as it ripples across a white background. Wavelength is an unpasted, nonwoven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Zazen Yellow Geometric Wallpaper

Dotted sections create the look of interlocking circles in this wallpaper. A darker grey is set apart from the goldenrod and light grey with a raised ink texture. Zazen is a unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Rustic Wood Tile Honey Geometric

Add a midcentury modern flair to your home with this wood wallpaper. A unique geometric pattern is accented by a subtle shimmering champagne background.
$139.98 $111.98

White Washed Boards Honey Shiplap

This wood wallpaper has a honey overlay that gives the design a glazed look. The golden hue adds warmth while the wide planks create a rustic appeal.
$139.98 $111.98

Daydream Honey Abstract Floral Wallpaper

Printed with raised inks, this abstract floral wallpaper has a textural feel. The deep honey and taupe palette is unexpected and refreshing for the modern home. Daydream is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Garden of Eden Yellow Damask Wallpaper

Soft yellow and greys form a demure canvas. The classic damask pattern is given a contemporary twist with raised ink details and a striated look. Garden of Eden is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Nuance Yellow Abstract Texture Wallpaper

Touches of yellow allow this wallpaper to brighten a room in a subtle way. Raised white ink adds dimension to the abstract texture's base mix of taupe, charcoal, and dove grey. Nuance is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Zephyr Honey Abstract Stripe Wallpaper

Like rake designs through the sand of a zen garden, lines curve into stripes over a honey background. The abstract pattern is printed in raised white ink for a textural feel. Zephyr is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$139.98 $111.98

Grove Mustard Tree

This mustard yellow wallpaper is a new take on classic tree print. Grey leaves are scattered among the trees, adding a third color to the pattern for a balanced, modern look.
$139.98 $111.98

Palladian Honey Links

This link wallpaper creates a chic geometric pattern. The grey and honey colored links have a trendy ikat style and the background features a woven textile print for dimension.
$139.98 $111.98

Plume Honey Watercolor

This ogee wallpaper has a chic watercolor effect with apricot and grey geometric shapes. The design mixes modern and vintage elements for a style that feels fresh and unique.
$139.98 $111.98

Winsome Mustard Floral Damask

This floral damask wallpaper mixes modern and Victorian styles for a contemporary effect. An ikat print gives a silken look in a gorgeous chartreuse color with tonal shading.
$139.98 $111.98

Linkage Gold Trellis

Add a captivating geometric print to your walls with this link wallpaper. Expertly crafted lines bend in and out, widening and thinning to create the optical illusion of a three dimensional design. Matte shades of grey and gold add a modern style.
$119.98 $95.98

Maze Yellow Tile

This beautiful buttercup colored wallpaper is bright and sunny. A Chinese lattice inspired print combines floral and geometric shapes for a fresh approach to design.
$119.98 $95.98

Puzzle Yellow Geometric

Pale yellow and light grey make a versatile geometric wallpaper. This design could work in any space from a nursery to a bedroom to a home office. A woodgrain texture creates a on-trend background. The 3.5 inch squares are the perfect size for maximum visual impact.
$139.98 $111.98

Saltire Yellow Lattice

This modern wallpaper features a beige linen background with yellow and metallic bronze print. The large scale design has a variety of interwoven blocks that form an intricate trellis pattern.
$139.98 $111.98

Sausalito Yellow Lattice

Grey and warm honey yellow lines flow over and under in this chic lattice wallpaper. A linen texture adds a soft dimension to the background in a light grey color. This balanced design brings a calm energy to the wall.
$139.98 $111.98

Twister Ginger Trellis

A trellis design gets a new look in this ombre wallpaper. Shades of grey and ginger combine to form a chic neutral design. A woven effect background creates further dimension.
$119.98 $95.98

Arboretum Honey Leaves

This leaf print wallpaper is the perfect combination of land and sea. The ferns flow like underwater botanicals while the honey and grey color palette is reminiscent of a sandy beach.
$139.98 $111.98

Aurora Yellow Geometric Wave

Modern with a nod to the past. This retro wave wallpaper combines the bold style of the 1960's with a modern approach to color and design. The split print mixes serene shades of grey and green with bright pops of honey hued yellows.
$139.98 $111.98

Avalon Honey Weave

With the intricacy of a woven tweed fabric and the artistry of a watercolor painting, this yellow wallpaper stands apart from the rest. A golden honey hue is a bright contrast to the subdued grey background.
$139.98 $111.98

Balangan Honey Damask Wallpaper

A bold damask wallpaper with a unique design. This golden honey print has the look of an intricate chain embroidery.
$139.98 $111.98

Banning Stripe Honey Geometric

This subtle stripe wallpaper combines the beauty of a trellis pattern with the simplicity of a stripe for a modern look. Warm honey and cool grey make for a muted color palette of unexpected neutrals.
$139.98 $111.98

Catalina Trail Honey Vine

With all the grace of a twirling ballerina, these leaf scrolls dance across the wall with an energetic elegance. Shades of honey and grey create a perfect mixture of warm and cool tones.
$139.98 $111.98

Copacabana Yellow Pineapple Wallpaper

This pineapple wallpaper is bursting with color! The sunshine yellow print is topped with pine and green detailing. Pineapples measure ten inches tall.
$139.98 $111.98

Lucia Yellow Diamond Wallpaper

A geometric wallpaper with a sunny disposition. This chic trellis print uses shades of mustard and yellow in an ikat print for a modern style.
$139.98 $111.98

Maya Yellow Medallion Wallpaper

A large scale floral medallion wallpaper with a versatile style. The ikat print comes to life in shades of Tuscan yellow, light grey, and dusty blue.
$139.98 $111.98

Paradise Gold Fronds

Like a golden sunset shining down, this painterly frond wallpaper is pure joy. The unique design features a white background with abstract gold watercolor designs.
$139.98 $111.98

Zanzibar Gold Shibori Wallpaper

A fresh take on tie dye. This sophisticated shibori print wallpaper is a beautiful combination of color and texture. A shimmering background and raised white inks add dimension.
$139.98 $111.98

Gypsy Yellow Damask

Like a brilliant ray of sunshine, this stylish damask makes a cheerful entrance. Design a space that's happy all year round with this energetic wallcovering in a fresh combo of yellow and grey.
$139.98 $111.98

Adrian Honey Paisley Wallpaper

The perfect tonal paisley wallpaper for any space. This design features warm shades of pale honey and grey that are subtle yet dimensional. A romantic colorway that would look lovely on an early summer morning.
$139.98 $111.98

Audra Mustard Floral

This fun 1960's style floral wallpaper is bold yet not overpowering. Muted shades of mustard and grey combine for a unique neutral color palette.
$139.98 $111.98

Chloe Honey Floral

Muted shades of a golden honey and pale grey come to life in this watercolor floral wallpaper. The paint design adds dimension and an artistic flair and green leaves finish off this unique design.
$139.98 $111.98

Lulu Honey Damask

Bring a bohemian aura into your home décor with this damask wallpaper. Cool shades of grey and golden honey are an unexpected choice that results in a chic and unique style.
$139.98 $111.98

Boxwood Yellow Geometric Wallpaper

This goldenrod yellow geometric will brighten up a wall. The mod pattern is printed in raised ink for a textural feel. Boxwood is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$179.98 $143.98

Circuit Yellow Modern Ironwork

A soothing butter yellow hue gives this simplified geometric a cheerful outlook. A subtle texture and clean white lines invite intrigue and dimension, while a captivating octagon print flourishes with confidence.
$139.98 $111.98

Emilio Yellow Retro Wallpaper

Raised ink gives this yellow pattern an extra pop against a white background. A fun, mod ogee print. Emilio is an unpasted, non woven wallpaper.
$179.98 $143.98

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